March 14, 2021

Nova Releases the Hostages

How's that for an attention grabbing blog post title?


All day last Thursday, Nova stayed close to the barn. She was three days from her due date, so I kept an eye on her. She didn't really act like she was in labor, but even so, that evening, I put her in the kidding stall.
Thursday night.

This was her first kidding, so not only did she not know what was going on, but I didn't quite know how to read her. I stayed with her until late and then continued to check on her frequently. Around 4 a.m. she was restless, up and down, and with a far-off look in her eye, seemingly concentrating on something. Finally, around 7 a.m. she started to push.

The first one was large, and this being her first, Nova was tight. After a lot of her hollering and pushing, and my pulling, a baby girl was born.

Nova's first.

The first thing I do with a newly born kid is to wipe the membranes out of its nose and mouth. Then I stick it under its mother's nose. Mom takes over from there. However, Nova wanted nothing to do with this small squawking object that had caused her so much stress. I rubbed some of the goo onto her nose, and once she figured out it smelled and tasted pretty good, she started licking like crazy. Baby number two was smaller and followed quickly afterward.

Also a girl!

About half an hour old.

About an hour old

The little black was first.

And this is her sister.

Both little girls were quick to figure out how to get milk.

One day old and ready to explore the world.

So, that's it for spring kidding. My final count is 4 girls and 1 boy. I'm very happy with that. Everybody's healthy and Nova is a very good mama. I have a lot to be thankful for. 


Gorges Smythe said...

Cute little buggers!

Cederq said...

Sweet little things! momma sure took to being a momma fast! that is good. The best time was at kidding, watching new life come into the world. That was one part of nursing I liked, OB, new babies.


Michelle said...

Congratulations; that's a great ratio! I'd be ecstatic with those numbers!

Leigh said...

Gorges, I agree! So much fun to watch.

Kevin, this is truly my favorite part of the year. I worry a bit like a mother hen until all the kids are on the ground, and I'm always very thankful when everything goes well. :)

Michelle, I am! Especially, after last year when I ended up with seven bucklings! Even better, someone wants the little buck. It's always a relief when the bucklings are sold before weaning.

daisy g said...

Brava, Nova! It always amazes me how instinct leads the way and the momma and babies know just what to do! They are adorable!

Rosalea said...

How beautiful! So glad it went so well. They are the cutest little things!

wyomingheart said...

I just can’t believe how completely precious those little babies are! I have seen critters born, all my life, but those little goats are simply the best! Lambs are cute, too, but they can’t complete in my opinion! What a trooper for being a first Momma. Do the hair patches change on the babies when they get older? Have a perfect weekend!... looks like it’s getting warmer for both of us!

Retired Knitter said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Renee Nefe said...

How wonderful. Such a cute time of year.

Mama Pea said...

Only two?! (Nova says, "Isn't that quite enough?") I thought she looked as though she might have more. Your ratio of boys to girls turned out great this year which, as you well know, doesn't seem to happen the majority of the time. You and Nova are both good goat mamas!

Leigh said...

Daisy, that instinct is truly amazing. Understanding it on the part of the goatherd helps!

Rosalea, thank you!

Wyomingheart, I have to agree about world's cutest babies, but I'll also admit I'm biased!

The dark patches on the brown baby will likely turn light as she gets older. Nova was the same when she was a baby, but her dark spots became light spots eventually. I've observed this in other spotted goats as well.

RT, kidding season is one of the highlights of my year. :)

Renee, I agree!

Mama Pea, when she was lying down she really looked huge, didn't she? I think it pushes everything up and out, lol.

To me, two is the perfect number. With more, there is competition at the udder, and I have to keep an eye on things to make sure every kids gets their fair share. With two, they have a built-in playmate and napping buddy. Perfect!

Kris said...

Doing the happy happy joy joy dance for you. (My neighbors are puzzled...)

Leigh said...

Kris, thank you for sharing my joy!

barbara woods said...


Joy said...

Awww... really nice. Glad it all turned out well!

Boud said...

Goats are amazing. In no time after they're born, they're leaping all over the place. And Nova seems to have got the hang of being a mom pretty quickly. that proud look on her face, and the seeming devotion to her little girls. Lovely. Always great when they feed quickly, too.

Lady Locust said...

They are sure cute little stinkers 🐐

Deb said...

They are the sweetest little things. Congrats mom. :-)

Leigh said...

Barbara, :)

Joy, thank you! A good delivery is always a relief.

Boud, yes, I always worry about the ones that are slow to figure out about where to find milk. It's interesting that some are quicker at it than others.

Lady Locust, I agree!

Deb, thanks!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Yet again my faith in the world is restored. Yay baby goats!

Cockeyed Jo said...

WTG Nova (and Leigh)!! The first kid is huge. No wonder having the second one was a breeze.

tpals said...

Your kidding is one of my favorite times of year also. ;) So happy for you and all your goats.

Leigh said...

TB, at least in God's natural world. :)

Jo, her head is really broad, like she pulled out her Pygmy genetics. She was heftier at first too, although sister is quickly catching up. :)

Tpals, thanks!

Quinn said...

Why is the big one always first?!
What a great kidding season you've had - congrats to all, especially the does :)

Judy said...

Too much cuteness. Glad all went well for mama.

Leigh said...

Quinn, good question! I had the same thing happen last year, big kid first with another first freshener, but she had triplets and one of them didn't make it. I have to say, that little sister here has caught up in size and weight!

Judy, thank you!

Fiona said...

What beautiful kids. And a very good new mom. We had one ewe reject a lamb after an unassisted delivery of twins☹️.
After a weeks fighting I became adopted mom to a ram lamb. It's so nice when they love their babies.

Leigh said...

Fiona, was she a first timer? I've only had it happen once, years ago. She had quads and seemed to know what she couldn't feed them all, so she wouldn't let the runt nurse. So I bottle fed him. Once we got that established, she was happy to mother him, just not feed him.