April 8, 2019

Anna's Surviving Twin

Anna's little guy is now a week old and doing well. He still sleeps a lot but is becoming more active when he's awake. He doesn't have a name yet, but if I ask Anna where her baby is she usually knows where to find him.

In the background Henry (6.5 weeks old) looks on.

Big sister Miracle isn't interested in playing

Behold, a challenge.

Eddie and Nova (10 weeks old) watch.

Ellie's 3.5 week old twins River (left) and Hal (right) watch too.

What's next?

A little exploring in the pasture. Mama Anna is
on the left, Jesse James and Eddie are on the right.

A snack

Then while everyone is out grazing,

it's time for a nap under the hay feeder. 

Anna's Surviving Twin © April 2019 by


  1. Oh, I didn't see that update to the last post; so sad. But Henry looks great, filling out and exploring his world.

  2. Michelle, thanks! The little doe survived for about 48 hours, but this guy is doing well. :)

    Gorges, I just love them at this stage. :)

  3. The joy and sadness of animals. Having them die is always, always hard. The joy when they are determined to live is a gift. God bless your lityle fellow.

  4. Having not seen the update either, I was a little confused reading this post. Now I understand. So sorry to hear the other little twin didn't make it. It's always a tug on the heart when a newborn animal doesn't make it.

  5. I'm pretty sure I could take a lawn chair out to the goat pen and pass by a few hours or more easily.

  6. Oh my! I, too, missed the update on the death of the baby goat! *sigh*. Your posts remind me why I am not a 'farmer' - I would make pets of ALL the livestock - I wouldn't be able to separate from them or sell them, I would mourn all the deaths like they were family. I love animals so much. In some ways they are just better than people. I remember I made a comment to a colleague about my preference for animals over people and he said "sounds like someone has been disappointed by the human race." Duh, well, yes!! And I especially love goats. They are such characters!!!!

  7. Just too precious for words....I think that a lot when it comes to babies.

  8. Fiona, so true. I was disappointed but not surprised, though. They got off to a rough start and she was the weaker of the two.

    Mama Pea, folks who saw that post early wouldn't have seen the update. The little girl didn't make it past 48 hours.

    Ed, it's very easy to just sit back, observe, and enjoy!

    RT, I can relate to your preference for animals over people! Especially as a non-extrovert. I think losing animals is always hard but especially at first for those who didn't grow up with life and death on a farm. Eventually it's easier to be matter of fact and accepting about it. We do our very best for them and then accept that sometimes things don't always work out.

  9. loosing that little one is sad:( yes, I know it happens, but that doesn't make it easier, same with pets. though your bunch of kids must be fun to watch - they seem so much more lively than the calves in the fields here....

  10. Aw, looks like he's doing wonderfully! Can't wait to hear what his name is. :)

  11. He's looking good, Leigh!
    My little guy - a week younger than the girl - puts himself to bed when he's had enough - and I can literally pick him up and move him to a safer spot without him really waking up. It's pretty funny :)

  12. Your pictures make me miss our goats. I loved spring just for all the "bouncin babies" and the fun of watching them. You little guy looks like a "Patch" to me. He has a patch on the top of his head. Ours usually got named by their attitude - LOL.

  13. I, like Ed, would like a chair and watch Kid TV! They are very precious!

  14. You have a good goat community. I'm sure you see the subtle differences in them all. Glad the little guy seems ok!

  15. Bettina, they are very lively! They love to run and race. Great fun to watch. :)

    Lyra, as soon as he gets a name I'll let you know!

    Quinn, that is so cute! Glad to hear he's doing well.

    HFS, attitudes are very important when it comes to naming. :) It partly depends on whether I keep him or not. Since they are registered, I like to work off of the names of one of the parents. I use keeper names for keeper goats. :)

    Nancy, thanks! But it just happens sometimes.

    Wyomingheart, I make sure I enjoy some kid time every day!

    Phil, soon most of them will go to new homes. Always kinda sad, but when we're busting out at the seams, it's time. :)

  16. I cannot believe you have flowers already!
    see? arent pictures easier and they tell a tail all on their own :)
    I'm such a non-farmer I would have had the babies in my bed LoL!

  17. Just love this post for so many reasons!

    Look at the set of the rear leg angulation Hubba hubba !

  18. Serenity, we have flowers galore! Unfortunately it hit 80° yesterday, which means summer is just about upon us.

    Goatldi, I'm always wondering how they'll turn out! So far so good. :)

  19. He's such a sweetie. Beautiful colour too. I'm sorry to hear the loss of his sister. That's tough for you, for the mama and the little guy who just seems to want someone his size, to play with. But he's not stumped for ideas on playing, or finding the best places to nap! :)

  20. Chris, it's always sad to lose an animal, not only for us but for their mothers too. Fortunately Anna still has Peanut! He gets around really well now and keeps up with the other kids, even though they aren't always pleased with a tag-along. ;)


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