August 23, 2014

I Think I Was Wrong About Lily

I was standing in the buck pasture the other day, admiring my boys. Splash was standing next to Caleb and it occurred to me how close in size 4 and a half month old Splash is to Caleb. Caleb is a Kinder, mid-size between his Nubian and Pygmy parents. I had thought Splash was a Kinder too, born to Lily, one of my Nubian does and fathered by Gruffy, my Pygmy buck. But if he's a Kinder, I thought, shouldn't he be a lot smaller with those Pygmy genetics?

I realized that Splash's sisters weren't smaller than the Nubian/Kiko kids born to surprise. Ziggy and Zoey's half miniature breed kids were smaller than the standards. Shouldn't Lily's be too?

Lily and her girls on the left, Surprise on right with one of her twins in front.
There is no size difference with all the doelings. Shouldn't Kinders be smaller?

I went back to check my calendar. Sure enough, on the breeding date (October 31) that matched their birth date (March 31) I had put Lily in with Gruffy. I had a later date that indicated one of the boys break-outs, which meant it was whose guess as to who's the daddy. There was no such notation on that date. Still, I've been wrong before, so I went back through my blog posts. Sure enough, on the one dated Nov. 4, 2013 ("More Misadventures in Breeding") I mention a buck break-out with Lily.

What that means is, my Kinders are not Kinders!!! I thought I finally had my dream breed but apparently not. Now I have a beautiful Kinder buck with no Kinder doe to breed him to. The wind is knocked out of my goat plan sails. sigh


tpals said...

Turkey baster time?

Mama Pea said...

Nobody ever said it would be easy. But, holy cow, what a frustration!

Your goats look wonderfully healthy . . . no matter what their parentage!

Dawn said...

Oh dear a cuckoo in the nest, I am still considering goats, I intend to read up about it over winter, if I go down the goat root I dont want big ones.
I love the colouring on your young ones

Frank and Fern said...

Goats can definitely have a mind of their own, Leigh. Even the best laid plans don't always come to the scheduled fruition we have for them. I have one doe I planned to breed in early July to keep us in milk through the winter, but she never showed any interest. Now we think she bred sometime in the spring, but we have no idea to who until she has her babies. Turns out it may have been one of her grandsons which definitely was not our plan. We will see. There is always next year, right?


Renee Nefe said...

So this means it isn't likely that Gruffy is anyone's daddy? And we had such high hopes for him. :(

That's a bummer.

Carolyn said...

Hope you keep on trying though. There's always next year, right? (that's what I always keep telling myself...but not sure if I should)

Leigh said...

Tpals, goat selling time!

Mama Pea, one thing's for sure, there's never a dull moment ...

Dawn, I like the midsize goats as well. The miniature breeds are just too small, and the bigger breeds eat more. Not sure what options there are for you in your part of the world, but the heritage breeds and Kinders are possibilities here.

Fern, LOL. Yes, there's always next year and I've found a Nubian / Pygmy doeling that I may buy for Caleb. But, he'll be fine for the others anyway.

Renee, Gruffy gets one more chance. I'll put Surprise and Lily in with him when they go into heat. If nothing happens, I'll sell them and Gruffy too. (If Dan will let me.)

Carolyn, what would we do without next year! I actually keep rethinking my plans and possibilities. I'm still hoping for Kinders, but I may have to just look for Nubian / Pygmy crosses for sale and build an unofficial Kinder herd that way.

Farmer Barb said...

Go back to the wrinkled pea/smooth pea experiments with genetics. It IS possible that different genes are expressing themselves. no way to tell for sure without a DNA test, or more chevon in the freezer!

Farmer Barb said...

Oh, and I forgot, there's always the chastity belt concept!

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Talk about the best laid plans ! Goats are such contrary creatures, we shouldn't be surprised when plans are scuppered by them !
Dawn, Golden Guernseys might be a choice for you over here, if you don't big goats.

tpals said...

Darn it! I was having an evil chuckle imagining you out there with a thermometer to check for ovulation and the turkey baster to make sure Gruffy was the dad next year.

Harry Flashman said...

Well, it all sounds confusing but you still have a really nice herd (flock?) of goats.

Leigh said...

Barb, no DNA testing here, but you're right about positive identifications. Still, all the half minis I've had so far have been small! I just sold Splash, Miracle, and Grace, and am off to get a half and half Nubian /Pygmy doeling tomorrow. I'll get what I want yet!

Gill, yup. They definitely have minds of their own. :)

tpals, LOL. I'm going to give it one more try! I'm not very hopeful but I have to at least let them try.

Harry, LOL. It's a breeders thing. :)

Kat said...

And here I sit with two Kinder gals and one Kinder buckling for sale, and nobody wanting to buy!
Well, if you ever find yourself in the northwest, I'll get you set up :)

Leigh said...

Kat, I would definitely take them! Are you on the Kinder list? I seem to recall someone once talking about shipping kids by airplane, and that it wasn't as expensive as she thought. The wheels are turning. Are your three registered?