May 2, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Sink & Plumbing

Continuing on from the installing the kitchen cabinets post....

The next step was installing the sink. Watching Dan cut the opening for it was nerve wracking. If we didn't get it right, the entire countertop would be ruined. Not that I doubted him, but it was perfect.

The sink was a craigslist find and replaced an old single. I know large, single basin sinks are very popular, but it didn't suit my needs because I do dishes by hand. With a single basin, the only place for the dish drainer was on the countertop, where it took up precious counter space. I also felt that I needed a dishpan to save on water because of it's size, so that meant I needed a place to store that. My new kitchen set-up has plenty of space for dirty dishes on the right, wash in the right side, dish drainer in the left side, and storage for dishes in the cabinets on the left. There's 18 inches of counter space on that side; enough room to set dried pots or pans before they get put away. That area will also be a transfer area, to and from the fridge. Hopefully this will prove efficient.

Plumbing in the cabinet is done...

It still needs to be connected in the crawl space. Once the plumbing is complete we can start using the sink again.

I love how fresh and clean it looks. Quite a contrast compared to this photo of the old...

I took this last photo, right before we tore out the old sink and cabinets. I didn't include it in my Farewell Kitchen Sink poem, but I can tell you it is one more thing that I will not miss. Looking at photos of the old kitchen make me appreciate how far we've come, even if it's taking awhile to get 'er done.

Even though this is great progress, there is still a lot to do: wall cabinets, peninsula, door & window trims, sink & peninsula lighting, baseboards, etc. Not to mention cleaning because of all the construction dust! Next we'll focus on getting the refrigerator's corner finished, so we can bring the fridge in from the back porch. The best part is beginning to see it come together. That's encouraging.


  1. It's coming along so nicely. Love the double sink.

  2. Oh, yes, I can so relate to the fresh and clean look! (Mostly the CLEAN, huh?) Getting running water back in the kitchen sink has got to be one of the biggest steps of progress in remodeling! Love so much your green cabinet color.

  3. of course it's not finished yet - but I think once you have a usable sink (and fridge:) at least you can do something properly in that area! without water - a kitchen doesn't really make much sense?

  4. Leigh, your kitchen has come such a long way from it's humble beginnings. The sink is perfect! Looking forward to the final pictures of your completed kitchen. By the way, what's for dinner? ;-)

  5. I have always loved stainless sinks. They always look clean and don't get pot marks on them. Your kitchen looks great. I can't wait to finish our bath. We have been in a 4 week long stand off with it not being able to come up with a solution but I think we may have solved that yesterday. Hooray!

  6. Heather, finally! :)

    Mama Pea, you know, this is the first time I actually feel comfortable going barefoot through my entire house. Until now, our terrible old floors made the bottoms of my feet dirty, no matter how much I scrubbed the floors!

    Bettina, that will be a blessing and a relief. We already have our old, small dining table and stools back in the kitchen. So with the sink and fridge, we can do so much more!

    Martha, LOL. Dinner these days? Corn flakes. Just kidding, but it's really frustrating to try to cook with no counterspace. Not sure when those before & after photos will be ready. Hopefully before the summer is out!

    Sista, I can so relate to those remodeling problems. Figuring those out takes more time than anything else! I hope you get your bathroom finished soon.

  7. Well, if you think it's taking a long time, remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Better that it takes a bit longer and is well done than rush it for sloppy results. It looks clean, well built and you'll be thankful when it all does finally come together. Besides, that hook up won't take any time at all and you'll be washing dishes in your new sink before you know it.

  8. Loving how the remodel is turning out.

    Here is a suggestion for what it is worth. Put a piece of linoleum down on the floor of the sink cabinet for water leaks in the distant future and paint the inside of the cabinet with an enamel for the same reason.

  9. Oh my gosh it's simply beautiful! What great progress you are making. Don't dwell one bit on the "to do list" because that's really just the way life goes. There always seems to be a to do list, always new goals set . . . life is good!

  10. Nina, that is so true and exactly what we keep reminding ourselves. Of course now, we have garden and outdoor projects, so even the kitchen is getting pushed back a bit.

    Judy, how funny you should suggest that. I just took pictures of having done exactly that. My MIL introduced me to vinyl flooring tiles as shelf liners and I've done it ever since. Expect the post to be out later next week.

    Janice, what excellent advice. There will always be a to-do list!

  11. I am SO with you on the separated sinks. I just don't get those big farmhouse sinks that are so popular (And so impractical).

    I have a double white sink. Will NEVER do white again, what a mistake. I need to replace it and want a SS like you have. I never thought to check Craigslist. Why not? They've got evrything else there.

    Looks so good Leigh, you must be so excited!

  12. may I suggest that you use a water proofing spray or paint under the sink like Thompson's Water Seal. We had a leak under our sink a few weeks ago and the whole bottom of the cabinet came about. We now have a big hole underneath.

    I will have to fix it. I will just go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a pre-cut piece of wood.

    Just an FYI.

  13. We replaced our cream colored sink with a double stainless and that is the way to go IMHO.
    Your kitchen is looking great!

  14. Outstanding! Congratulations on the progress. I, too, am a wash on the right, rinse/drain/dry on the left kind of person. (which is too bad because our dish cabinets are on the right!!!) ;)

  15. I absolutely LOVE the color combinations you have chosen Leigh:) Gorgeous!

  16. I love our used Kohler porcelain sink! Got it from a rehab place. Good job!

  17. Tami, Dan talked me out of a white sink, I wanted to consider one of the newer acrylic types, but now I'm glad we didn't. Plus, we saved at least $200 by going the craigslist route.

    Rob, that's the problem with the cheapening of goods, isn't it? And leaks happen! A water sealer is an excellent idea.

    Lisa, thanks! Doubles as well as SS are absolutely the most practical. :)

    Badgerpendous, unless the garbage disposal is on the right, I think I would have changed washing sinks! LOL

    Thanks Stephanie! I'm really happy with it but then I love green. :)

    Nancy, we have a Habitat For Humanity Restore nearby too. But they weren't open when we were ready to buy the sink!

  18. Looks fantastic! The plumbing is so neatly done--good for you two. My husband's gotten to be a pro at plumbing, what with one remodel or another, so I've become a bit of a conoisseur as the years have gone by. That's a neat job right there.

    It's coming along! Soon you'll be moving right on in.

  19. Jocelyn, thanks! Nice to hear that from someone with an eye for plumbing. :)

  20. Having just watched the installation of the new kitchen counter at my friend's house and how carefully her friend cut out for the sink, I really understand your apprehension. It turned out beautifully. Another step forward successful! Congrats.

  21. Seeing things come together is always a wonderful feeling! It is looking great. I can't wait to see it all finished. And I love that color of green. It looks so fresh and warm.

  22. Sue, it's one of those things you do carefully! It's the first project that helps me feel like we're actually getting near the end. :)

    Anna, thanks. I confess to being fussy about color, so I'm extremely pleased that the colors are working out so well. Not sure when "finished" will occur, but I'm anxious too!


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