October 28, 2012

In The Mood To Do Some Weaving

But alas, I can barely see my loom, let alone get to it.

Can you see it? Can you see my loom? It's huge (a
Glimakra 60" Standard 8-shaft countermarche),
 so it ought to be hard to miss. 

Such are the joys of major remodeling projects. What you see in the photo, is everything we moved out of the hallway and hall bathroom when we tore into that bathroom. All that plus a few boxes of kitchen knick-knacks, are currently stored in my studio. The bathroom project is scheduled for this winter.

For a better photo of my loom and studio, click here.

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  1. Boy that looks familiar! Trying to live in a house you are remodeling/building is almost impossible. Sometimes I think we should live in the travel trailer, put everything else in storage and just finish the house before trying to live in it. We can only move as fast as we have money but sometimes it seems like it might be a better way to go.

  2. I've seen rooms that look like that here now and again.
    It pains DH when that happens because when I get ready to move things back the "Great Cull" begins. If I haven't missed it, do I really need it becomes the question. Nothing sends a pack rat into a tizzy like a good toss session! Think how wonderful it will be to visit with your loom again. Is it winter yet?

  3. Awww :/ But I totally get it. Half my stuff that I use is still in storage, and I am not climbing over and under to get it lol.

  4. It always seems to happen with remodeling. However, it does end and you can get things thinned out and reorganized. For now though, you could just pile the boxes in the way to one side, to make a path to the loom in the back there. At least you have a lovely amount of natural light to weave by!

  5. I feel your angst. I dispise wanting to use something but not being able to locate or get to it. You'll love the remodel though when it's done.

  6. My house looks just like that! Problem is...I am not remodeling

  7. I always enjoy the results from remodeling, but not the process.

  8. Oh, I got so excited when I saw your title, and then sad for you when I saw the obstacles. Hopefully your loom will be freed up soon! I'm in the middle of threading the heddles for some more rainbow dishtowels (553 ends!) What are you dreaming of weaving?

  9. Judy, we sometimes think the same thing, except that since we're paying as we go, we'd have to live in the trailer for a decade or so. :)

    Theresa, I've got a huge cull coming on myself, once the master suite is done and I can finally get things sorted out!

    Stephanie, it's maddening, isn't it? Right now there are books I'd like to to, but they're on shelves behind the loom!

    Nina, so true and I'm trying to keep in mind that this too shall pass. :)

    Lisa, that's what keeps me encouraged!

    Donna, LOL.

    Michelle, that's a fact, though I admit we've enjoyed some of the hands-on. And it is nice to know that our home is customized by us.

    Debbie, I'd love to do a lot of household weaving including rugs, cushion covers, curtains, and bedspreads. :)

  10. Yes, cold blustery weather calls for soothing fabric work of some kind. Hope you can get things unloaded and straightened out enough to do a little weaving, even if all the remodel projects aren't quite done.

    Weaving just fascinates me.

  11. I can relate! The office/nursery is in transition to be moved soon, and right now, it makes me squirm to look at it. Our house is very modest, so when one corner gets cluttered, the whole house seems off kilter.

    Here's to organization in our distant futures!

  12. There are two rooms in our house that look like that at the moment and it is driving me nuts! I need to create more hours in my day, there just isn't enough time for livestock/farm, homeschooling four kids, daily housekeeping and cooking, and sleeping, lol.

    We thought the barn and my new studio space would have been done by now,(the rooms are pack with fabrics, yarns, soapers supplies, candle making supplies...) but you know what they say about the best laid plans...

  13. I can so relate to your dilemma. I just went to a similar situation, however now my studio is back to "normal" . . . and I can get going on some tole painting for the holidays. I hope your loom is available to you soon. I clicked on your link and was in awe of its beauty. I sure wished we lived closer for I would love to be in a corner, sipping a cup of tea, watching you make the loom create some lovelies for your newly refurbished kitchen!

  14. You REALLY don't want to see what my sewing room looks like right now. oye! Hopefully with taking a break from doing another show I'll be able to get in there and at least organize it some (and get my other sewing machine fixed too!)

    I was able to find the loom though. Oh if you want, I could loan you my table top loom...I still haven't gotten around to getting it threaded yet.

  15. FFG, so true. Or knitting! I fear it will be a long time before I can actually get to my loom. The other alternative is to store everything in either the living room and /or dining room, but Dan and I agree we need at least 2 rooms looking organized. :)

    Jaclyn, thank you! The bedroom / bathroom master suite is the last big indoor project. Then it's my studio. (Yay!)

    Megan, when you figure out those more hours in the day, fill me in on the secret!

    Janice, hurray for normal. It would be nice if I could clear things out in my studio by next summer. We'll see!

    Renee, I blame the 2nd law of thermodynamics. ;) I've thought about a table top loom from time to time, but I'd have to have a vacant space on a table, LOL

  16. Bless you! Living in a house while remodeling is stressful and I've never really quite recovered. But, Ole Man Winter is coming and that's the best time for spinning, knitting, weaving and such.

  17. We have two rooms and a shed that look like that. It also seems that whatever you want is in the furthest corner of the room.

    I keep thinking to myself its OK there will be an end to this eventually and there will be no more boxes and dust.

    Maybe it will be like Christmas when we get to unpack the lot. I have already found a dinner set I forgot I had when I consolidated some boxes into a bigger box.


  18. I knew we were connected in another life! I have a 60" Glimåkra tapestry loom! I had an Ashford spinning wheel, but sold it many years ago. I currently own a Kromski doble treadle, and am not yet a fan.

    As I am preparing for the power outage of the century, maybe a little spinning by the fire might be nice!

    Thanks for sharing! If I have power tomorrow, I will post a picture of My loom--a graduation gift from my parents. I actually have a BFA in weaving!

    Go figure!

  19. Sandra, it's something I've tried to take in stride, i.e. living in a house while remodeling. It does get wearying though.

    Louise, very much like Christmas when it's finally time to unpack! I imagine I'll be getting rid of a lot of stuff though. :)

    Barb, that is too amazing! We truly are "twins." I would have majored in weaving except the waiting list to get into the program was too long at the time. I also have a Kromski double treadle, though it's not pictured in the link. I really like the double treadle and it's my preferred wheel now.

  20. Well Leigh I can almost see your loom. I'm sure you'll get to it very soon. I'm looking forward to seeing what you weave on it.

  21. My fibre 'studio' (part of the basement) looks like that...and alas, it's not from remodelling!!! At least you have an excuse. I was madly decluttering this morning trying to imagine "my space" once it was in an order that I might not be stressed out to work in.

  22. Aw, shoot, Leigh! I so wish there was some way you COULD get to your loom (or at least some knitting) because I know how much handwork tends to "center" me. You've gone a long time without doing yours.

    Hubby and I had a "discussion" just yesterday about the things stored in my pantry (still!) and the fact that I want to have access to arrange and do what I want in there . . . but can't. Arrrrgh.

    P.S. Your "mess" looks very neat and organized to me!

  23. Barb, maybe next winter. :)

    Norma, fiber studios tend to do that! And what a job decluttering is. At least all of these boxes contain stuff that will have new homes once the next remodeling project is finished.

    Mama Pea, I have to confess my pantry is still a storage/clutter area too! It's really on my list of things to do, but as long as the weather is fairly nice, I can't bring myself to work inside. :)

  24. Leigh, hope you will be able to clear the loom space soon, so that you will have some weaving time again this winter......


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