January 1, 2011

2011: Goals For The Homestead

Happy New Year! On a day traditional for making resolutions, we have our own tradition instead. We set forth our list of homestead goals for the upcoming year.

Compared to last year, this year's goal list is a bit shorter. I'd like to be able to say that's because we're so well established that we don't have as much to do. Not. Or that we don't need as many goals because we've finally developed a seasonal routine which doesn't require actual goal setting. I wish. Or that we're wiser and more realistic about goal setting. Maybe.

Last year we had a lot of evaluating to do, and our goals reflected it. The things we want to accomplish this year are much bigger and more hands on. The kitchen, for example, is a huge project, with a number of preliminary steps. I'm not even sure we'll finish that let alone get much else accomplished on the house. Still, we need to make progress in other areas, particularly garden and animals.  I'm learning not to pressure myself with arbitrary deadlines however. Better to just take each project a step at a time.

  • finish bathroom (almost done, yay!)
  • new water heater, move location from crawlspace to new utility room
  • back porch - several things need to be done to prepare for the kitchen project (will be our temporary kitchen)
  • relocate circuit panel, which is in a very bad spot, on the wall above the stove, as seen in this photo. New location will be the new utility room
  • have electric meter moved (ours is currently on a telephone pole instead of attached to the house) and have line to house buried
  • remodel kitchen
  • install new front door (a hanger-on goal from last year)

Garden: (also see things mentioned in my Garden Analysis for 2010 post)
  • expand front yard herb garden
  • grow a larger patch of grains: hopefully field corn then wheat
  • win the battle against that nasty wire grass that is trying to take over my strawberries and comfrey
  • hoop houses or row covers this year for sure

  • prepare for kidding (hopefully) & milking
  • raise meat chickens
  • improve existing pasture/hay
  • raise more of our own grain for feed

Water conservation systems: There are 2 things we want to accomplish:
  • greywater recycling
  • rainwater collection

We've already done a property analysis for these, which I'll share soon. Considering the scope of some other things though, like the kitchen, I'm not sure how far we'll get on this particular project, but at least it's on the radar. Actually, when Dan plumbed for the bathroom remodel project, he allowed for greywater drainage in the future. He'll do the same for laundry water when we tackle the back porch.

So. No New Year's resolutions for us. Just goals. How about you? What changes are you hoping to see in 2011?

2011: Goals For The Homestead © January 2011 


Woolly Bits said...

water supplies - a very fitting topic just now:)) whenever I switch on the news here, I can listen to all the problems county and town councils have with leaky water pipes, frost damage and overusage... and then I read about people who think that there should be no charge for water over here, because it rains so much! off they go and leave the water running to avoid frost. there is enormous wastage over here, mostly due to ignorance and bad housekeeping. instead of improving the water systems in the "good times" people were more interested in having a good time (not only privatly, you should see some of the stupid things council wasted money for:(() - and now they all pay the price! ok, our pump is broken, but we still have water - without any connection to a scheme. it makes you appreciate clean water far more, when you have to work to keep it up, be it collection from a well or cleaning tanks etc... just opening the spout isn't enough, it seems! enough ranting - I am sure you'll figure out a way to make your supplies work for you - and if you can't finish all the jobs this year - there'll be another one to come:))
happy new year (not year year:))


Anonymous said...

That is a big list, but based on your accomplishments last year I have no doubt you will do well this year! I love reading about your process and progress. A Happy New Year and here's to achieving goals!

-Heidi said...

I agree! All great goals, but I think the water projects are excellent! We've been hanging out in the desert for a few months and our pump on the RV broke... not only did we have to work to get water, but it was in short supply. Being from Washington State, we don't think much about water shortage... but I sure appreciate (more now) that water = life! Oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tami said...

Can't wait to see the "kids" and I'm VERY interested in your water projects also. Our shower is on the other end of the house and it kills me seeing all that water go down the drain while we wait for it to heat up. (Tried the bucket method for reclaiming, what a pain!) Our bathroom is also on the remodel list so I'm interested in learning more for when we re-plumb.

I look at your list and I'm serously exhausted.

