April 22, 2013

Hey Ziggy, What's The Holdup?

Quite a few of you have inquired about Ziggy. Almost every day I'm thinking I'll have a new kid post to share, but Ziggy doesn't seem to be in any hurry. There is progress however.

About two weeks ago, I showed you this photo:

Ziggy, 2 weeks ago. Her back is flat like a table top.

Yesterday, I took this photo:

Ziggy yesterday. No longer flat across the top.

Can you see the difference in her shape? The kids have dropped, which is an indicator that kidding isn't too far off.

The kid(s) have dropped and there is now a hollow or dip  on
either side of her lower back. Before it was smooth and round. 

Based on when she visited Gruffy, her due date is April 26. That's based on an average 150 day gestation for goats. The gal I bought Ziggy from said that Nigerian Dwarfs are typically anywhere between 145 and 150 days, which means this week!

Other things to keep an eye out for are a mucus discharge, which I noticed two days ago. Resources vary greatly as to how far in advance to labor this occurs, anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks. A filling udder is another indicator, though this is not 100%. Many folks can tell by the doe's tail ligaments, which stretch to accommodate birthing. My success rate with this one is 0%; hopefully I'll learn with experience.

Behavioral changes are clues too, though these will vary from doe to doe: seeking to be alone, distracted (concentrating on the first stage of labor), pawing the ground to make a nest, "talking" to her kids, preoccupation with her own belly. I won't claim to be particularly expert in this department, but I'm trying to pay close attention to my does and learn their personal signs.

Of course, since I never had a blood test done nor an ultrasound, this may all be a false alarm! Certainly doesn't seem like it, so I'm keeping an eye on Ziggy, praying for healthy kids and an easy deliver, and generally trying to take it all in stride.

Hey Ziggy, What's The Holdup? © April 2013 by Leigh 


Su Ba said...

Wow, she surely looks pregnant to me! I'm not raising goats myself, just sheep. But if one of my ewes looked like that, I'd be expecting to see lambs just about anytime.

Hope all goes well.

...Su Ba

Renee Nefe said...

Honestly I don't see any difference, but if you say there is one, I'll believe you. :D

Well eta #2 is only 5 days away. We want to see something like this soon http://cheezburger.com/7256347904

Tina T-P said...

Holy cow - she can't get too much wider, can she? Good luck - we'll be keeping an eye out. T.

Sue said...

This year my sheep seemed determined to prove I knew nothing about determining who would be next to lamb! Tail ligaments loosened, bellies dropped, udders filled, and the one that showed no signs was first to have a lamb. I miss the one line I used to have that developed udders only within 24 hours of birth. Made life so much simpler!

Come on Ziggy!

Unknown said...

Praying for you and Ziggy!

Chris said...

The question is: twins or triplets? She sure is carrying a lot of kids in there!

Leigh said...

Su Ba, I'm expecting kids anytime too! :)

Renee, love the baby goat photo! (Love cheezburger.com). Okay, I've added a third photo and better explanation. I hope that helps! In the top photo her back is flat, in the bottom photo she has two dips either side of her backbone. Those dips mean the kids are all riding lower. :)

Tina, it's amazing isn't it? I saw a photo of a Kinder before she delivered quints though, that was even wider!

Sue, it's quite the guessing game, isn't it? I'm at the point now where I'm wondering if it isn't all a figment of my imagination!

Jaclyn, thank you!

Chris, good to hear from you! Right now I'm guessing twins. Last night one side of her belly was hard, the other soft, so there still must be a little room in there. I'll be amazed if it's only a single.

Anonymous said...

All I keep thinking when I see photos of here, is remembering my own discomfort at the end....lol. Exciting for you, can't wait to see pictures of the babies.

Nina said...

Poor Ziggy really does look like she's carrying basketballs in their. yay that she's dropped and fingers are crossed for an easy delivery. Hopefully she has lovely little doe-lings for you that are as pretty as she is.

Farmer Barb said...

We have all of our fingers, toes, and wings crossed for an easy go of it. It is always great to be empty after a long pregnancy!

Woolly Bits said...

that looks really odd - she's turning into a square-shaped goat:) I hope everything goes well - and wonder how she's going to feel all empty again!

Mama Pea said...

I never, never, never would have thought she could go this much longer being as big as she's been since . . . what? . . . three weeks ago? But you sure are right in that her shape has changed and there does seem to be progression (of some kind!) with her. Wonder if she'll end up with stretch marks? (Hee-hee.)

Anonymous said...

Sending good healthy and love vibes to all! :)

Renee Nefe said...

Thanks for the other pictures and the flat back vs dropped back explanation. That helped me a lot.

Just two babies? :-/ Looks like she's got a goat football team in there to me. ;)

and we love cheezburger here too... check in every day for our daily funny.

Leigh said...

Stephanie, I'm guessing quite a few of us can commiserate, LOL

Nina, she is pretty wide, isn't she? I notice she seems to be able to breath easier now that the babies are lower.

Barb, thank you!

Bettina, I can't help but wonder if she remembers that all of this means kids. I didn't ask what kind of mother she was, but so far we've had good mamas here.

Mama Pea, there's the advantage of being a goat. Your fur covers up your stretch marks. :)

Pam, thanks!

Renee, I'm glad you said something. I had taken the other photo but wasn't sure if I needed to include it. And there's no telling how many are in there!

MTWaggin said...

I can't imagine it would be a false alarm by any means! Hope she kids soon!

Quinn said...

Hope all goes smoothly! And I hope they are all (however many!) small-to-medium sized kids ;)
Will be thinking of you!

Susan said...

She definitely looks ready to go! Sage kidded on day 144. Hope that all goes smoothly for both mother and kids - and herdswoman, too!

Brenda said...

Well Im just thinking I'm glad that isn't me! I certainly wish her the very, very best and you too. 100% success...and if the kiddies, are born on the 27th(my birthday), I think the name Brenda is a lovely choice. LOL. Please take good care.
Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario.

Sandy Livesay said...


I'm excited to see Ziggy progressing. Can't wait to see pictures after the new little one (s) are born. Have you thought about Marley as a name?

SmithGang said...

Come on Ziggy:)

Leigh said...

Sherry, I learned the hard way. Last year I thought 2 of my goats were pregnant and neither were. On the other hand, I had a goat deliver that never looked pregnant at all.

Quinn, thanks! I'm hoping for small ones for an easy delivery!

Susan, thanks! Seems with multiples, early would be more likely. But who knows!

Brenda, yes, it is a lovely name! But I hope we don't have to wait that long!

Sandy, haven't thought about names at all actually. Seems like they almost pick their own names; some just fit better than others. Like Alphie. :)

SmithGang, I hope she hears you!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I can't imagine, just by her wide girth, that sweet Ziggy is not ready to drop a couple kids . . . any minute. Poor dear, I'm sure she's as anxious as all her blogger fans are! Just DO IT Ziggy!

Maria said...

Poor Ziggy, if I was that wide during pregnancy, I'd be loosing my balance and toppling over all day long! Here's hoping that she pops out healthy triplets very soon. More babies hopefully means smaller babies and an easier time for momma! I remember a Nubian we once had, a big girl named Rosemary. That Super Momma once had FIVE kids, and all a healthy size! Even the runt wasn't too far behind his siblings! She was an incredible doe, I think she never had less than triplets, and gave us something like half a gallon of milk a day! I miss me some goat milk. Yum.

Leigh said...

Janice, if only she knew!

Maria, welcome! That is so amazing about your Rosemary. I wouldn't mind having a doe like that!