July 7, 2022

Product Review: Elegear Men's Cooling T-shirt

My Luxear cooling blanket product review last month went so well (thanks to you all!), that the company offered to let me review another of their products. This time, it was an Elegear Men's Cooling T-shirt, made with the same Arc-Chill technology that makes the blanket such a fantastic product.

The concept of cooling clothing really intrigues me because Dan and I are essentially outdoor people. Much of our lifestyle involves being outdoors, and in summer, it can get pretty hot and humid out there. In winter, we can always add layers, but in summer, there's only so much that can be taken off!

The Elegear cooling t-shirt is made of a 90% nylon/10% spandex blend. It utilizes the same Arc-chill technology that I love about the Luxear cooling blanket. I won't repeat myself here, but if you're interested in what my research revealed about Arc-chill fabrics, you can find it here. The t-shirt comes in a choice of black or white, and sizes range from medium to XX-large. For this review, I received a medium size in black. 

For my review, I tested it in both outdoor and indoor conditions, comparing it to my usual cotton t-shirt garb.

First impressions

Upon opening the package, I discovered that the fabric was soft, silky, and cool to touch. 

The black, especially, looks more like a dress t-shirt than a work t-shirt. My first thoughts were that it would be perfect for any outdoor summer event for which I wanted to be cool, comfortable, and dressy casual: street festivals, outdoor concerts or parties, Shakespeare In The Park, sporting events, etc. 

I was very curious about the sizing, because ordering clothing online can be iffy. I usually wear a medium in a men's t-shirt, and the Elegear medium t-shirt fit perfectly. The spandex gives it enough shape to keep it from looking sloppy, yet it's stretchy enough to not feel tight or binding.

Outdoor test

We've mostly been in the mid-90sF (mid-30sC) in the afternoons, so that's when I tested it. I stick to jobs I can do in the shade and thought these would be good conditions to put the cooling t-shirt through its paces. 

How did it compare to a cotton -t-shirt? Was it like wearing an air conditioner? Not the way most people like their air conditioning! LOL. The manufacturer rates the cooling effect to be 3.6-9°F (2-5°C). Not comparable to AC, but even with an outdoor temp of 95°F (35°C), the Elegear t-shirt always felt cool to touch. I still got hot and sticky as I worked, but where the technology really shines, is when the breezes stir. Cotton t-shirts are better than polyester, which traps heat, but cotton still blocks the breeze and it's hard to cool off. The Arc-chill fabric, however, somehow worked with the breeze. While it's lightweight, it's by no means flimsy and see-through. Yet I could feel the cooling breeze through the t-shirt. That was lovely! Even better, the heat and moisture wicking effect helped me cool and dry off quickly. I didn't feel sticky the entire time I worked outside.

Indoor test

My indoor test conditions were on the warm side as well. Summer is preservation season, and even with a back porch kitchen, my house kitchen gets hot. For my test, the kitchen was about 84°F (30°C), and I had the ceiling fan turned on high. 

With a cotton t-shirt, I just tolerate being hot when I'm working indoors like that. The fan feels good on my bare skin, but under the shirt I'm still hot. With the cooling t-shirt, I was actually comfortable the entire time I worked in the kitchen. 


I wanted to make a special note about laundering, because the Arc-chill fabric can lose it's cooling effect if not handled properly. It's very easy, however: cool water machine wash and line dry in the shade. No clothesline? No shade? Just pop it on a hanger and hang it up in the laundry room or on the shower rod. The hardest part would be keeping track of it in the laundry to not accidentally run it through the dryer.


I admit, I was skeptical at first. But I gave it a fair try and discovered that the more I wear it, the more I like it. Now, if we have a forecast for another super hot day, I find myself reaching for my cooling t-shirt. I definitely want to have a couple of these in my summer wardrobe. For myself, and Dan too.

Besides the uses mentioned above, I think folks who are trying to cut back on their air conditioning might want to give this t-shirt a try. It could definitely help under those conditions too.

Shopping link and discount coupon!

Discount Code: KTGSIXJV (for 10% off)

For me, this is another way to help beat the heat! And we certainly seem to need it this summer.


tpals said...

I find the cooling blanket works when I also have a fan blowing across it.

Leigh said...

Tpals, yes! In fact, sometimes at night with just the fan and the cooling blanket, we get chilly. And that's without air conditioning!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the review and for the discount code. The shirts are actually pretty inexpensive (surprisingly) given the technology/jade. Winds up being about $15 with discount. Too bad they don't have women's! But I'm willing to test out a men's shirt. Maybe by next summer they'll have women's t-shirts.
Thanks, Leigh!

Leigh said...

Kathy, you're welcome! I thought they are reasonably priced too. I think there are lots of clothing possibilities with this! I'd like to see a cooling hat.

wyomingheart said...

Great review, and we are going to give a couple of them a try, as the price is crazy good! A wealth of info on your blog, Leigh! Thanks!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I will definitely be checking in to this. My husband works in heat next to 700-800 degree machines some days. It will depend of size options. He's tall, so he likes a long shirt for tall people. It's very hard to find that option.

Leigh said...

Wyomingheart, it is a good price, well worth giving them a try. I love putting it on in the morning, so cool next to my skin.

Kristina, wow, that pretty intense! I hope it works for him. I have no idea about tall sizing. The medium I got was pretty much a standard medium, if that helps.

Fundy Blue said...

That sounds like a great shirt, Leigh. I enjoyed your comprehensive review. I especially appreciated the laundering information. When I put something into the washer that needs to be line dried, I tuck it into a mesh laundry bag before I put it in the washer. The mesh bag reminds me when I load the dryer that I need to line dry the item in it. I started doing this after I accidentally ruined a cashmere sweater in the dryer. Since then I haven't ruined anything. Have a cool weekend!

Leigh said...

Fundy Blue, that is an excellent idea! I need to start doing the same. :)

Rosalea said...

Very informative review, as always, Leigh. We are in fleecys this AM, no cooling required!, as the temp was only 9C (48F) this AM and is only up to 15C (59F) at 10AM. We are having a coolish, unhumid summer so far, way different from the past 5 summers we've been here.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Its not so important for me, but I always wondered if those shirts worked as claimed. Every little bit helps though and if they help wick moisture away when there's a breeze then even better.

Leigh said...

Sue, I wonder the same thing, which is why consumer reviews are always of interest. The advertising blurb wants to make it sound like you're wearing an air conditioner which, of course, is not true. But a product can be evaluated on it's own merit, which hopefully, I've done. And I consider my circumstances to be on everyone's warmer side, so it will likely benefit others.

As a side note, I wore it to the store the other day, and with the AC blowing in the building, I was downright cold.

Cederq said...

Not to be a uncouth pervert, do they make underwear of the same material? That is more concerning then a T-shirt that helps me stay cooler... I can always wear my tank top that says; Don't feed the bear.

Annie in Ocala said...

Nice! I have to say the blanket is worth having! I use AC but turn it off by about 8pm an the nights can be hot an sweaty. And with the fan on an the cooling blanket I can be chilly by about 3am.... which is good with me. Might have to try a shirt now!

Leigh said...

Kevin, the only thing I'd question about underwear made of this stuff is whether the clothing on worn over it would block the heat wicking effect. With our cooling blanket, if we put another blanket on top, it pretty much stops the cooling effect. I assume it would be the same if wearing the t-shirt as an undershirt.

Annie, we find the same thing with our blanket. I think the t-shirt is most effective with a fan or breeze. But the fabric is always cool to touch, which is really nice when it's hot out.