December 23, 2023

A Twist on a Christmas Tradition

Firstly, no matter what holiday you celebrate, I wish you a happy one! 

My holiday offering for my readers is a bit different this year. I first heard this a couple of weeks ago at my granddaughter's school Christmas program. She plays trombone in the junior high band, and this was one of their concert offerings. It intrigued me enough that I had to look it up on YouTube to find—shall we say—a less beginnerish rendition. This one was uploaded by the composer himself. I think you'll see why it would have great appeal to school bands, especially with the great percussion part.

I give you Santa the Barbarian: Snowpocalypse by Randall Standridge.



Cederq said...

Leigh, that surely stirred my Irish and Swedish Barbarianism! Made me want to find some snow...

Great find. Have a wonderful, Merry and Blessed Christmas!


daisy g said...

What a rousing rendition of the spirit of Christmas!
Enjoy the magic of the season.

Ed said...

Did they have the narration part in the junior high program?

Merry Christmas to you and family!

Leigh said...

Kevin, we might be related! I'm finding most of my ancestors trace back to Celtic and Scandinavian roots via Britain.

Daisy, thank you!

Ed, they used a recorded narration, and the kids supplied the "ho, ho, hos." I didn't realize it at the time, but this piece is the third part of a suite called "Santa the Barbarian." I think the composer prides himself on being a little quirky.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Heh heh. The Christmas song we did not know we needed (but did)! Thanks Leigh!

(As a note Nighean Dhonn did one of those genetic things. Came in at almost 60% English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh/Scandinavian (likely from Britain as well)

Leigh said...

TB, interesting about the ancestral roots. I have found quite a bit of Norman French in my lines as well, but not as much Saxon as I originally thought.

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog
Merry Christmas🎄🎄

Leigh said...

Merry Christmas!