September 28, 2009

Dear Squirrels,

The squirrels aren't leaving us much.Please leave some pecans for us.

The Humans Who Share The Land With You.

Dear Squirrels, text & photos copyright September 2009
by Leigh at


Theresa said...

Dear Human,
If we're sharing how about some nice warm digs in the attic? Then we'd be happy to leave some pecans.

The Squirrels whose land you share....;-)

Woolly Bits said...

I guess they do share - you'll end up with loads of new pecan saplings, because they usually store some in the ground for later:)) my parents always have new little walnut trees everywhere - because the squirrels store some of the nuts they pick from the neighbour's tree!
can you dye with pecan hulls?

Julie said...

We have two living in our yard and we just purchased an oak tree and I told Paul I bet the they are going to love the acorns!

Renee Nefe said...

Is there really a chance that there won't be enough for you? I chase the squirrels off my property, but so far I've only seen one. He wasn't at all happy with me. LOL!

I found out yesterday that the area where I live used to be all covered with trees that were all cut down to build Denver (and then that burned!) :o Now the only trees left are ones planted by humans. sigh!

bspinner said...

We have oak trees with loads of acorns but no squirrels. We did have one little chipmunk but he drowned in a pail of water this summer. Poor little thing!!!

Hope you get enough pecans for a pie.

Heather said...

I used to get so annoyed with the squirrels for coming and taking a few nibbles out of so many apples on my trees. One time I jokingly threatened that I would send my cat after them and then a day or so later found one that she had actually caught (and eaten half of). Boy, did I feel like a heel. :-(
Hope they leave you lots so you can make all sorts of goodies.