January 3, 2023

Permies Homestead Bundle: Day 2 Resource Reviews

The Permies Homestead Bundle has quite a few excellent gardening resources. The first title that grabbed my attention, was this one.

High Performance Gardening by Lynn Gillespie. Who doesn't want a high performance garden??? Even though I've been gardening for a lot of years, I'm never quite satisfied with it's performance. In reading the first couple of chapters, I realize that I've always had low performance gardens, complete with all the labor, weeds, and disappointing results to prove it. 

On the one hand, I've been gardening long enough that somehow I think I should have it all figured out. One the other hand, I'm never too old to take someone else's advice and learn!

While I've put many of her ideas into practice already, the two that have really hit home are BRIX indicators and mineralizing. I always thought BRIX was just a scale of sweetness/flavor, but I'm now starting to understand that it's also strongly tied to increased production, insect and disease resistance, and weather resilience. Minerals are the key, and they don't automatically show up in the compost. So, I'm taking all of this to heart and planning to make some simple changes in next year's garden.

This is one of the 35 resources found in the Permies Homesteading Bundle.

Speaking of soil mineralizing, here's a homestead bundle resource that I'm particularly excited about. It's Neal Kinsey's Hands-On Agronomy video workshop, "Feeding and Balancing Your Soil." I did a book review on Hands-On Agronomy years ago, because it had such a profound affect on my understanding of soil health. The downside to the book is that is so packed with information, that it's difficult to pick out the key take-aways and remember it all. And that's what makes this video a gem; the most significant lessons from Neal's book are covered in this video. 

This is another of the 35 resources found in the Permies Homesteading Bundle.
Book available at Amazon.

And for you urban homesteaders out there, here's a fantastic resource: From Home to Small Town Homestead: Pursuing Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability On A Small City Property by Harold Thornbro. Chapters include, "What Is Modern Homesteading?," "Developing A Homesteader's Mindset," "Homesteading When You Don't Have Time to Homestead," "How To Homestead When Your Spouse Isn't On-Board," "Evaluating Your Property," "Finding Resources," and "5 Reasons You Might Fail As A Homesteader." Plus, it contains practical chapters on trees, berries, vegetable and herb gardening, getting started with compost, small livestock, harvest preservation, cooking from scratch, wild game, and foraging.

To see all the resources offered in the bundle, click here

Okay, last one, I promise. If the mention of cooking from scratch in Harold's book caught your attention, then I think you'll be interested in this one.

Cook with What You Have by Nicole Sauce. 

I'm guessing that almost all of us learn to cook using recipes. I know, I did. And there's nothing wrong with recipes, until one starts growing a nice portion of one's own food and can't find recipes to fit! While Nicole's cookbook does indeed feature recipes, she also teaches the principles of making substitutions, changing the amounts the recipe calls for, and adapting them to what's on hand. 

Sections are divided into main dishes, soups, salads, vegetables, breads, starters, and sweets.  You can find more information plus the other offerings in the bundle, here.

Not sure you can use these? The great thing about this particular bundle is that you can keep the codes for resources you want to own, or you can give them away as gifts to friends and family. You can check out the entire bundle by clicking or tapping here

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Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Working hard to engage my pocketbook. I think it is going to work...

Fundy Blue said...

I bet my sister Barb would enjoy the gardening book. She is working very hard at becoming self-sufficient in Nova Scotia. I cook many things from scratch, and I'm often substituting because I need to use what I have on hand. The cooking book looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing these resources, Leigh!

Leigh said...

TB, I hope so (but I can't apologize for being the terrible enabler that I am, LOL)

Fundy Blue, I love cooking that way! I hope your sister is doing well with her self-sufficiency goals. It's a huge undertaking, but I think it's been hugely satisfying. Nowadays, more than ever, because so many things in society seem fragile and unstable.