May 1, 2022

Blogger Problems: Embedded Comments

A friendly neighborhood public service announcement here. 

This isn't a new problem, but it's a recurring one that's back once again. It's this: some of us are having problems commenting on blogs that use embedded comments. 

Specifically, with embedded comments, Blogger won't let folks login to leave a comment. The bug is that the sign into Google button doesn't work. It doesn't sign you into your account. It does nothing. And actually, this is ironic, since I'm already signed into my Google account!

The problem varies depending on who is allowed to comment on the blog.
  1. Comments allowed by anyone including anonymous
  2. Comments allowed by those with a Google account
On blogs that have selected option #1, the comment box looks like this.

Click to biggify

Our choices look like this:

The "Google Account" option doesn't work, so if I want you to know it's me, I have to use "Name/URL." If I have the time and enthusiasm, I'm willing to do that. But if I'm in a time crunch or it's late and I'm tired, I'll leave it for later and usually forget about coming back. It is a bit inconvenient, so I'm guessing some folks don't even bother.

On blogs that have selected option #2, the comment box looks like this.

Click to biggify

Clicking on "Sign in with Google" only refreshes the page. It does not allow you to sign in, so it doesn't allow you to comment! There's no workaround for this one.

So, If you're wondering why you aren't getting comments or why some of your regulars seem to have disappeared, it's likely because of choosing embedded comments. If you want to change it, here's how.

On the lefthand side of your dashboard select "Settings."

Click for larger view

Scroll down to "Comments" and click on "Comment location"

Click for a better look-see

Make your selection and save.

If you want to change who can comment, click on that one.

Click to biggify

Make your selection and hit save.

I love the concept of embedded comments because it allows numerous side conversations that are interesting and helpful. But it's routinely had enough problems that it frustrates people. As a courtesy to them, I don't use it. But of course, what you do is up to you!

Next time, back to homestead stuff.


Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks I was worried seeing why I wasn't getting hardly any comments.

Boud said...

I used the embedded comments for a while so as to respond to individual commenters. But I had to abandon it when I heard it of problems, so now I respond to people at the end, using their names and hoping they come back in to see my response. I can't tell if anyone does though.

Leigh said...

Vickie, you're welcome. I only knew there were problems because people would email me that they couldn't comment. The problem seems to have kicked into high gear lately, because some of my favorite blogs will no longer let me comment.

Boud, maybe one of these days google will figure out how to fix the bugs and make embedded comments a useful tool.

tpals said...

Testing, testing. ;)

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Leigh, same here. It does make conversations a bit more clunky, but I would rather have that than force everyone to go through the "Anonymous/this is who I am" entry on their comments.

Leigh said...

Tpals, I hope it passed! ;)

TB, I keep hoping one of these days they'll get it figured out and correct it.

Rain said...

Great PSA Leigh! I stopped embedding comments many moons ago because of the problems. Now I just can't seem to comment on most people's blogs who have them embedded. I click "publish" and it goes nowhere!

Belinda said...

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart on how to fix this. I thought I was going crazy. 😂 LOL

Meanqueen said...

Thank you for this useful comment, passed on to me by one of my readers. I have left my settings on embedded, but got rid of the Google account only. ilona

Leigh said...

Belinda, you're very welcome! It is maddening to have problems with our beloved blogger. At least there's a workaround for now. In the future, who knows?!!

Ilona, thank you! Maybe someday they'll figure it out, but I suspect that every time there's a turnover in personnel, there's more problems. ;) Embedded comments are great in theory, but frustrating in reality.

Leigh said...

Rain, somehow your comment ended up in the spam folder(!) I have no idea how or why. Anyway, they must have made some changes with blogger somehow, because embedded comments have become a pain again. :(