June 26, 2015

Coming Soon ...

I appear to be just a wee bit behind in blogging. Between the garden, the house, the critters, working on Critter Tales, and working on the next eBook in my The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos series, I just don't seem to have enough hours in a day. So, coming soon ...

My recipe for pizza sauce (as per reader requests)

Expanding my herd

Replacement for The Beast

Finishing the bay window and living room

More house deconstruction

Three cookbook recommendations

Growing grain, what I've learned so far

... and more.


I hope to get caught up on replying to comments and returning blog visits!

Until then, how about a nice photo of two very muddy but happy pigs.

Waldo and Polly

Coming Soon ... © June 2015 by Leigh


  1. Awwe! Muddy & Happy piggies are the best!

    1. your other coming attractions are also great. :D

  2. I understand that your life must be extremely busy, like on most farms during summer. Do you make hay or sileage for winter fodder? Love the photo of the happy pigs!

  3. Those two are the happiest little pigs I have seen in a long time.

  4. I am finding that living in the country is a busy life, but I love every minute. I was afraid that after retirement, I wouldn't have enough to do to stay active . . . wrong! Your piggy photo is adorable:)
    Happy farming!
    Connie :)

  5. Take your time, we're not going anywhere ;)

  6. Happy pig faces make everything alright :)

  7. It's the time of the year, Leigh! I've always thought of the 4th of July as summer's mid-point, but . . . how the heck can that be coming up so soon??!! I do think that the busier we homesteaders are the happier we are. Also healthier! Just think about all the physical activity and bustling about this time of year/ Besides, our choice of lifestyle will never, ever, ever allow us time on our hands!

    Don't you sometimes wish you could just forget about trying to stay neat and tidy (and halfway presentable should the situation arise) and be muddy and happy like the piggies?

  8. Goodness, what a pair of treasures!

  9. Happy Bacon is delicious bacon :)

  10. I've been wanting to see pictures of your pigs, so thanks, Leigh! There definitely aren't enough hours in the day, even when you're not trying to write books.


  11. Hi Leigh, Looking forward to your pizza sauce recipe. Don't know how you do it all! Nancy

  12. Leigh,

    We all understand you have a home, garden, and animals to take care of and when you have the opportunity you'll be back posting, and commenting on blogs. Life does keep us busy.
    Great picture of your pigs, Waldo and Polly......I wonder if they would mind sharing their mud with us humans.....a roll in the mud makes for a happy human too!

  13. Leigh: You are crazy busy!! I consider summer my "down time"...but not this year...graduations, marriages, camping trips...all cutting into my "homesteading" activities. So goes life! Love your pigs...we just put ours in the freezer.

  14. If you ever decide you are going to eat Waldo and Polly, let me know and I will ransom them! I have gotten very fond of those pigs.

  15. Waldo and Polly are adorable! You are one very busy lady, Leigh.

  16. I'm way, way behind to, and completely understand. Hope to get caught up this week since we have a break in the rain and I've able to get out and DO something..

  17. I can very much empathize with having blog posts bouncing around in your head, but no time to write them out! But definitely the doing is more important than the writing about--so I agree with the others: do your thing and we'll wait here patiently. (And by 'wait patiently' I mean 'try to get caught up ourselves!')


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