December 17, 2011

Kitchen Window, Kitchen Wall

Between this week and last, Dan has had quite a few days off. Add to that some pretty weather, and we made a lot of progress in the kitchen.

In my last kitchen update, I showed you the inner wall we torn down. Since then, Dan had been anxious to get the new window installed while the temps were still fairly mild. This is the other window I bought at that surplus builders warehouse, the day I went window shopping.

Old kitchen window

As you can see in the photo above, the old window had no framing, like the first window we replaced. It was just stuck into the siding of the house. This one did have a token header though; one 2x4.

Fortunately we had a beautiful day to do the job. Dan had to enlarge the opening in the wall, and frame it out.

New kitchen window

The new window is the same width as the old, but 10 inches longer. That means I'll have more light and a better view from the kitchen sink. It's also an energy star window, with thick double panes.

The next step was to insulate the wall.

We opted for batts

You may have noticed in the photos of my "Farewell Kitchen Sink" post, that the old insulation was the blown in type. I'm sure it helped, but there was none under the window nor under the diagonal braces at the corner studs. During winter the cold pressed in so that there didn't seem to be any insulation there at all. I'm sure that helped heat the kitchen up during summer too.

Done & just in time. The temperatures took a nose dive shortly afterward. 

Dan also added 2x4s between the studs in places the wall cabinets will go. Next step, drywall...

The refrigerator and sink will go against this wall (kitchen floor plan click here), so we got the kind that's mold and mildew resistant. He installed it horizontally instead of vertically, because of the placement of the studs. They are not the standard 16 inches apart, nor are they evenly spaced. By placing the drywall on the horizontal, he could see the studs and know where to put the screws.

What a difference all this makes. The room is so much snugger and cozier. Next we'll drywall the other walls Dan rebuilt. Soon I'll be able to put up my wallpaper!


  1. Everything is looking good:o) I can feel your joy! what great improvements your making.."HOME" < no place like it..

  2. Boy, you are both humming right along!! Great work:)

  3. A big difference indeed! I'll bet you're really glad to see the last of that awful old wall! Glad your weather has been cooperating.

  4. I love the window! The new insulation is really going to make a big difference...good for you!

  5. Looks sharp already, and that's great, getting those extra 2x4s in for the cabinets.

    Can't wait to see the next step!

  6. Gosh, it sure is coming together quickly! You will be putting up that wallpaper soon for sure. You must be really looking forward to getting back your kitchen. Is the cookstove fully operational yet? Wouldn't that be nice when the weather turns colder!

  7. Ginny, it is exciting to make improvements and make our mark on it so to speak. You're right, no place like home!

    Stephanie, I only hope the progress continues at this rate!

    Mama Pea, amazing how something like walls can make a difference, isn't it? We've had a nicely mild winter so far, which I'm appreciating. The last two were so cold!

    Lynda, we can really tell a difference with the insulation. The kitchen used to be the coldest room in the house. No more!

    Crustyrusty, thanks!

    Badgerpendous, he does a pretty good job of thinking ahead. :)

    Nina, exciting, isn't it? We still have to install the chimney pipe in order to use the stove. Once he finishes the walls, he'll do that next, while I do the wallpapering. Can't wait!

  8. A beautiful view from your beautiful new window! I spend a lot of time "nesting" in winter, working to make our house more of a home, too. It will be fun to see your kitchen when everything's in place!

  9. It all looks great and is really coming along. Love the new window.

  10. Very nice, it will be wonderful to have years of future delights to see out the window!!


  11. Great progress, glad weather has been cooperating, nothing like trying to remodel during cold weather.

    Merry Christmas

  12. That is just looking soooo nice and I know you will love it even more when it's all done. T.

    P.S. The Shepherd does a no turn compost in our garden - he just puts all the barn cleanings in rows and has for years. Plants right into the rows. The extra mulch helps keep down the weeds - I think he found it in a Japanese gardening book ... T.

  13. Jaime, I love the idea of "nesting." I'll love it when we get the house done and I can focus on creative activities like that. But of course, it's a lot of fun to see one's dream kitchen coming to fruition. :)

    Mrs. Trixi, thanks!

    Lana, you can't see from the photo, but right now it's overlooking our small field of wheat; glorious green!

    TL, I was looking at my Garden Journal, comparing weather last December and this. Last year this time we were having snow and freezing rains! No complaints that it's only chilly now. :)

    Tina, thank you for that on the compost! The Shepherd produces gorgeous vegetables and that method sounds so easy. I'm into easy these days. Not that I mind the work, but there's always more to do than time to do it in!

  14. Well, that is all darn exciting. The new window looks beautiful and the insulation will make quite a difference
    for sure!

  15. Wow, so much progress in such a short time! Hooray for extra days off and good weather! Your kitchen looks so much more snug and warm now, and I'm glad you have a longer window for a much improved view!

  16. Oh I wish we lived closer, I love to hang wallpaper. I would come over and lend a hand. You're making such great progress. I showed your pictures to my husband and his comment was "Wow, he's got those 'get-up-and-go' kind of genes!"

  17. You must be getting so excited about being so close to having your kitchen finished! It's looking good.

    I'm so glad you made it over in time to enter my giveaway. SewMamaSew apparantly hosts these twice a year, and I'll definately be doing it again. So much fun!

  18. Theresa, it is exciting. And a relief.

    Debbie, it does seem to be getting done more quickly thank I'd hoped. Of course, there's still a lot to go!

    Janice, a kindred spirit, LOL. It's true Dan is gung ho on his projects. I'm fortunate he loves to do this sort of thing.

    Sue, thanks! You offered a fantastic giveaway. I'm glad a lot of people entered!

  19. Yippee! It's looking so great! :D Merry Christmas to you.

  20. Leigh

    When we redid our kitchen two years ago and replaced the kitchen window we also found no insullation. Thus explaing the ice cold wind that came through the area above my sink putting alyer of ice in the washing up water. Now dishes are truly a pleasure to do in the winter. I never understood NOT insullating since it really is cheap compared to the cost of heating uninsulated rooms. Go figure

  21. Hi Leigh...

    DIY is so cool! i hope u can get everything done before christmas! All the best to u & Dan..:)

  22. Renee, thanks! And Merry Christmas to you too!

    Donna, I can sort of understand why they sometimes don't insulate in the south (It doesn't' get cold, right? Wrong! Plus we have to insulate from the heat!), but in Illinois?!?! Whew, I know the difference that insulation made.

    HangKebon, thanks! Doubtful it will get done by Christmas, but we're on our way!

    Woody, thanks!

  23. Leigh the new window much better than the old one, and I'm sure it will be keeping that house a little warmer as well. These improvements will only pay for themselves in time with this really nice home, so your helping preserve some history in the process. Well done! Richard

  24. Goodness it must be nice being married to such a handy man like Dan.

  25. Richard, yes, I agree. Both it and the insulation are good investments. And it is definitely making a difference this winter.

    Benita, I suspect that if he wasn't inclined the way, we'd be doing something else with our lives!

  26. We were going to do the drywall ourselves but much of the walls and joists don't line up and I'm not confident I could tackle it. I did do all of the insulation and Lover installed all of the plumbing! So far no snow so I'm happy about that!!

  27. Betty, we're actually running into the same problem. Most of the wall studs are true 2 inches by 4 inches, and of course modern ones are smaller. It's making for some wonky walls.


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