May 19, 2014

New Chicken Coop: Feed & Storage Room

I have one last thing to show you in our new chicken coop - the feed room and storage area.

Good storage space is so important, especially if one's goal is to grow all or most of one's own feed. For example, if I go through about 50 pounds of chicken feed a month, then I need to be able to store 600 pounds-worth!

Each one of these trash cans can hold about 150 pounds and I can fit three side-by-side in the feed room. That's 450 pounds. Thanks to Dan's forethought to give me potential storage space outside, I can line up a few more outside, still keeping them under cover.

Next up, moving day!


  1. When you do move them into the Chalet de Poulets du Sud (Southern Chicken Palace), remember that they can smell. I was told to give it that "lived in" smell by spreading around some of their manure before they came in for the first time. It works!

    Your chickens might be extra fussy, but who could resist the sparkling white interior and the custom perch?

  2. Oh that is so fabulous Leigh! Someday I will have one that nice, and with all that space! Great job to both you and Dan.

  3. Your storage place for chicken feed is so nice. It must take loads of planning to figure all this out! Nancy

  4. Leigh,

    Beautifully done!!! I love the idea of having the room to store extra feed in sealed containers. home is done, time for me to drive on over and move in right?
    Just teasing!!!!

  5. An all round, good job done, I'd say. Thumbs up! So when am I moving in? ;)

  6. Barb, I didn't know that about creating a "lived in" atmosphere. Sounds like good advice!

    Stephanie, I admit I'm thrilled with this chicken coop. We've had to make-do with so many things for so long, it's nice to have something designed to meet everyone's needs - ours and the chickens!

    Nancy, we did spend a lot of time on working out the details and still find things we should have done differently!

    Sandy, I'd eventually like to get metal cans. Even the heavy duty plastic crack.

    Chris, you and Sandy will have to apply to the Chicken Resident Approval Committee on that one! LOL

  7. We're trying to transition to buying our feed in bulk, so the producer will deliver it to us. We have to be able to store 2 1/2 tons to make that work. We're using a bunch of those type trash cans now and I'm hoping to find a good deal on more. I'm envious of your storage room. Ours is cluttered with too much stuff!

  8. Bill, it's uncluttered only because it's new, LOL. For your feed storage it sounds like you need a grain silo!

  9. I'm going to be cheeky, and nominate the Chicken Resident Approval Committee, be changed to the Chicken Resident Approval Partnership.

    Because then I get to apply to CRAP.

    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I'll start drafting my paperwork tonight. ;)

  10. It looks wonderful Leigh! I'm sure your feathered friends will dig their new digs!!!


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