February 4, 2022

Last Day to Enter the Giveaway!

One more day to enter the giveaway for one of four paperback copies of How To Bake Without Baking Powder over at Permies.com. Winners will be announced tomorrow.

It's been fun discussing this subject with folks, and a lot of people have been surprised to find out that the book isn't just about homemade baking powder, nor focused only on things like sourdough. To get a better idea of the subject matter, I've started three threads at Permies that delve deeper into baking powder alternatives:

Permies is open to the public, so you don't have to have an account to read these. You only need an account if you wish to comment or want to enter the giveaway.

So, don't miss your chance! Come on over to Permies! If you'd rather skip the giveaway and simply purchase a copy, you'll find all the options here.

Last Day to Enter the Giveaway! © February 2022 

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Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

A shout out for Permies, which good folk like Leigh have been encouraging me to consider more. There is definitely a lot of good information out there.