February 8, 2011

Project Complete: Bathroom

Bathroom before (left) & after (right)
At long last I'm pleased to announce that the bathroom project is officially a wrap. We started the planning stage about a year ago, but it wasn't a project we worked straight on without a few detours. During the summer we focused more on outside projects, and only returned to the bathroom as autumn approached. It's exciting that it's finally done.

I thought I had more "before" photos. Either I really don't, or they were "misplaced" in the move from the old computer to the new one. It was tough getting good photos because the room is so small. Plus my camera isn't that great. (Actually I think it's dying.) You can click on any of the photos below for a larger version. I'd invite you all over for a grand opening, but there's no way we'd all fit in there. :)

Birds eye view before

Birds eye view after

Mirror before

Mirror after

(Above is an example of poor color quality. The hand towel is actually forest green.)

Sink before

Sink after

Inefficient towel rack
Towel rack before

Towel rack after

Overhead light before

Overhead light after (with heater & fan)

And the Roman shade? I think it turned out pretty well. My only complaint is that there isn't much room on the right to access the pull cord, but oh well.

Roman shade up

Down, they just look like regular window shades, but with creases...

Roman shade down & counted cross stitch irises

Other touches ...

Small wall cabinet

I found a small wall cabinet with beadboard doors to match our wainscoting, perfect for storing washcloths, extra toilet paper, kleenex, and soap.

I also wanted someplace to hang robes or other garments...

Robe hooks

I just had to make sure I found hooks that were shallow and didn't stick out too far.

So that's the grand tour! It's still a tiny room, but it's so much nicer and easier to use.

Finally, here is a link list of all the posts for this project:

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  1. Yeah! I love your Roman shade! You really did a great job. You deserve a pat on the back!

  2. Stunnning - well done both of you. You can be well proud of what you achieved :-)

  3. It looks so great! The shade really turned out beautifully!

  4. the sink before/after was very telling! Great job - you must be so pleased.

  5. Congratulations! I think it looks awesome. All the changes together, even the tiny ones, really add up to something great. On to the kitchen!! (ducks and runs)

  6. I'm in love with the shape and lines of the new sink, very classy. You did a magnifico job of pulling the room together. I'm stealing you towel and robe hooks idea for our own small bath.

  7. Lynda, thank you! It's really exciting to have it all done. I'm definitely using Roman shades elsewhere in the house.

    Melissa, the kitchen!

    Dani, it is a rather drastic change, isn't it? Motivating too. Hopefully the kitchen will turn out as well.

    Heidi, that Roman shade is pretty neat, isn't it? Retrospectively, it wasn't the best choice, because there's no room to easily use the pull cord. But, there was no room to do the miniblinds either. :)

    Evelyn, quite a contrast isn't it? That old sink! We found it propped up with the broom handle when we moved here. We really shook our heads over that one. *grin

    Alison, LOL. You'll be pleased to know that we've already begun!

    Starlighthill, everything turned out well, which is a huge relief. Sometimes results don't match the ideas I have in my head. The hooks were actually readers ideas, from comments when I first started posting about the bathroom. They work really well and DH likes the towel hooks better than a towel bar!

  8. Looks great and I am sure is a joy to use. Nothing is quite as nice as a clean freshly remodeled bathroom, unless of course, it's a kitchen! ;)

  9. Great job! It feels great to finally finish a project like that, doesn't it? (as her 1/2 bath still waits for finishing trim after three years.....)

  10. Way to go! I do like that blue and white combo with the plaid. It's homey yet updated. It's amazing what a few hooks will do. Our main bathroom is too small to have hooks on a wall, so I put up a rack of hooks on the door. All of a sudden, the towels are being hung up after a use, instead of being immediately tossed in the laundry.

  11. Fantastic. It looks really good. One project off the list.

  12. You made a small room look so big!
    Congrats on finishing!!
    (LoL, the captcha is "undies")

  13. Congrats on one very beautiful completed room! I'm betting just having a level sink makes a huge difference. We've had our share of "what in the world were they thinking" moments (about the previous owners) as well. It's so nice to get be able to finish such a huge project and know it's done right.

  14. Congratulations on the conclusion of this project, your new bathroom looks fantastic.

  15. Theresa, you said it, clean and fresh. It's a joy. Kitchen next!

    Carolyn, thanks! Don't feel bad about your bathroom trim though. Our neglected project is the living room. My excuse is that I'm waiting until we put in the new front door, LOL

    Nina, I'm so relieved the wallpaper and colors worked out so well. I wasn't sure, but whew. It's great to have a place to put those damp used towels, isn't it!

