March 18, 2019

Twins for Ellie

Friday evening I went to the goat barn to secure things for the night and found Ellie standing in the corner. She had that faraway look does get when they're concentrating on the early stages of labor. Into the kidding pen she went and about an hour and a half later, she started to push. The only concern was that it looked like it was going to be a tight fit for kids to pass. I helped pull them out and fortunately there was no tearing. She had a boy and a girl.

On their feet for the first time.

The next morning.

Buckling was first.

Then his sister

One-day old

Ellie is a first-time mom but she took right to it. She's given me a couple of looks, though, as if to say "but what am I supposed to do with them?" Like so many things it's a combination of instinct and experience.

Twins for Ellie © March 2019


  1. I got the same look from Miss Willa. The morning after the birth day I walked into her pen to find her lying on one side and the kids across from her. The look I got could have melted steel.

    “Why are they still here?” She was all over them all Thursday. Friday she wanted birth certificates and five forms of ID.

    Sorry baby girl they are all yours. Good try😊

  2. Awwh Leigh they are so cute and well done to Ellie being a first time mum,i just want to cuddle them,lol xx

  3. Michelle, thanks!

    Goatldi, ha ha! I love the way you tell that. I guess the second time around they've figured out that they like being moms.

    Gorges, always at that stage. Even cuter when they get the bouncy feet and start to play. :)

    Sheryl, I spend so much time in the barn the first days. I say I'm just checking on them, but there's so much to enjoy and they grow so fast. It's important to grab those precious moments while we can!

  4. Ellie's probably glad you were there to help with the birth! And maybe she feels since you're in the barn anyway, why don't you just take over with these two little things?!

  5. Mama Pea, lol, that may very well be true!

  6. I do miss my goats, and kids were one of the highlights of keeping goats ( I had Nubians), however , I still have my sheep and lambs are every bit as precious. Congratulations on your new baby goats and especially that they are healthy.

  7. As they always seem to, your goat stories being pig stories rushing back into my head. I always enjoyed watching new mothers being surprised at the birth and then looking at me for guidance of what to do next. But like you said, instinct takes over... most of the time.

  8. Congrats! And so great you can read your animals!!!

  9. Susan, especially since they're so little compared to the "big" kids who are a few weeks older. :)

    Jo, she's really caught on well. Wasn't too sure at first, but keeping them in a special stall has really helped with the bonding.

    Tpals, the Kinder ears get me every time!

    Rose, :)

    Kathy, they are all adorable! I almost went with sheep, you know. But I'm just a goat gal at heart. :)

    Ed, funny how that works. Hopefully they are all good memories! I think mothering can be more iffy with pigs. We were fortunate that ours was a good mom.

    Nancy, after experiencing so many labor and deliveries, eventually you start to notice patterns. The key is observation!

  10. they are perfect. congratulations. nancy

  11. What a lovely set of twins. Our first lambs are due in August. The breeder of the ram, lambs out 189%.
    These will be the first large babies here. I sure hope the ewes are as good as your girl.
    My cows always got that far far away look before calving. I often wondered what they were thinking about.

  12. When I saw this post title in Ed's sidebar, I had to come take a look... they're precious!!

    They're both cute, but I'm especially drawn to that little girl. So sweet! Brings back fun memories of babies I could scoop up and hold.

  13. You are such a good god mother. - Margy

  14. Thanks Nancy!

    Fiona, how exciting! New lambs are just as precious as new goat kids. :) They really do concentrate on what's going on at that stage, don't they?

    Kelly, thank you and welcome back! That little girl stole my heart as well. Some of them just do that. :)

    Margy, lol. I hope so! It's in my job description :)

  15. I love that brown colored buck, but the markings on the doe are priceless! Well done, Mama Ellie :)


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