October 7, 2012

Goat Buster

Our chicken yard has a chicken gate.

The chicken gate.  Opens to goat field
I can open the gate to let the chickens out to free range.

Chicken gate open
Not to be left behind...
I can close it to keep them in the yard and at night to deter predators.

Chicken gate closed
The problem with this gate, is that it is irresistible to kids.

Seems that every kid finds his way through the chicken gate
This is CryBaby's kid, April 2011

Do chickens wanna play?

And not only kids, but miniature goats.

Edy, one of my Nigerian Dwarf does in the chicken yard

If I fuss at her, she gives me her best "Who me?" look.

Maybe I shouldn't fret over this, but for some reason I do. For some reason I don't want goats in the chicken yard.

A steady blast from the hose works wonders at chasing them out. Problem is, I don't always have the hose available and at the ready.

Enter, the goat buster.....

My goat buster

I found this baby on the clearance shelves at walmart: pump action, 30 ounce capacity with blasting power up to 40 feet, and for only $3! How could I go wrong?

Now all I need is for a volunteer to enter the chicken yard....

Lock & load, I'm ready.

Photos & text of Goat Buster © October 2012 


Grish said...

Looks like a good idea for a new video game. Maybe name it "Call of Duty: Kid Wars" :P

Anonymous said...

We used to use a watergun to keep our dog chasing our ride on mower. Its amazing how far the water spirts out. Have fun!! Louise

Carolyn said...

Oooo, looks like fun!

Bernadine said...

The water gun is a great tool! We used a spray water bottle to teach our dog to stay out of the garden. The noise alone would stop him. After a while, we just had to point something at him, and he would get the message. Your water gun will keep you from fussing and chasing your kids! Enjoy.

Leigh said...

Good morning everybody!

Grish, LOL. I've seen that sheep video game, why not goats!

Lousise, great idea. Fun for you and safer for the dog. :)

Carolyn, only for me, LOL. The goats don't agree.

Bernadine, a spray bottle is another goat training tool I use a lot. They learn quickly, to stop what they're doing as soon as they see it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is too funny Leigh!!

Woolly Bits said...

oh wow, I didn't know that you need heavy weaponry in a chicken yard:) though I heard that you can chase cats away with water sprays, when they try to do their business in your freshly done up seed beds - though I don't think I'd have the patience to lay in wait for that:)
happy "hunting":)

Misty Pines Homestead said...

oohhhh looks like fun,one way to keep em in line.Orion don't like anything that quirts from a bottle.A good barking deterent ha!

Lynda said...

That is just too funny!

sista said...

Your funny! Maybe they will just get over the curiosity. LOL

Mary Ann said...

Still laughing, but really, this is such a GOOD idea!

Megan said...

Such a fun idea!

Mama Pea said...

That last picture just made me laugh out loud! I'll bet you look like a really tough pistol packin' mama wielding that gun!! Be afraid, little goaties, be very afraid!

Doug Pitcher said...

Very entertaining. Not sure I can add to the other comments other than add my laughter to all the others.

Renee Nefe said...

Target practice! bwahahaha!

Have fun

Sherry said...

Thats just to funny, have a wonderful day!!

Leigh said...

Stephanie, very! LOL

Bettina, water works wonders and I've used the hose on goats before. This just makes it easier. :)

Annightflyer, great idea to use for that!

Lynda and Sista, thanks! :)

Mary Ann and Megan, and it works!

Mama Pea, but they continue to be sneaky! They'll peak through the chicken gate to see if I'm watching. :)

Doug, never a dull moment with goats. :)

Renee, I'm getting pretty good too!

Blackberry brambles, thanks!

badgerpendous said...

I love it!

We have a tiny squirt bottle in the house that we used to use on our cat whenever she would jump up on the table/etc. Well, at first it worked really well, then she started jumping up on the table and meowing to get our attention so we'd squirt her and she'd take a bath. THEN she started finding the squirt bottle and knocking it over to get us to come squirt her!

Sherri B. said...

How funny...You've put a smile on my face this morning.

All I could picture with your 'goat' buster was my grandkids and how they would be putting it to good use..hahaha! xo

Meg said...

Haha, that's a great idea!

Susan said...

So, have you used it yet? I bet that will be a shocker! I may have to keep my eyes open for one. What a great idea!

Cat Eye Cottage said...

OOOO! Great idea. I need one of those for when the chickens get in the garden and for squirrels!

* Crystal * said...

ROFL!!!! Fabulous!!

I'm betting the goats don't find it nearly as humorous as I do!! ;)

Leigh said...

Badgerpendous, that's so funny! I've never known a cat to do that. She must really have some personality.

Sherri, you're welcome!

Meg, thanks!

Susan, actually yes. It doesn't seem to deter them, but they do vacate the chicken yard faster than before. :)

Candace, I'm sure it would work on chickens too! Mine squawk and run every time I use it on one of the goats. Haven't tried it on squirrels.

Crystal, no they don't! ;)

Unknown said...

LOL!!! The change in tone from you fretting to getting out the blaster really gave me the chuckles. Too funny :)

Benita said...

Aww, Man! That is hilarious!! I'd be just begging a goat to get into the chicken yard with that baby!

In fact, if it didn't get things so wet, I'd try it the next time one of my cats is found on top of the counter. I love the range on that thing.

mrscravitz said...

Love the Chicken Gate.
Love the Kids.
But really LOVE LOVE the Goat Buster!
Very cute.

Leigh said...

Tanya, absolutely!

Benita, works on cats too!

Mrscravitz, thanks!