February 28, 2010

Baby Chickens Sure Do Grow Fast

It's hard to believe we've had our chicks for over two weeks. They've been in the chicken coop a little over a week now. We moved them from the house on the one week anniversary of their arrival. We figured it was time. They were discovering that if they ran, jumped, and flapped their wings all at the same time, something wonderful was starting to happen.

Putting them in the coop enabled us to enlarge their brooder guard

I purposely gave it higher walls because it's been cold and very windy here. They adapted quickly...

Since then they've grown quite a bit. Following are the latest photos, taken this morning. They are 18 days old ...

Two Barred Hollands on the left, Ameraucana on the right, everybody else in the back. All wondering what that flashy box is all about.

The red brooder light makes it difficult to show their colors well. That's an Ameraucana in the left foreground, Welsummer behind it on the right, Delawares behind.

They are feathering out nicely, as this Delaware chick shows.

Also starting to grow their combs. Look closely at this Welsummer chick's head.

The little black Barred Holland chicks are no longer black, but starting to develop their bars. They are the smallest, but boldest of the lot.

Welsummers and Ameraucanas. They are all definitely starting to look like miniature chickens.

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  1. They are fast heading for the teenage uglies. Nothing quite like chickens right befoe they become adults. They look happy and healthy. Beautiful flock!

  2. They really do look good. It will be so much fun to have a diverse flock running around.

    I am so jealous I can hardly contain myself. How may illegal chickens do you think I could hide in my suburban backyard? ;)

  3. it reminds me of seeing a baby and the same baby 6 or 7 years later:)) what a change, but I think if they didn't loose their cuteness, chicken would never have made it on the menu! you really gave me another push towards our own chicken - I just have to convince DH to finally build a small chicken house.... though I am still not sure that we won't end up with an old chicken's home in the process:))

  4. Your chicks are sure growing fast. Before you know it they'll be laying eggs. Fresh eggs. YUMM!!!

  5. Good thing you raised the walls. you won't have to knit sweaters for them :)

  6. looks like it will be very fun at your place soon. What does Rascal think?

    I'm glad that they are doing so well for you.

  7. There is nothing cuter than chicks! They are adorable! Keep posting pics, please!

  8. Theresa, I see it coming. :)

    Maggie, have you checked into whether or not you can keep chickens as pets? Some towns allow you to keep a couple as pets, but not livestock.

    Bettina, good comparison. It has been a pleasure having them. I hope your DH is agreeable!

    Barb, I am really looking forward to that! At the moment fresh eggs seem far away, but I know the time will get here quickly.

    Nina, as a proud chicken mom, of course I agree, :)

    Sharon, *LOL. I've very glad mine have all their feathers!

    Renee, oddly, Rascal is only nominally interested. When I say "let's go check on the chickens" he's more interested in climbing up their ramp and trying to get out the chicken door.

    Lynn, glad to oblige!

  9. Chickens are just so darn much fun! And you get fresh eggs to boot! T.

  10. Yay for peeps!

    What a happy looking bunch- I'm sure they keep you busy ;-)

    So..straight run or pullets?

  11. They are cute. Will you use them for food also, or just eggs?

  12. Tina, I confess, we are really enjoying them. I never realized chickens could be so entertaining.

    Cyndy, we got straight run, so as you can imagine, I'm trying to guess who's a roo and who's a pullet.

    Deep End, we only plan to keep one rooster, so the rest will be butchered. Some readers have mentioned that the so called "dual purpose" breeds aren't all that good for meat and recommend raising a separate meat flock. We haven't gotten that far in our thinking yet. Still just taking it one step at at time.

  13. They are growing fast! It just makes me want to get start outside so we can get some. They are just so cute I can't wait to hear more!

  14. The chickens are so cute! They look really funny when they start to get adult feathering.

  15. It is amazing how fast the chicks grow! I love all those little feathers.

  16. Oh, they are so cute. I had to restrain myself when I saw baby chicks in at the farm store. I don't need any more chickens at the moment.

  17. They grow amazingly fast. They are only fully fluffy for a couple days and then those wings are coming in. I am sure if you stared at them long enough you could see them grow. They are super cute. Congrats on being a chicken mama!

  18. Julie, speaking of outside, I can hardly wait to let these little guys out.

    Charlotte, they are as funny to watch as they are to look at. Very entertaining.

    Callie, it's really neat isn't it? I had read that they grow quickly, but didn't realize how much so.

    Robin, good for you! I only hope I can demonstrate the same self-control when faced with the same situation in the future. *Grin*

    Leslie, I check on them several times a day and it seems as though they grow visibly in between visits!


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