March 17, 2018

A Good News Dan Update

Yes, some good news! Yesterday we received a letter from the second hospital telling us we had been approved for financial assistance and wouldn't have to pay the balance of the ER bill. After our dealings with the first hospital we really didn't expect much regarding this second bill, except to hope it would be reduced at least some. So the news was an extremely pleasant surprise, not to mention a huge relief!

It's been six weeks since Dan's accident and healing remains slow. We're still treating both fingers with the salve, fomentations, and tincture (details on those here). The one finger looks "normal" except for the fingernail, and there's no telling how that will grow back. The finger that was sawed off is much slower to show progress. The end of it still looks more like a hunk of raw flesh than a finger, but skin is starting to grow below the damaged knuckle. It remains extremely sensitive to touch and cold, but he says it's only moderately painful. Considering the bone loss, that finger initially looked like it lost some length, but it's actually starting to look longer and not quite as crooked. That's hopeful!

There are more details on our GoFundMe page, which I will be closing down in a couple of days. We didn't reach our "goal," but thanks to your help we got what we needed! Dan's SS retirement kicks in next month, so now that the biggest medical bills are behind us, we will soon be able to resume a modest but somewhat routine budget.

We would definitely appreciate your continued prayers for healing. Activity-wise he's probably doing more than he should, but just sitting around is almost worse to him than the hand. So soon I should be able to show you a little more progress on the goat barn!

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Mama Pea said...

All in all that's wonderful news, Leigh, and I'm sure has given both of you a big "lift" and ability to breathe more normally!

As far as Dan doing possibly more than he should physically at this point, don't forget there is mental/emotional healing going on, too, and his getting up, out and doing will go a long way toward that part of his recovery. After what he's been through, you have to trust that he'll be careful.

Still sending all the encouragement we can to you both!

Goatldi said...


Translation wonderful very good news with prayers and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!! So happy for both of you, as that must be a huge relief. Healing always takes longer than we want, but it sounds like Dan is well on the way to a good outcome. Patience can be difficult to come by when there is so much that needs doing, so this is a good chance to work on that, and how to listen to his body. Big hugs to both of you, and all the beasties as well.

Leigh said...

Mama pea, you are so right. Even though he's aching at the end of the day he feels less frustrated for having gotten something accomplished.

Goatldi, LOL, thanks!

Sue, thank you! Most days he seems to be doing pretty well in the patience department, but every now and then it really gets him down. Good thing he bounces back easily.

Judy said...

Good news! It took almost two years for the hole in the top of Hubby's foot to completely close. So Dan needs to hang in there and keep babying his hand. It will heal, it just takes time.

Carol W. said...

Praying for Dan for complete healing and renewed strength. God is great! God bless you both.

deb harvey said...

prayers are the key to complete healing.
leigh, go to 'bayou renaissance man' web log for today. article on medical bills and how to negotiate them.
even if not needed now that you have such good news, it would be good to read, copy, and file for future reference.

Sharon in Surrey said...

You might as well grit your teeth, loosen the reins & look the other way or you'll make yourself crazy. Using that hand increases it's mobility & pain will limit it's overuse!! Getting back to as normal a routine as possible is the biggest aid to healing, IMO. And, glad to hear the 'Go Fund Me' helped pay most of the hospital bills. Yippeee
PS - milking might make a terrific hand exercise . . . .

Gorges Smythe said...

So glad things are looking up for you. I just said another prayer for the both of you. Please do keep us posted.

Mike Yukon said...

Yippe! :-)

tpals said...

Wonderful news, indeed. Thanks for letting us know. Healing may even go better without the strain of financial worries.

Michelle said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! Glad to hear the good news! That must be a big burden lifted off your shoulders! Nancy

Leigh said...

Judy, thank you for that. I shared your comment with Dan and he was happy to have a healing frame of reference. It's hard to know what to expect in terms of seeing healing progress. It's slow for sure, so best not to become impatient and discouraged.

Carol, thank you! That's exacly what he needs!

Deborah, thank you for that. He does have one other bill, the second ER doctors's bill. He's annoyed because that doc is trying to charge him for a high level of trauma care, when in fact that was done at the first ER and this particular doctor didn't even bother to unbandage the hand and look at it. All he did was stick his head in the door, shoot the baloney, and order an x-ray. That is not trauma care. I don't know if the information you mention will help, but I agree it's very good to know.

Sharon, thank you! And yes, everyone's donations made all the difference in the world for us, not only financially, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I'll have to tell him about milking! LOL That's mostly been my job and he's never shown an interest, but maybe it's time to learn!

Gorges, thanks! Have very much appreciated your prayers and support. I'll continue to report on how he's doing. The biggest challenge right now is not getting discouraged because healing is so slow.

Mike, :)

tpals, I hope so. He's doing better now that he's getting around more, but the hand is still limited and prone to getting bumped! But isn't that the way it always is?

Michelle, amen!

Nancy, it's a huge burden lifted!

weavinfool said...

It’s wonderful to know that progress has been happening on both healing and bills. Patience is sometimes hard to come by and definitely difficult over a long haul. Using the hand in a gentle, careful way may mean no need for physical therapy later on.
I cut 2/3s through a tendon on a knuckle with a knife once. The orthopedist thought it would heal better without stches, which it did. The ER doc told me to put ointment on it and keep it bandaged. When I saw the orthopedist again he said that fingers are different and that the ointment was slowing the healing. I was using that common antibiotic stuff.
My finger did heal, I have full use of it. One of the exercises I was given after it had closed up was to bend it and straighten it over and over a couple of times a day.
I’m not a medical person, it’s just my experience with a much les devastating experience.

Paula said...

Yay! So glad the hospital was generous with you guys- prayers answered!

Michelle said...

Leigh, has Dan tried a finger splint? It would keep that sensitive tip from getting bumped. I found a photo online here:

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Prayers for continued healing; it's a long, slow process but keep moving forward, an inch at a time. Good news, good news.

Ed said...

Good news on the healing!

Susan said...

I am so happy to hear this news - all of it! You both are such an inspiration, Leigh.

Mark said...

Oh, Leigh, I'm so happy for you and Dan!! That is absolutely wonderful news!!

I'm also glad Dan is able to get out and do a bit. He'll feel better, physically and mentally, for being able accomplish some things.

M.K. said...

That is all good news, Leigh. The Lord is faithful, and even when it's hard to wait, and hard to trust, but it's such a relief to see improvement!

Renee Nefe said...

Wonderful news! Praise God!

Leigh said...

I'm behind on answering comments!

Weavinfool, interesting about the ointment. I think the common stuff has a petroleum base, so I wonder if that made a difference (?) The one we're using is beeswax and olive oil. Dan likes to keep it on, because he says it gets very painful when it dries out. The salve keeps it moist.

Paula, thanks!

Michelle, thank you for that! I ordered one. Concern about bumping it is high, so that would be some nice protection for it.

Sandra, thank you! Definitely an answer to a prayer.

Ed. :)

Susan, well, I appreciate that. This has been a tough one, so I've been hoping that I don't sound too much like I'm complaining.

Mark, thanks! We're definitely making good forward progress!

M.K. yes indeed. But these are the kinds of things that stretch our faith and make it grow, don't they?

Renee, amen!

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Glad to hear your husbsnd is getting better. The remark on medical bills remind
me for the umpteenth time to say a heartfelt prayer of thanks for being in Canada.

Leigh said...

Ien, thank you. I know Canada has it's own problems with health care, but having cost being driven by profit will only end badly I believe.