January 22, 2017

B2B Book Reviews 6: Videos, Courses, Memberships, & Bonus Offers

Are ya'll getting tired of book reviews? I've had a lot of fun writing them, but only scratched the surface. I didn't even touch on the gardening, natural parenting, simple living, livestock, or cooking from scratch books included in the bundle. I'm out of time, however, because the Back To Basics Living Bundle sale ends tonight at midnight. After that, it all goes away, and tomorrow will be back to homesteading blog posts as usual. 😌

Since this is the last day, I thought I'd do something a little different and discuss some of the other resources that come with the bundle. So besides all those eBooks, you get:

VIDEOHow To Make Lye Soap with Constance Beck. The thing I like about videos is that I can see what's going on while it's being explained. This one is a very good introduction to making basic soap, and exclusive to the bundle.

E-COURSEs. I haven't taken these courses yet, but I certainly plan to. With the B2B Bundle you get login and access codes for the following:
  • How To Make Hot Process Soap by Lindy Sellers (regular price $23.99)
  • Discovering Sourdough by Teresa Greenway (includes her book - total value for the two - $30)
  • Grow More Food by Jason Matyas ($120, yup, regularly one hundred twenty USD)

MEMBERSHIPS. Either one of these two offers will cover the cost of the bundle:
  • A one year membership to MollyGreen.com online magazine (regular price $29 per year). Features articles and product reviews in the areas of  HOMEsteading, HOMEkeeping, HOMEschooling, and HOMEindustry.
  • A three-month membership to SchoolhouseTeachers.com ($12.95 per month) is a gold mine of information for homeschoolers. Check out that link for everything they have to offer. This special expires April 22, so be sure to take advantage of it quickly. 

BONUSES: There are 12 bonus offers to take advantage of. These are discount codes to products and services of interest to preppers and homesteaders. So if you're already in the market for some of these things, these offers are especially nice. In fact, if you're in the market for some of these things, the discount will more than cover the cost of the bundle. For example:
  • If you're interested in solar cooking, you will want to look at the offer from Sun Ovens for $133 off their bundle deal. I have one of these ovens (which you can read about here), and I absolutely love it. It's one of those "must haves" for anyone interested in preparedness, off-grid, or green cooking. 
  • You also may have heard of Titan Ready USA. Their emergency home preparedness products include the HERC XXL non-electric Oven (cooks with tea candles - seriously! $80 off with B2B Bundle code), the Helius Rocket Stove ($50 off), and their Hydrant Water Storage System ($60 off). I have no experience with their products, but those are some good offers.

Two bonuses I plan to take advantage of:
  • Seeds for Generations is offering a 20%-off coupon code, and who doesn't like seeds, especially heirlooms! These are the same folks who are offering the Grow More Food eCourse (mentioned above). Do check out their website because they have a lot of gardening resources on offer.
  • I'm also going to mention LPC Survival (The Berkey Guy) because I buy my Tattler reusable canning lids from him (if you're not familiar with these, check out my blog post here). He already has good prices for them (with free shipping) and the 10% off code means I'll probably be buying more. (We have a Berkey water filter as well, blog post about that and water preparedness here.)

Even if you weren't planning to purchase the bundle, do take a look at all the bonus offers, here. If you're already in the market for one of the products mentioned, then the over $800 worth of bundled resources would be your bonus, either free or even more deeply discounted than they already are.

PLUS, I'm offering a bonus of my own. If you buy the Back To Basics Living Bundle through my blog, I'll gift you with your choice of one eVolume from my The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos. After you place your order simply email me at 5acresandadream @ mail. com, and let me know which one you'd like. I'll send you a link to download a free copy.

I'm a bargain hunter as well as a collector of traditional-skills information, so I think you can see why I am willing to participate in and promote this project. I'm a researcher as well, and can tell you that while there's a lot of free information on the internet, not all of it is worth the time it takes to find it and weed through it. To have a library of good, usable information at the ready is a treasure.

Sale ends tonight at midnight. To get it before it's too late, click here.

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