July 14, 2014

The Keep Cool Piggy Pool

Remember this "Around The Homestead" photo?

Waldo in his water dish. 

We tried to make him a proper mud wallow, but no spot near the shelter holds water very well. So until we can get to that, he has his piggy pool.

Waldo is telling me he'd like more water please.

This is the same dumpster find we used for a chicken heatwave wading pool a few years back. They never appreciated as much as Waldo does.

He can still have his mud if he wants it. He jumps out of the piggy pool and dives into a little bare patch of dry, loose dirt. He trots off coated with his DIY mud, just as happy as can be.


  1. I sure do like him. He has a lot of personality, I can tell. It's good he has his pool, especially this time of year.

  2. Leigh,

    He's just a ham, lol.....
    and adorable one!!!

  3. He is a character, :-) great idea for the pool.

  4. A great way for him to cool off, and a great owner for doing it for him.

  5. They are very clever little things aren't they. I love that he makes his own 'wallow' by dashing back and forwards between his pool and the soil :-)

    We had a huge litter of Middle White piglets that stayed out in the sun for too long and turned bright pink, their very clever Mum rolled them all over in her mud wallow and shooed them into the pig ark in the afternoon, blocking the way out with her body. By the next morning their sunburn had faded and they were all fine. It made me realise just how intelligent these lovely creatures are.

  6. Long Live The Pig! I keep remembering the book Animal Farm when discussing pigs. A truly smart animal.

  7. How cute is he?!!! My pigs love their wallow. We let them out to graze in an overgrown garden area during the morning, and as soon as we take them back to their enclosure, all of them head straight for the wallow. It's quite a show.

  8. Just gotta love that pig! What's the latest on Waldo's "girlfriend?"

  9. As Charlotte would say... "Smart Pig!"

  10. Good for you giving him his own pool, how cute!

  11. We used to put out a kiddie pool for our dog every summer. It always caused quite a few interesting conversations when people drop by and assume that two teenage boys still swam in it.

  12. hes cute, will he be for the table or is Waldo just a pet

  13. Harry, I think it's important for pigs to have a way to cool off and this seems to work just fine. :)

    Sandy, LOL

    Dawn, those "trays" have come in handy for all sorts of things. Eventually we'll have to make a clay bottom wallow, or perhaps get a pond liner and make him (them) one.

    Rosezeeta, thanks! It's been so hot lately, I know he loves his water.

    Sue, that is so amazing about your sow! Very clever indeed. Thanks for telling about that.

    Lynda, LOL. Yes, in Animal Farm the pigs ruled.

    tpals, :)

    Izzy, what a great idea to let them graze in parts or the garden. This morning, Waldo made his way back into the doe pasture. He crawled under the gate!

    Mama Pea, she'll be ready for pick up at the end of the month. We can't wait to see what he thinks of one of his own kind.

    Barb, he's the star of the homestead!

    Renee, all we need is a spider who knows how to spell, LOL

    Nancy, it is pretty cute, isn't it? At first he could barely climb into it, but he's been on a growth spurt and flops in with ease now.

    Ed, that's too funny. I know those pools are used for llamas too, who also like water to keep cool.

    Nicole, neither, although I confess to almost treating him like a pet. When I discovered how expensive pigs were, I decided we'd get a pair and breed our own. I have a female to pick up at the end of the month, then those two will be our breeding pair.

  14. He is adorable! One of my main farm jobs in summer is keeping our pigs cool. With 60 or so on our farm at any one time I go from pasture to pasture filling mud wallows and actually sprinkling the hogs. I am far wetter, muddier and tanner than they are by the time I am done!We don't save much water but we do save pigs from over heating.

  15. He seems to enjoy his private wading pool. :) Our insist on wallowing in the water I give them to drink, of course. I love watching them climb over into the tub. :)


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