    Jane, one project off and 503 to go, LOL

    Peaceful and Kat, thanks! It does look bigger doesn't it? Still, Dan would say it's still to small to even change your mind in. :)

    A, Dan and I laugh and wonder if folks will say the same thing about us in years to come. Not only was that sink not level, but they installed it several inches below standard bathroom sink height!

    Mr H, thank you!

  16. Is it too late to re-jig the cords on the blind to the left? When I made one years ago, I considered which side would be more convenient for the room, and just went for the smaller bit of wall. The way mine is made, it wouldn't take me long to realign the cords.

  17. Your bathroom project looks really pretty and professionally done.

  18. The Roman shade turned out wonderful!! As did the whole project. I'll bet it's nice to have it finally finished.

  19. The bathroom looks great! I'm gonna have to actually awaken my blog to talk about "what were they thinking" moments. LOL great topic

  20. Wow! It's so much harder to re-do a small room and have it come out looking (and feeling) good. For me, the wallpaper you chose made the whole room. I would have thought the room was too small for that plaid but it worked out so well. You both should be very proud of all the work you did because you ended up with a very attractive, functional small bathroom. (Didja save the broomstick for posterity? Or ceremoniously burn it?)

  21. The round sink gives you room to move around, and the round matte on the irises complements the shape. Bravo e brava!

  22. Mary, excellent idea! I'll see if I can do that.

    Sgtempleton, thank you! That's a very fine compliment indeed.

    Renee, do it! I imagine anyone who has lived in a pre-owned home can relate!

    Mama Pea, I've been toting that wallpaper around for a number of years. I originally bought on clearance for $2 a roll in Florida. I was going to use it in a kitchen. Of course, our kitchen doesn't lend itself to wallpaper, so in to the bathroom it went. I was a little nervous about the size of the plaid, and so am relieved it worked otu so well.

    Risa, good point! In the end, it all worked together quite nicely.

  23. What a transformation! Great job, and nicely documented, too. That cabinet is very useful - I think I need one too!

  24. It looks great! I'm having so much fun living vicariously through your home renovation. Thanks for sharing! :)

  25. Feels great doesn't it?? It looks great too, I love the blues and the floor looks awesome, that was quite the floor color before. It looks really open, airy, light, and, bright now. Your shade looks fab!

  26. that room might be small - but it looks great:)) I wonder how warped the view of the installer of the first sink was though.... it's not old enough to have been installed before the invention of the spirit-level, isn't it?:))

  27. Wow, that corner sink really makes a huge difference! The whole room looks great!

  28. Debbie, thanks! The cabinet is very nice as there is no other place to store things that are good to have handy. I was a little concerned it would stick out too far, but fortunately, it doesn't :)

    Kari, there is something about renovation that is fun. You should see our stacks of This Old House magazines!

    Luckybunny, it feels fantastic. Honestly, I was embarrassed to have anyone even see it "before." Of course, the door didn't close then, so it wasn't exactly functional for company, LOL

    Bettina, when Dan removed the sink, he realized they hadn't installed it correctly in the first place. Hence the later addition of the broom handle! Of course, this was the sink with the spring-loaded faucet handles, so we didn't use it anyway.

    Sue and Anonymous, thanks!

  29. How gorgeous! I LOVE the tile and the sink! Congrats! :)

  30. It looks great! I've even gotten a couple of ideas for our small bath. Thanks for both the inspiration and your blog.

  31. Rain, thanks! The tile and sink both turned out better than we'd hoped. It was a relief, really. LOL

    Melodye, thank you! And I'm delighted you like our ideas. That's the lovely thing about blogging, a way to share ideas and inspirations.

    McKenzie Elizabeth, thanks! Would it surprise you if I said that the outcome is a motivation to get started on the kitchen? :)

  32. Yay! congrats, it's beautiful! xo

  33. Hi,
    There is a book called square foot gardening. As I recall, it covers companion plants and gardening up trellis' with cucumbers and the like.

  34. Pam, thanks!

    Anonymous, I've heard of that book, but your comment made me check with my county library and request a copy. I'm always on the lookout for tips and anything to make my gardening easier and more productive, Thanks!

  35. I know that I have said this before but I really love the color of the floor tile. It sure beats the yellow color that was there. :)


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