December 11, 2011

Farewell Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink and cabinets, as they looked right before the end

Farewell kitchen sink,
I will not miss you.
Your single bowl
I didn't like.
Dish drainer
Counter hog. 
I will not miss you.

Farewell countertop,
dribbling water,
on my toes
and in the drawers.
Rolling okra
to the floor
I will not miss you.

Farewell laminate.
scratched and stained,
edges loose
DIY badly done. 
I will not miss you.

Farewell window.
Old and drafty,
leaking cold,
 Not long enough
for a good view.
I will not miss you.

Farewell sink sealer,
grungy, grimy,
Poorly applied.
I will not miss you.

Farewell old circuit box.
Why there?
Eye sore,  
empty now. 
Better in the
utility room.
I will not miss you.

Farewell dishwasher.
Broken, useless.
Best use?
drying ziplocs.
I will not miss you.

Farewell cabinets,
Narrow sticking drawers,
bad paint job
showed every stain.
Impossible to clean.
Destruction is upon you.
Farewell .........


Christine said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the replacements. Are you replacing the beadboard?

Sherri B. said...

Farewell to it all...Yippy for Leigh!! xo

Carolyn said...

Goodbye thou evil kitchen cabinets!!

Bootzey said...

Will there be prose for the new kitchen?

icebear said...

Yay! Exciting!

bspinner said...

I can see why you are happy you're getting rid of your sink. Can't wait to see the new one.

Crustyrusty said...

I love the sight of a clean stud wall... the possibilities!

Mama Pea said...

Bravo! Bravo! Excellent song to sink done gone!

Tombstone Livestock said...

ode to the old, can't wait to see the new.

Nina said...

How exciting to have a clean slate to put in a new kitchen. I agree about the single sink being not horrible useful. I'd love to have a farmhouse apron skirted sink, but they are pricey around here. I can't wait to see the kitchen developments!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't wait to see the reveal of the new setup:)

pelenaka said...

I had to chuckle because when that setup was installed, I'm sure the lady of the house was saying goodbye to what had been. Maybe it was just a sink, lol.

Congratulations !

Leigh said...

Christine, the only walls we're actually changing are the exterior walls. Those are the ones needing new windows and insulation! We'll leave the tongue and groove on the interior walls, and drywall the ones we tear open.

Sherri, yippy is exactly right! LOL

Carolyn, I am so glad they're gone!

Serenity, LOL. I'm not much of a poet, I admit, but it was fun to write. I can tell you that kitchen progress will have lots of pictures!

Icebear, thanks!

Barb, me too. :) We still have to get the get both cabinets and sink!

Crustyrusty, spoken like a true carpenter. :)

Mama Pea and TL, thanks!

Nina, sadly, none of it was actually salvageable. The old cabinets were built in and so didn't come out in one piece. Dan would love to have one of those skirted farmhouse sinks and they do make double bowled in those. They're out of our price range though.

Stephanie, me too! We've got our general plans in order and have already gotten started on the wall. Photos and update soon!

Pelenaka, I thought the same thing! And if it made her happy and met here needs, then it served it's purpose well. OTOH, I'm happy to have it gone. :)

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Will you be speaking to us once the new kitchen is in? Or will your head be so high in the clouds you won't know we are here ? I love the excitement and wish it were Me.:o) I need a kitchen twice the size I have :o(

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Obviously we're all waiting on pins and needles to see what the new sink/counter space looks like! Will it be done by Christmas?

Donna OShaughnessy said...


Don't you feel 50 pounds lighter? OK 10 but still...

Lynda said...

I am so happy for you! I can hardly wait to see the finished masterpiece!

EverStuff Shrimp said...

That poem was truly heartfelt. :) Looking forward to seeing you put up pics and the new counter and sink come along.

Leigh said...

Ginny, I will definitely be elated, LOL. I hear you about kitchen size. This one has been a real challenge because of that, trying to figure out how to increase storage plus work space.

CaliforniaGrammy, Christmas 2012 for sure. :)

Donna, I believe that sink and all that wood was 50 pounds at least! ;)

Lynda, me too. There are still quite a few steps to go: new window, insulation, new wall, lighting, floor, and then cabinets!

Everstuff, I appreciate that! Getting the sink and old cabinets out and the wall down was a big step.

Benita said...

That was a lot of work getting those out, I'm sure. But, you are so going to enjoy the improvements you have planned.

How hot is it down there anyway? I see a fan in the window and someone working without a shirt on. I mean, come on! This is December!

Theresa said...

Whew, what a source of headache and woe! You're right, it had to go. And in it's place something new and wonderful to show!

Alice said...

Farewell, indeed! It brought tears to my eyes.

DebbieB said...

Love the poetry. :) And I love seeing the house's bare bones - you guys really do everything right, instead of just patching over. I can't wait to see your new functional space!

Leigh said...

Benita, we got a few days where it almost got up to 60, which was perfect for opening the wall up like that. This time of year though, it could go either way!

Theresa, it did and I can't wait to get the new cabinets and sink in. Right now I'm doing dishes out on the porch, which I'm thankful for, but it's turned colder so it's not so much fun.

Alice, in this case I felt less was more. Who in the world would want to read a lengthy blog post of me complaining about all that! LOL

Debbie, good to hear from you. We're fortunate that the bare bones are basically pretty sound. Of course, we never know when we tear into things. In this case good insulation is a must!

J Smith said...

I bet ripping all of that out felt good, cant wait to see what you come up with!

Your poem reminded me somewhat of the movie Office Space where they take the fax machine from their office and destroy it with a bat. Did you consider doing that to the sink? lol

Leigh said...

J, I can only imagine how good it feels to trash a piece of frustrating equipment, LOL. The sink though, and the old cabinets, will eventually find a new home when we build a "real" barn someday. I'll need a sink in the milking room, and this one will do fine for that.

Unknown said...

You even threw out the kitchen sink... ;-)
Alot of work I very well know yet so satisfying. I know you have alot to go but it will be so much fun anticipating the new kitchen. Pace yourself. Great job.

Leigh said...

Nancy, thanks! Technically we didn't throw it out as in the trash. I do plan to reuse it in the not yet built barn! At least there, I won't be washing dishes. :)

trump said...

I even hated that kitchen sink, and i didnt even own it.Lol. Richard

Project Girl said...


I cannot WAIT until this scene visits my kitchen...!!

With much jealousy and affection,
Project Girl

Susan said...

I almost feel sorry for that sink. Not. Talk about down to the bones! What a before and after you will have!

Eleanor @ Planned Resilience said...

Wow, can't wait to see the new kitchen. Hope it doesn't take to long to put it together. I can't believe how ratty-looking that old insulation is. Bet it didn't work too well.