September 19, 2014

Celebrating Over 2000 Copies Sold! $5 Off Plus a No-Strings-Attached Giveaway

I'm very excited to announce another milestone for my book, 5 Acres & A Dream The Book: The Challenges of Establishing A Self-Sufficient Homestead. I've passed the 2000 books sold mark!

I'm celebrating by offering a $5.00 off coupon code at my CreateSpace eStore. Also, I'm having a book giveaway. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. In the past I've given extra entries for helping me promote it, but this time it's a no-strings-attached giveaway. [UPDATE: Yes, it's open to the world!]

What I would appreciate is reviews at Amazon. For all those copies sold, I've only gotten 39 customer reviews. If you've read the book, please consider going to Amazon to write your thoughts. Reviews are what help indie authors sell their books. Also, you won't hurt my feelings if you share about this offer!

To take advantage of the $5.00 coupon code, go to my CreateSpace eStore and at checkout, enter


in the coupon code box. (Code is not expired)

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment anytime between now and next Thursday, Sept. 25th at midnight. The coupon code will expire at the same time. The giveaway winner will be announced on Friday, Sept 26.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Leigh, it's so inspiring! My husband and I have been looking for our own little piece of land for a few years now, and slowly been moving from rental with garden to rental with bigger garden, practicing our homesteading skills along the way.
I would love to win a book to be able to read and learn from you without having to look at a bright screen. ;)
I also hope the dog is found eventually, I haven't read anything new about him yet, so he's still out there somewhere?
Have a lovely day,

Michelle said...

I would love to read your book, Leigh!

Anonymous said...

I've never been one really for buying books to read, well, not books that aren't novels anyway. ;) However, your blog has inspired me so much and we are on such a similar journey that I have just made your sales total 2001 (although I'm sure you're well over 2000 now). ;) Thanks for your blog and I am sure I will be thanking you for your book soon too. :)

Dani said...

Leigh - Congrats on reaching 2 000 copies sold - that's fantastic!

Not sure if your giveaway is international - but if so, please enter me in the giveaway. Yes, I know I also live on 5 acres, and am off-grid, but I don't know everything and KNOW that you can teach me how to fill in the gaps :)

Lucía Moreno-Velo said...

Congratulations on the sales. I have a permaculture project in Spain: and would love to read you r book.


Sue said...

Well done on 2,000 sales, what an achievement.

Don't enter me in the giveaway I am one of the 2,000 who already owns it, and I will nip over to Amazon and leave a review. Very remiss of me to forget this, sorry.

Anna said...

39 reviews isn't bad at all --- I've only got 59 reviews on my mainstream-published book and I think it's sold about 14,000 copies as of my last royalty statement.

That said, if you want to send me a review copy, I'll be glad to review on Amazon and plug on my blog ( I've been meaning to buy a copy for months now, but my book budget is always pushed to the limit. (Gotta read up before bringing home our new goats! And there are new forest gardening and mushroom cultivation books out. So many books, so little time... :-)

Anyway, more seriously, congratulations on such amazing sales! I'd be intrigued to hear (or have you link to a post about) how you managed to get an indie-published paperback so far into the mainstream. Ebooks span that divide pretty easily, but I've seen far fewer successful paperback launches. So, kudos!

Leigh said...

Luise, hello and thank you! I'm happy you commented because it meant finding your blog too. I hope you win. You'll be interested that the book is not identical to the blog. :)

Sadly, the dog was never found. I was even in contact with the former owner and between the two of us we had only dead ends. He was a friendly guy, so my guess someone found him and has him.

Michelle, I wish I could send a copy to everybody, LOL

Rabidlittlehippy, thank you! Actually, I missed the 2000th sale by quite a bit. I figured it would be this month and at last check, sales are at 2107. Thank you so much for being part of that number!

Dani, thank you and yes! it is open worldwide. I edited the text to say that.

Lucia, thanks! I ran across your author blog awhile back, and am delighted to know about your unasuertedetierra blog as well.

