July 1, 2024

Annual Permaculture Adventure Bundle

This year's bundle contains some interesting and unusual stuff. Things like, using mushrooms for insulation (who knew?) and an earthbag building guide. There's something in it to cover every aspect of homesteading! The bundle contains over $600 worth of resources, and will be available July 1 - 4 for the heavily discounted price of $35. After that, it goes up to $65.

Here's what's in it:
  • Earthbag Building Guide eBook, by Owen Geiger, with complete plans to build your own a Roundhouse Studio 
  • Finding the Perfect Homestead Property video Course by Curtis Stone
  • PawPaw Quick Start Guide (Video and eBook) by Michael Judd
  • Boosting Your Garden Yields by Growing Algae. A streaming video presentation by Matt Huber
  • Wooden Door with Mycelium Insulation and Proenneke Hinge Guide with 3-D Plans from the Low Tech Laboratory by Andres Bernal. 
  • Permaculture Guilds and Companion Planting  a Training Session video by Permaculture Gardens
  • Hugelkultur: The Ultimate Raised-Bed Gardening eBook (Draft) by Paul Wheaton
  • Easy Homemade Body Products eBook by Merissa A. Alink
  • The Design and Build of the Giant Solar Food Dehydrator. Movie by Paul Wheaton (and it is giant).
  • DIY Specialty Soaps eBook by The Nerdy Farm Wife
  • Building a Cob Style Rocket Mass Heater by Paul Wheaton, HD instant view
  • Wildcrafting Weeds eBook by Colleen Codekas & Joel Schwartz
  • Building a Better World in Your Backyard eBook by Paul Wheaton and Shawn Klausen-Koop. Luxuriant Environmentalism!
  • Practical Mending eBook by Kate Downham. Kate is one of my favorite homestead authors!
  • How to Bake without Baking Powder eBook by Leigh Tate
  • 45 Low Tech Things Webinar Recording by Paul Wheaton
  • Thermophilic Compost For the Garden and Homestead PDF by Alan Booker
  • Helen Atthowe's Backyard Food Forest Webinar Recording
  • Water Biofilters and Composting Toilet Systems Presentation from Online PDC/ATC with Tim Barker
  • Why Chickens are the Enablers and Heroes of Permaculture Design Workshop by Patricia Foreman 
  • Living Wood Magazine - Issue 6
  • Core Site Layout: Zone 1 Site Planning Online Workshop by Ben Falk
  • Saving Our Seeds – The Practice & Philosophy. eBook by Bevin Cohen
  • Celery Wine: The Story of a Country Commune eBook by Elaine Sundancer 
  • Paul Wheaton Podcast Review of Botany in a Day by Thomas Elpel
  • The Beginning Gardener's Toolbox eBook by Carly MacQuarrie of The Little Green Shoot
  • Northern Great Basin Restoration Agriculture Biome Models Presentation by Neil Bertrando
  • Cooking with a Rocket Oven video by Paul Wheaton
  • Composting Toilet Design Plan PDF by Rancho Mastatal
  • Save Our Bees: Your Guide To Creating A Bee Friendly Environment eBook by Jason Johns
  • 6 Issues of Tiny House Magazine
  • Earthen Walls Webinar by Natalie Bogwalker of Wild Abundance
  • Permaculture Design Magazine, Issues 110 'Permaculture Ethics' & 118 'Wild Yields'
  • Paul Wheaton Podcast Gob: #281-320
I hope I've got them all because there have been several last minute additions.

And here's the link again (so you don't have to scroll back to the top of the page). 💁

Special price ends Thursday July 4th at 2 p.m. MT.


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I participated last year (and still have things I have not read). It is a great deal.

Leigh said...

TB, I agree. It's always a great deal for fantastic resources.