Happy New Year Leigh...and THANKS so much for your dedication to your blog.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

And you thought my list was bad! Geesh...time for a nappy. Keep up the good work Leigh!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year From Southern California.

Don't forget to watch the 122nd Rose Parade on New Year's Day coming from Pasadena, California...only 30 miles from The Old Geezer's home :-) If you miss the live telecast, I'm sure there will be lots of reruns through out the day.

No matter what looms ahead, if you can eat today, enjoy today, mix good cheer with friends today enjoy it and bless God for it. ~Henry Ward Beecher

May God Bless and Protect You in the Year to Come. ~Ron

Theresa said...

I love the way remodel kitchen is just a line item...hahaha. It will likely be the most frustrating and rewarding project.
I would love to do a grey water system, but then again, I'd love to get some of the projects that have been hanging around done first. I know you guys will make great progress on that list. Happy New Year!

Nina said...

You've got a full and busy year ahead of you. I'm sure you'll feel a lot of satisfaction as you pare down the list. I can't wait to hear more about your thoughts on winter hardy chooks as it is a common interest.

Mary Ann said...

Just found your blog and love it! You have many of the same goals as we do, and we are on the edge of a small country town, as well....but love our little bit of country. We have llamas... you will LOVE having one....

Leigh said...

Bettina, there are folks around here who are the same way. Of course, it's not only water, but other resources as well. I'm not sure if they truly don't understand, or just don't care.

Evelyn, I appreciate that!

Heidi, funny how experience teaches us so much more than simply reading or hearing about a thing. I've only had one experience in the desert, when I was a young girl. I remember how dry everything was and how thirsty I was. All the time!

Tami, I'm just hoping there are kids! We'll see. :) The water recycling is going to be a lot more complicated than we first thought. Mostly I think because there is so much to figure out. I'm getting our analysis all written out in a post. That soon.

APG, what would we do without our lists! LOL

Ron, thank you and Happy New Year to you too!

Theresa, you noticed that about the kitchen, LOL. It will probably be the biggest project we'll tackle when it comes to the house. Not sure if we'll even finish it this year. Not sure when we'll tackle the greywater project either. Basically it's simple, but
there's a lot more to it than we thought.

Nina, winter layers are on my list to research. So far, my Ameraucanas and Barred Holland have laid right through the shortest day of the year. I wasn't expecting that! So far, I haven't tried any of my frozen eggs. I'm sure I'll have a dry spell soon though.

Mary Ann, thank you and welcome! So nice to meet someone who can relate to so much of what we do!

Cathy said...

One of my artist friends told me decades ago that if you don't shoot high (like to the moon) you won't make it to the rooftop. Soo good list and I look forward to this new year with your FOs!!

Leigh said...

Cathy, great sentiment! I think it's true too. The higher the standard, the higher the quality, even if it isn't as much or as high as one hoped.

Benita said...

Greywater recycling is something I've been interested in, but without major remodeling in our 15 year old house, I think that is not going to happen for quite a long time. Still, I think of those lovely suds and such being wasted when the garden would love them.

Have fun!!!

Geodyne said...

I'd be happy if I could just find a place to live in 2011!

You have a large list of projects for 2011...I wish you all the best with moving forward on them.

temporary kitchen guy said...

A temporary kitchen in a Porche - now that's pretty flash!

Oh, porch, OK :)

Laureli said...

I just love seeing everything you're doing. I wish I could mimic it, but in most ways what you can do wouldn't work on our property. (Not fenced, and high desert which naturally swings from heavy snows to drought conditions).
I was just reading yesterday about all the GOOD things about Kudzu "The Doomsday Plant" (amongst it's invasive nuisance)on http://www.survivalblog.com/. It would be a waste for it to overcome your property. It looks like you could actually take advantage of it for your own uses. (As a good protein goat feed, rope or baskets, etc).
Thanks so much for sharing our layout and plans as well as all the awesome stuff you've learned and how to apply it. I'm hoping to get worms established before winter this year for supplement chicken feed. You've been a wealth of information and it's great to be able to follow in experienced footsteps. It takes a lot of the intimidation out of an unfamiliar venture!