Sue, thank you so much! I know reviews can be a bother, but they truly do help. :)

Anna, hello and thank you! I wanted to respond in detail by email, but cannot find a contact e-addy for you. I'll leave a comment on your blog, and here too (in case you see this reply). Shoot me an email to 5acresandadream at mail dot com.

I hear you about book budgets (same reason I don't have yours, LOL) and time. I have no idea why my book has done so well; I'm guessing because my blog was already well established. That helped. Folks would frequently tell me I should write a book, I finally did, and really, it's been readers who have made it a success. I'm very thankful for that.

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

We have five acres and it is empty ~ a dream waiting to happen..I would love to read your book. To show us how to get started.

Debby Riddle said...

This is so awesome!! Blessings

Scott said...

Love your blog and the book is on my to-purchase list. I struggle just to do basic projects around our homestead (travel a lot for work) so am impressed with your dedication to documenting everything on this blog for the rest of us.

DianeOart said...

I just love your blog, congratulations on the big 2000 books sold. Thanks for chance to win a copy :)

Unknown said...

I have many backyard homesteading books, but my favorite is definitely "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" by Carla Emery. I am only 18 and in college to get an Animal Science degree, and I'm always trying to plan out what my own homestead will look like one day. I went back to the very beginning of your blog so I could follow your story and read everything. I would love to read your book and it's on my to-purchase list!

Unknown said...


I am so excited about this give away as I am not on any social media. Please enter me - I have been wanting to read your book since it came out.

Sandy Livesay said...


I had to say.....

What a great give-away!!!

This is a book worth keep for reference material when building a homestead for yourself. Leigh and her husband have researched everything in detail before starting a project, buying and mating animals, food for the animals and themselves, and gardening.

Leigh's book is a permanent reference source on my bookshelf.

HeatherD76 said...

I love your blog, so I know I will love your book.

Leigh said...

Teresa, that's a very fun stage, the beginning! I think one good thing about others' stories (like my book) is being able to see what they thought, what they wanted to do, and how they approached it. I love reading these stories, even more so when I can learn from their mistakes right along with them. :)

Debby, thank you!

Scott, thank you for that! Dan and I have a similar problem; his job has him over the road. But we're not alone in that problem. So many homesteaders have to have at least one income, sometimes two. It's one of the biggest challenges to homesteading.

Diane, thank you!

David, Carla's is a favorite of mine too! I love the way it's organized and it's one of the first books I grab in any research project. I envy that you're starting now. My biggest regret is that we got started so late in life. You are so wise to start your planning now. I hope you win.

Katy, thank you! You're entered. I confess I'm not real keen on social media myself. It takes time and a constant proximity to a computer, LOL Can't say if it's helped with book promotion or not, but for an indie author, it's something.

Jean, you're welcome!

Sandy, thank you for that! Coming from the queen of giveaways, that's quite the complement. :)

Heather, thank you!

Unknown said...

Totally Amazeballs!!! Isn't that what the kids say these days? Great achievement and I'm glad to have been one of the 2000. Probably not good for sales but your little book has been passed around my friends and everyone loves it.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Congratulations on reaching 2000 copies - that's a wonderful accomplishment! I've read much of your blog, but having it in a single volume would be great. Wishing you many more sales!

Sue said...

Congratulations on your book sales. It looks REALLY interesting!

Leigh said...

Lynda, LOL. Is that what they say? I'm either too old or too square or too out of the loop to know. I'm glad you've enjoyed my book and your friends are too. :)

Rhonda, thank you! I think the book is much more readable than the blog because it's organized by topic. It contains a lot based on the blog but has more as well. :)

Sue, thank you!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Congratulations! I did enjoy your book. Would love to win your give-a-way! Nancy

DebbieB said...

Hi, Leigh! Don't enter me in the giveaway, I already have the book. :) In fact, since I had totally forgotten to write a review, this spurred me to action, and I've just added my voice to the too-few. I hope it helps - I love your book and I think more people should read and enjoy it!

Quinn said...

