June 12, 2017

A Few Good Reads I Just Have to Mention On the PrepperBundle's Last Day

PrepperBundle availability ends tonight at midnight Central Daylight Time, so I'm almost out of time for book reviews. There are just a few more I want to mention because they are really interesting reads.

I'll start with this one, A Prepper's Anthology of the Collapse of Venezuela, a case study by Daisy Luther. You may recall that I've reviewed Daisy's work before, see "The Prepper's Canning Guide." This book is not your typical prepper material, but it is an extremely interesting read.

This economic and political disaster did not happen overnight but over years. Daisy has been observing the events surrounding and leading up to it for the past four years. What makes this book so eye-opening is that she has been able to sift through these events, compare them to similar problems in other countries, and formulate patterns. If you follow American news and politics, much of it will sound uncomfortably familiar.

Daisy is a long-time advocate of preparedness, and so has lots of good ideas addressing these real life events. A must-read, especially for those who think it couldn't happen to us.

Your Family Matters by Todd Sepulveda is a collection of essays based on his observations of real-life situations he and his family have experienced. It is extremely well written and interesting, because the essays are based on situations that are typical to all of us. The astute will pick up on the clues, but we also get a better glimpse into why people don't prep and why they don't think it's necessary. Lots of practical advice and ideas here to prepare you and your family for problems ranging from common to uncommon.

Aftermath: A Story of Survival by L. M. Edmundson might seem an unusual addition to the PrepperBundle, because it's a work of fiction. Some may scoff at that, but I have to tell you that I have long believed fiction to be a fantastic teaching and learning tool. At 282 pages Aftermath a full-blown work and although I haven't finished it yet, it hooked me from page one.

The PrepperBundle will be available midnight tonight (Central time). You can choose online access to download the bundle for $29.97, the flash (thumb aka USB) drive option for $54.97, or both for $59.97 (one for you and the other as a gift).

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Tomorrow ➡ goat news!

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Harry Flashman said...

Those look like interesting books. I'm always in the market for something good to read, and with the ebooks coming out by the zillions it's hard to filter through all of it and find good ones.

I thought of you the other day when I was watching the news. A guy in Florida went out to check on his goats, and a giant python had gotten one and was all wrapped around it, squeezing it to death. He had a pistol and blew the snake away. I am so glad those things are not coming up into North Georgia!

Leigh said...

Yikes! I didn't realize they had pythons in Florida. I just sent a buckling there last month. Good thing he keeps an eye on his goats plus carries the necessary tool for the job!

Those books are very interesting. I'll have to see if they are available on their own or if they were just for the bundle. I appreciate book reviews from others for the reason you mention. Finding something good to read isn't always easy.