March 15, 2020

2020 Master Plan Revised: What Do You Think?

Thanks to everyone's feedback, here's what I've come up with for the 2020 master plans in my upcoming 5 Acres & A Dream The Sequel. The "big picture" view will be on the left page, the detail view will be on the facing right page. Captions can list what's growing in the hedgerow and what fruit trees and bushes are planted, etc.

solid black lines = fence
dashed black line = property line, not fenced
pairs of black dots = gates
dotted gray lines = electric fence to subdivide pastures
italics = planned projects

I made a few more revisions thanks to your comments.
You can see the revised detail view on my Master Plan page.

In the book, I'll explain changes and rationales from the previous master plan and include photos to further clarify. I also need to note that everything is only approximately accurate.

To test how well these print out, I sized them for a 6" by 9" paperback with half-inch margins and saved it as a PDF. Then I ran it off at the library to make sure the text is legible. Both Dan and I thought the print-out was quite satisfactory, so unless any of you spot mistakes or things that otherwise need clarifying, these are what I'll use in the book interior. An actual physical proof copy will let me know for sure.

For now, I need to know what you think. Better? Suggestions? Did I forget anything?


Stephanie said...

I like it. It's easy to see everything and easy to go reference the locations between the pictures.

Cockeyed Jo said...

Leigh, no spelling errors that I can see. Everything is referenced well and easy to follow. I would add a scale notation so we can have an idea of size. We know overall it's 5 acres.grinning

On your overall plan. I would suggest multiple compost areas especially one with third step compost closer to the garden. I gather you decided to make the pool and water reservoir?

Leigh said...

Stephanie, thanks. That's what I needed to know.

Jo, the pool is still undecided, which is why I didn't add it. But I should, since it's been on most of the other master plans. It probably will become a water reservoir, but we've been busy elsewhere and haven't given much planning time to it.

I haven't thought about more compost areas, since we actually have trouble keeping the current two full. We do pile chips near the garden, and they decompose, but that's about the extent of that.

A scale? Oh no, that means I'd have to figure it out, lol. In the book, photos will likely give the sense of scale needed. I did think about adding an arrow pointing north, for directional reference.

Fiona said...

I love this plan and explanations of it. You two have put some true thought into design and paid attention to how things work. I'm going to apply some of your plan to our plans revision..we are fixing some flow and gate isdues🤔

Retired Knitter said...

Big improvement. I like it a lot!!

wyomingheart said...

Perfect!!! Even an eagle eye can see the detail perfectly!!! Does the woods at the back of the property have a future plan? Adding the new acreage on our farm has us planning a lot, but there are pockets of woods, and we’d like to keep them for the wildlife and the trees are mostly black walnuts... just curious about yours. Great job, Leigh!

Leigh said...

Fiona, thank you! I'm glad if it can be of help to you too. Seems like there are ongoing revisions, problem solving, and planning. It never ends!

RK, thanks!

Wyomingheart, thank you! The problem with our woods is that there are sooo many fallen pine pine trees back there that it's almost impossible to move around back there. That's a very good point about wildlife. In the past we talked about fencing it into a series of paddocks like the pastures. We could give the goats some controlled access but still preserve it as woods. To do that, however, would require some heavy duty equipment to deal with all the downed trees. It's doubtful we'll ever see that happen.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I like it Leigh. Very clean.

Leigh said...

Thanks TB!

Ed said...

I think it is much improved over the last ones you posted! On a side but related note, my favorite part of books are maps. I can literally open an atlas and waste hours looking at the maps. Even in non-map books where a map is added just for clarification, I often study them for a long time before proceeding on. I'm not sure why since if given a test the next day on locations of various pastures on your farm I would probably get few if any right. All I know is that a map can grab my brain's attention like nothing else.

Lady Locust said...

Very nice! Clear and understandable. :-)

Mike Yukon said...

I like it! Easy to understand and shows with planning how much you can pack in a small acreage.

Leigh said...

Ed, thanks! Your interest in maps reminds me of Dan. He's always wanting a book or story to have a map. The master plan was his idea in the first place. It's been a huge help over the years.

Lady Locust, thank you!

Mike, I appreciate that. I hope it helps clarify the rest of the book.

CityCreekCountryRoad said...

Looks good!

City Creek Country Road

Renee Nefe said...

it looks amazing. I think everyone who reads it will enjoy your attention to detail.

Leigh said...

City Creek Country Road, thanks!

Renee, thank you! That makes me feel good. :)

Chris said...

Having sited all the versions now, I think this is much improved. Easy to navigate. I actually preferred "corral" in reference to the goat laneway, as it's specific for livestock management. In Australia, "corridor" is a reference more synonymous with native wildlife (ie: a wildlife corridor). Having said that however, could even "Laneway" be used? As Dan's tractor has been known to use it sometimes, or maybe other equipment, in the management of the goats.

Depends what you feel the area is most utilised for. Corral for livestock, or Laneway for both human and animal use. At least in my country, corridors are more for wild areas for native animals to migrate through.

The only other suggestion I would make, and maybe you were already going to do this, but having designed it yet. But for the line description, have an illustration in a rectangular box of the line pattern, with the reference afterwards. No equals sign. Maps often use this way of communicating, what various lines mean. Anyway, doing great Leigh!

Leigh said...

Chris, I just found your comment (along with a lot of others!) in my "awaiting moderation" folder. Thank you for the feedback! The differences in terms is appreciated, especially because I aim for international appeal. Good idea about the description box, too.