June 1, 2022

Our Agrarian Year: Summer Project List

I don't need the calendar to tell me it's summer! Highs in the low 90s and less rain are typical for summer here. We made really good progress on our spring project list, so there isn't much carry-over.

Most of the summer is taken up with routine summer activities.

Seasonal chores:
  • cheese making
  • mulching
  • fruit & vegetable harvest & preservation
  • wheat harvest & processing
  • keeping the public view of the house tidy (mowing)
  • firewood
  • pasture scything (for hay or green manure)
  • woodchip chipping
  • I'm sure there's something else!

Projects are fit in as time allows.
Projects in progress:
Projects under discussion:
  • Second pergola
  • Improve our water collection system
  • Masonry stove (living room)

That last one is a big one and will take some planning. Dan always likes to finish his current projects before starting something new, but hopefully, this one will be next. 

How about you? What summer projects do you have planned? Or maybe you're going to take the summer off and take it easy! Care to share?


Mama Pea said...

Hahaheehohoho! Yep, we're going to take the summer off and take it easy, just like you! ;o) I'd say our main thrust this summer would be getting the landscaping berm boxes built, in place and the plants put in them. And, of course, growing as much food in the garden for the next year (and a little beyond?) as we can. And the never-ending general maintenance tasks that never seem to end. And still striving for that happy medium, a more balanced day-to-day life. That's all. But it's all good and all the more important the way our country and world situation seems to be going.

Ed said...

Summer is usually a slower time for me due to the kids being home all day. But I hope to still get some yard work done, mostly fixing up places that were destroyed during other projects, keep up with the garden, maybe squeeze in a woodworking project or two and if ambitious enough, install gutters and water collection system for the greenhouse.

Leigh said...

Mama Pea, lol. Taking it easy is somewhat relative, isn't it. :) I think your berm box landscaping will be a rewarding project.

Ed, I think it's great that you slow down when your kids are home for the summer. That time with them is precious and goes by all too soon! Knowing you, you'll still manage to be productive. :)

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Leigh, I think this summer's project will largely be simply home care ones. For example, the caulk on the inner windows in the house are peeling, so I have started doing them. As I do them, the Window sills appear they could benefit from a new coat of paint. A fan in one of Na Clann's rooms vibrates something fierce and may need to be replaced. And so on.

Outside, the garden is faring better than it seems to have in years - my combination of Redneck Sprinkler System and Ollahs seems to be working. At this point the idea is maintain the yard more or less until we decide what is next.

Other than that, likely more cheese and adventures in food preservation.

SmartAlex said...

We have a wet corner of the lawn that needs to be turned into a rain garden. And now that the horse chestnut tree is done flowering we can open up the front porch and give that a good scrub. The past two summers have surprised us with big, time consuming, expensive projects (roofs and trees) we are almost afraid to make project plans

Leigh said...

TB, it's great to hear your garden watering system is working well! Focusing on home repairs and maintenance is a good summer project.

Alex, projects always seem to have a way of taking longer and costing more than originally planned for! The rain garden sounds like a lovely idea. Perfect for a wet area of the yard.

daisy g said...

Time off? What's that? There is always something to do on the homestead.

We recently acquired new chooks, so I will be working on adjusting the run to accommodate everyone better.
I'm still installing new perennials as I find them and working on a couple of woodland areas as well.
Having recently been gifted with an array of jars, I will be doing more fermenting experiments inside.

Sounds like your list will take you through the summer just fine. Enjoy the journey, knowing that you are creating your best life.

Leigh said...

Daisy, yeah, time off, lol. For those of us who love our lifestyle, taking time off would probably be more stressful than relaxing. :)

Your to-do list sounds both fun and productive. The best way to spend the summer.