April 9, 2013

How Many Bent T-Posts Does It Take....

T-post puller
How many bent t-posts does it take to change a light bulb? That's not what I was going to say but it certainly came to mind in a goofy moment as I contemplated a title for this post. The real fill-in-the-blank is, how many bent t-posts does it take before we finally buy the proper tool for the job!

From time to time fences must be moved or removed, which means t-posts must be too. Such was recently the case when we took down the temporary fence to the new pasture, which served to protect the seeds and new growth from chickens and goats. One can either try to muscle those posts out, or use a post puller. It turned out to be very easy. Position it....

positioning the t-post puller
Position the thingamagiggy under the thingamabog. Sheesh, I don't
know the right terms, but a picture is worth a thousand words anyway.
The slip hook can be used with a chain to pull corner posts or stumps.

And push down the lever.

Alphie is a typical goat, curious about everything!
Alphie assistance optional.

The post puller lifted the t-post out easily

The post comes right out of the ground. Best of all, it's still straight which means we can use it again. A piece of proverbial cake.


  1. What kind of post setter do you use? I am embarking on the same road. Can you show fence post setting and wire stretching? Thank you!! I was at the farm yesterday. So far, twin Babydolls, two Jacobs. The goats are horizontal and have three more weeks to go. They are going to need skate boards!! Hey, there's an idea for Ziggy!

  2. Brilliant! I have never seen one of those before.

  3. We absolutely LOVE our post puller! Only took about a half dozen to-be-pulled posts for Paul to give up swearing & go buy one. He's a smart 'un!

  4. Oh Barb, I haven't forgotten your request. Problem is, we haven't put up fence for awhile so I can get good step by step photos. Let me talk to Dan and see what can be done. :)

    Stephanie, you need to get a Lehman's catalog! That's where I first saw them, though I bought this one at Tractor Supply Company.

    Carolyn, LOL. I can so relate. Funny how we think we can do without certain tools, not realizing they are worth their weight in gold!

  5. What a great tool and so useful around the farm. You go Alphie, helping your Mama! <3

  6. I think Alphie Assistance should come with the complete package and not as an option! How adorable he is!

  7. I JUST found out about t-post puller last year. After many a ruined post. Wonderful to have around, aren't they? Keeping my fingers crossed for Ziggy babies ASAP. That girl looks ready to go.

  8. Leigh, I second the request for a demo on installing the fence posts and wire---please.

  9. We "inherited" a few T-posts with this house. Mostly I've used them to hold up saplings. But we just get the soil wet and wiggle them until they come out. I guess with as many as you need to move that isn't a good option.

    Alphie makes a good helper it seems. Seems to take after mom in curiosity.

  10. Pam, and such a "helper" he is. :)

    Nina, LOL. He is adorable. And he loves attention. :)

    Cassandra, you sound like us. Homesteading is truly a learn as you go proposition.

    I check on Ziggy almost hourly, but nothing is happening yet!

    Martha, okay, that's more ammunition to present Dan with another fencing project. :)

    Renee, they would certainly be handy for that. You have a good solution for removing them. Like you say, large numbers of them are greatly helped with a tool. Plus for 4 foot fences, they need to be sunk about 2 feet, which is plenty deep for trying to dig or wiggle out. :)

  11. There's a saying in our family which is "Ya gotta have the equipment!" . . . seems like one of us says it at least once a month.

    Poor poor Ziggy. Sure hope she drops soon. Please go whisper in her ear that her "fans" are anxiously waiting!

  12. too bad Tposts don't go "IN" as easily!

  13. Leigh,

    I've never seen this tool. This maybe something we need to invest in getting. Especially since we have several T posts to remove at the end of the year.

  14. Your T-post puller is a different design than mine, mine has a pin that I was always afraid of loosing, s-i-l drilled a hole in it and attached it with a chain, like design of yours you don't have a separate pin. Difficult ones to pull, I just put some water around the base and let is soak in, then they come out like the ground was butter.

    Always easier to do a job with the right tools.

  15. I borrowed one of those a few years ago to remove some of mine and isn't it just the bomb?!!! I absolutely think it is one of a fencer's best friends.

  16. Janice, that is so true! Both about the tools and Ziggy. :)

    Icebear, LOL. It is too bad!

    Sandy, I got mine at Tractor Supply Co., but they're available elsewhere and online. Very helpful!

    TL, good idea about the water. I'll have to remember that after we've had a dry spell. I've seen several models of these, but just bought mine locally.

    Sherry, that is definitely true!

  17. I love my t-post puller (the correct name, as far as I can tell). I've pulled as many t-posts out as I've put in, I think...

    It's a marvelous tool, making this short woman's work easier!!

  18. Awe what a cute helper you have there. OMGosh poor Ziggy girl... I hope she delivers soon she is SO huge and looks so uncomfortable. Praying for a smooth delivery

  19. Laura, so how do you put t-posts in? I tried Dan's post pounder but a 6.5 foot t-post was so tall and it was so heavy I got nowhere!

    Cloud, he's curious about everything!

    Jen, all prayers for an event free delivery for Ziggy are appreciated!

  20. That thing is really, really handy! Cool!

  21. Oooh, we need one of those! I wiggled about 15 posts out by hand when we bought our place a few years ago - that was no fun (I think I bent my body more than I bent the posts ;)


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