January 18, 2016


For those who asked, here's a reminder about the Back To Basics Living Box Set sale. The sale starts today, January 18, and ends January 24 at midnight central time.

To see what's included - click here.

To see the offers and coupons you get with the bundle - click here. (HINT: Taking advantage of one or more of these offers will pay for the Bundle!)

For pricing and ordering information - click here.

To take advantage of the free Back To Basics 15 Day Challenge email course - click here.


  1. I showed it to the wife. She is usually in charge of practical reading type stuff around here :)

    She has loved reading your book so far as well!!!

  2. We got the bundle and are wallowing in the information.Thank you for telling us about this resource!

    1. You're welcome! There's definitely something for everybody. I even enjoy reading through topics that I have quite a bit of experience in. I often pick up little tidbits of information or a tip or two.


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