I'm so glad your book is selling well, Leigh! Congrats on passing the 2000(plus) mark. I've been on a book-buying (and yarn-buying) moratorium for over two years now, so I'd love to win a copy of your book! :)

Sharon said...

That's awesome! Well done Leigh


Tuesday said...

Your book (and blog) have been one of our go-to references since starting our little project. Once the goats arrive in a few short weeks, I know we'll be using it more.

(you can leave me out of the giveaway, since I already have the book)

I promise to do an Amazon review this week for you.

Unknown said...

Congrats! I'd love a copy and I hope you sell a lot more :)

Leigh said...

Nancy, thank you!

Debbie, thank you for the review! Reviews do help. Folks are more willing to make a purchase for something others like. I know I rely on them when buying.

Quinn, thank you! Can relate to both the book-buying and the yarn-buying. :)

Sharon, thanks!

Tuesday, How exciting about the goats! They will be an amazing help in clearing out your brush. I very much appreciate the review. You've always excelled at those. :)

Nancy, thank you!

Uphill Homestead said...

Working on my book budget too and this one is def on the wish list!! I sure hope I win!!

M.E. Masterson said...

Have the book and it was well worth purchasing. Congrats!! Here is us wishing you both the best!! Ps thought I wrote a review but much to my surprise I hadn't so just posted one for ya.....Good Luck on 3000 sold!! Dream Big Leigh!

Nina said...

That's a great milestone to reach. Congratulations on 2000 copies sold and may you reach your next goal as quickly and smoothly. I'd love to read a copy of your book if I win and you send to the great white north. It would be fun reading when we're snowed in and having to shovel the white stuff.

Mary said...

We have 10 acres in south Texas and raise sheep and chickens. Would love to win your book.

Andi said...

Still waiting for the actual homestead in acres form... however it's in my blood and one day! Lord Willing!
Would love your book, it's been on my list to buy for a while!

Handwrought Treasures said...

I ran across your site when looking for how to can fruit for pies. Amazing that someone has tested and tried for improving the canning process. I am up to my waist in pears and apples. I have already made pear butter, pear jam, salsa and apple jelly. Your site gave me ideas!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your book was on my wishlist for my birthday but I didn't get it in the end :-(

I'd love to win a copy but even if I don't I'm not going to wait to see if Santa brings me a copy!

Laureli said...

LOL, I've been reading your blog a long time, off and on, and just told my mom yesterday that your book is what I want for my birthday. (We recently lost our home on 10 acres, but plan to buy 5 acres in 5 years and start all over again - from scratch, in our 50's. We're practicing on rental property meantime, and hopefully we'll "have it all down pat", lol.)
Funny, this morning while perusing homesteading videos on youtube (that's how I spend morning coffee time), I ran across this review of your book:
(It may not be on Amazon, but I think it's more personal to put your face on your review like this lady did! BTW, it was a GREAT review!)

Leigh said...

FarmerGirl, I wish everyone could win!

M.E. thank you! And thank you so much for the review. :)

Nina, I'll send to whomever wins. :)

Mary, good luck!

Andi, I fully understand about it being in your blood. :)

Handwrought Treasures, thank you for that! I learn a lot from other bloggers.

Sammylou, one idea is to ask your public library to buy a copy. Quite a few folks have done this and been able to read it that way. :)

Illoura, good to hear from you! I'm so sorry to hear you lost your ten acres. That must have been tough. Good for you for homesteading wherever you are.

Michigansnowpony did an excellent video review, didn't she? :)

Missouri Small Farmer said...

Love your blog and would love your book, too!

Rosalyn said...

Oh Leigh, I would love to be entered in your giveaway. As of tomorrow, we take possession of our new one-acre wooded property with a lovely new home for our family. It isn't the country acreage that we were originally looking for, and it may be a battle with town council to let me have chickens again and get my two little Nigerians, but we love it and in the meantime, your book would be a lovely inspiration to get into gardening properly and I'm even hoping to try to make maple syrup from the mostly maple woods on the property. Thank you for setting up a giveaway! xo