December 28, 2019

Random Photos from 2019

I'm closing out the calendar year with photos that never made it to a blog post. Some of them were published elsewhere, croppings of a few made it to my blog header, but others not at all.













Random Photos from 2019 © December 2019


  1. What a delightful album! Are those goats all pregnant in the first picture? Also, with your raised bed what is the purpose of the sticks laid across in between the plants? Those are great pictures! YOu should make your own calendar and sell them!

  2. It's nice to look back upon the blessings of the year, Leigh.



  3. Sam, the sticks are to deter the cats from using the bed as a litter box! I lose a lot of seedlings that way! And yes, all the goats are pregnant in that first photo. :) I have thought about making calendars, but not necessarily to sell. The calendar making companies seem to only retail individuals, so they would be pretty expensive. Still, I think they'd make nice gifts to family.

    Fern, thanks! That's a really good way to look at it--blessings of the year.

  4. I was wondering the same thing as Sam about the goats. The pictures are great fun. I especially relate to the cat ones, since I own cat. Always sleeping or posing. Yep! That is a cat.

  5. I love your photos. Mostly ordinary things presented in an extraordinary way. Happy New Year

  6. So many wonderful photos; I'm so glad we finally got to see them! Yes, onward and UPward. ;-)

  7. New to your blog, came via Quinn Piper, and I love this great parade of pictures. Of course I have favorites-- the cats, the kid galloping across the field--oh, and the flowers. And gardening related. Maybe I can't choose after all!

  8. RT, I could fill a whole page with cat photos! LOL

    Sue, thanks! I'd really love to learn photography better--maybe someday. :)

    Jo, thanks! All the solar got published. :) Except those to come.

    Gorges, thanks!

    Michelle, I thought of you when I selected the sunrise photo. :)

    Boud, hello and welcome! I'm glad to hear we have so many interests in common. :) I'm a long-time reader of Quinn's blog. I always love her photos and have been enjoying her mark making.

  9. So many wonderful photos! I normally gravitate to the animals, but find myself lusting after that bowl of figs. What kind of seeds are those in your hand in October?

  10. What a great ideas to group the pictures by the month. I may steal your good idea and do that some day. (Some year?) Very interesting to scroll through.

  11. Those felines have absolutely no personality do they (heehee - joke). What great photos!

  12. A great year in review! I like the goat and cat pictures, but also the amazing work done on the old carport. A good reminder that you accomplished more than you might think! Phil

  13. Leigh, I LOVE your year end photo posts!!! :) The goats are always my favourite and omg, is that a July possom??? Looks NASTY. Wishing you and Dan a wonderful 2020!!! A new decade!!! :)

  14. Kelly, thanks! The seeds are North Georgia Candy Roaster winter squash seeds. I'm collecting them to plant next year and to send off. Our figs were especially tasty this year, although I didn't get a lot.

    Mama Pea, help yourself! Throughout the year I had photos I liked that I never could work into a blog post. So this was my chance to share them. :)

    Lady Locust, we have four cats and they have such different personalities! Pretty amazing, actually.

    Phil, that's the great thing about photos; they are an excellent record of our projects and reminder of how much work went into them.

    Rain, thanks! Yes, that's a possum. Dan catches them regularly in that live animal trap. They always make a great show of their teeth. Not critters we're very fond of.

  15. Love your year of photos, especially those lounging kitty pics! What were those seeds in your hand? I hope you and Dan welcome in the new year with rest, relaxation, and blessings! Happy New Year to you both!

  16. Very lovely photos to compliment your 2019. Hopy you & Dan had a great Christmas & will enjoy the New Year. Bring on 2020!

  17. A beautiful year.

  18. Great pictures! Looks like it was a good year!

  19. Wyomingheart, kitty and goat pics are my favorites. :) The seeds are the North Georgia Candy Roaster. I've been saving and drying them as we cut into the squashes. I'll be getting yours to you soon!

    DFW, thanks! Glad to hear you're ready for 2020~

    R's Rue, it was one I'm thankful for. :)

    Kev, thanks! I think we did well. :)

  20. Hey there Leigh - thanks for your visits and comments on Comptonia in 2019 - much appreciated! I enjoyed all your years-end photographs, especially the kitties :)
    Wishing you and Dan and all your critters a wonderful new year!

  21. Quinn thank you and I wish the same for you!

  22. Nice year in review. Your possum picture brings back terrible memories of living in Los Angeles and having them use our kitty door to get inside our house. Then it was a difficult chase to corral them and somehow get them in our cat carrier to take back to the county park next door. We ended up making our cats indoor ones (which they hated with a vengeance) to keep not only the possums out but an occasional skunk and racoon. At least it made city life seem no so boring. - Margy

  23. Margy, I would not want a possum in my house! That's one reason why our kitty door is out only. (The other reason is because the cats like to bring their live catches in to play!)

  24. Lovely! I especially like the one of the cat lounging in May. Happy New Year! All the best in 2020. I'm looking forward to seeing what it has in store for you.

  25. Thanks Kristin! Wishing the very same to you!


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