October 14, 2022

Garden Master Course Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter (click here for details)

The Early Bird specials for the Garden Master Course by Helen Atthowe have now expired. But the Kickstarter is going strong and there are still rewards to claim for donating as little as $1! The project was funded in record time, and several stretch goal rewards for $100 and up pledges have been guaranteed. 

  • Neal Kinsey's Hands-On Agronomy video workshop (I reviewed Neal's book by the same name here).
  • Justin Rhodes' Meat Chickens video, guide, and plans
  • All of the 2018 issues of Stockman Grass Farmer magazine
  • Tour of Wheaton Labs: The Movie
  • Helen Atthowe webinar, "Creating a Backyard Fruit Forest"
  • Wofati Greenhouse Plans
  • Plans for a solar dehydrator with rocket assist
  • 3 nights' stay in the Tipi at Wheaton Labs (for the top 4 backers)
  • Hopefully, the Lazy Ass Gardening eBook by Robert Kourik
  • I'll update this list if new stretch goals are added.

Now, you may be asking, if the project is already funded, why donate? The reason I do is because Permies.com is the most comprehensive online community focusing on homesteading, gardening, cooking, food preservation, natural building, critters, renewable energy, permaculture, etc., etc. Every time I do research on a topic, at least one Permies link comes up, and usually for the most helpful information. These are real people actually living the life, so they speak from experience. With trolls and spam eliminated quickly, it's an interesting and pleasant place to spend time. And it's free. 

Except, we all know that nothing is truly free. Any time we get something for free, somebody else has to pay for it. I think Permies is an excellent online resource, one worthy of support. And I know from being on the Permies staff, that all of the money from every Kickstarter goes to developing resources that promote homesteading and permaculture.

Willing to help? Just click the banner below (or this link)!

Alright. Enough of that. On Sunday, I'll show you Dan's newest project!


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Leigh, we often complain that there is not the sort of thing being made that we would like to see. Things like this are exactly the opportunity to change that (and at a reasonable price, as well).

Leigh said...

TB, here aren't many projects I'm willing to support, but this is one of them. And really, the rewards for the pledges are fantastic. More generous than I've ever seen.