June 24, 2014

Bedroom Remodel: Floor Done at Last!

There were times when I thought we'd never get this project done. We got the carpet last March but the job never seemed to make it to the top of the priority list. Finally Dan had some time off work so we were able to finally knock this out! We did it ourselves (Dan mostly) with the help of library books and YouTube videos. Here it is in pictures.

Tackless strips were nailed around the perimeter of the room. I'm not sure 
why they're called tackless because they had tacks poking up through the
 bottom to secure the carpet.

The carpet pad was cut and pieced to fit inside the tackless strips. 

Those pieces were secured together with duct tape.

The padding was rolled back to apply double sided tape to the floor. I'm
glad we did this because it kept the padding from sliding  around when we
wrestled the carpet into the room. 

The carpeting was laid out.

This is one of the two tools we rented, a knee kicker. It's used to scooch the
carpet over the tacks on the tackless strip. The hammer was used to press
the carpet securely onto the tacks, i.e the tackless strip tacks. 

A carpet stretcher was the other rental. It, of course, stretches out the
wrinkles in the carpet when securing it on the opposite wall. 

The excess was trimmed off with a carpet knife and a stair tool was used
to tuck the edges of the carpet under. 

And there you have it!

Still to install are the thresholds and the bedroom door. Not sure when we'll get to that but then I can show you my before and after shots.


Harry Flashman said...

Looks really nice. Hard wood floors are easier to clean, but there is something luxurious and soothing about a good carpet. You and your husband did well to do all that by yourselves. You saved a ton of money, and it must be very satisfying to do that and at the end of the job see what you have accomplished.

Dawn said...

Great job done there, it makes the job easier if you have the right tools to hand.

Farmer Barb said...

What a physically draining day! I have watched it done and would rather not have carpet ever than try to do the knee kicker!

It looks fantastic!

Mama Pea said...

Methinks that would have been a job that would have pushed me and my better half right over the edge! It's a wonder what the two of you manage to do and have the end product come out looking professionally done. (Oh yeah, and remain married through it all!)

Nina said...

Installing carpet can be a big job and not one I'm sure I'd like to tackle. Nice job. It looks very professional.

Woolly Bits said...

I haven't put up timber floors or parquet, but I've put up plenty of carpets in my "german" time:) I find it easier to do than laminate, unless you have a whole lot of corners and crevices to fill and cut around... what I miss in our pictures though is your snoopervisor:)

Woolly Bits said...

sorry Leigh, I forgot: our oven is not an aga, but a stanley range - not quite as costly and smaller to boot:) with no carpet underneath whatsoever:)

Unknown said...

Nice job. Sadly I wish I had hard wood floors! We went with laminate in the living room and halls, because of the cost. I sure don't miss carpet there...

Maura said...

Wow, nice job! We've never tried laying carpet and our daughter was thoughtful enough to grow up and marry a man who used to lay carpet for living. ;) On those cold winter mornings, the warm carpet under your feet is going to feel wonderful... Can't wait to see some before and after photos of the room!

DFW said...

Leigh, it looks wonderful. What a good job. My knees hurt just thinking about this.

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

I reckon that once you have laid a carpet so well, you are truly self-sufficient!
I would never have thought of hiring that equipment.

Sandy Livesay said...


I love using the internet and you tube to learn how to accomplish a project. Dan did a great job laying down your carpet. Come winter your feet will be nice and warm.

Chris said...

There's lovely light in that room. Are your windows double-glazed?

I'm sure the photos made it look easier than it was to do, but nice DIY carpeting job all the same. Bet you both feel a little relieved now its done. :)

Leigh said...

Harry, I have to agree with you about hardwood floors. The bedroom was the one room Dan wanted carpeted! Something about a soft warm floor to get up to in the morning or during the night. :)

Dawn, we couldn't have done it without the right tools!

Barb, well, the videos made it look easier than it was for beginners!

Mama Pea, we won't pretend any of our DIYs look professional, LOL. but it is nice to have accomplished it ourselves. :)

Nina, Dan says he never wants to do it again!

Bettina, you're right! We had no snoopervisosrs! They were all snoozing.

I now seem to remember that you have a Stanley. That's what I wanted before I got my Heartland Sweetheart.

Nancy, thanks! I'm glad we mostly have hardwood in the rest of the house. We were fortunate to get it locally at a good price (and do that ourselves too!)

DFW, Dan's knees did hurt afterward!

Gill, we're fortunate to have a rental company that rents absolutely everything!

Sandy, thanks! We have such cold floors (hardwood in living, dining and kitchen; tile in bathrooms), that this will be a pleasant change during winter.

Chris, thank you! Yes, the windows are double-glazed. Plus we put in lots of insulation in the walls when we installed the windows. It has made a wonderful difference this summer in keeping the house cooler.