March 24, 2014

Bedroom Remodel: Back In Business

In our last bedroom remodel episode, we had pretty much set the whole project aside for the time being. That was because the money we'd earmarked for the floor was needed elsewhere and given away for that purpose. Since nice chunks of money rarely come our way, we set the project aside, thinking perhaps the cheapest solution would be floor paint and an 8'x12' area rug. Even though we've put down hardwood floor and ceramic tiles in the other rooms, Dan had his heart set on carpeting for the bedroom. He says it's easier on his bare feet and knees. With no money, however, it didn't matter one way or the other.

The other day Dan saw a classified ad in a local trade paper for new piece of 12'x18' carpeting, complete with pad for $195. He called and we went to see it. The price was too good to be true but I was doubtful we could be so lucky as to having it match the fabric I was using to make draperies. Lo and behold, we couldn't have found a better match.

The camera doesn't catch the match as well as live, but not bad. 

There's a story behind the drapery fabric as well. I scoured every store and outlet in town but wasn't happy with anything until I found "just" the fabric at Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately there was only a few yards left on the roll. The manager said she could order a new roll, but it turned out the fabric was discontinued. That was sad, but what else could I do? I continued looking for curtains.

A couple months later I was back in Hobby Lobby, wondering if they'd gotten anything new. There it was! A brand new fat roll of that same "discontinued" fabric! With one of their weekly 40% off coupons I got it for a reasonable price. I did the same for lining material too.

Dan wants to install the carpet himself, but first he will finish the chicken coop. In the meantime, I'll finish painting the bedroom ceiling. I feel extremely blessed.


Michelle said...

Oh Leigh, that is wonderful! God blesses the faithful (and the generous). ;-)

Lynda said...

Beautiful fabric! Lucky find on the carpet...can't wait to see your finished bedroom.

Sandy Livesay said...


Beautiful match!!! I love the curtain material you selected, and the carpet. I always pays to keep looking in fliers, newspapers, and the web for deals to help complete a room in your house.

Tami said...

Love the fabric and you did great with the carpet too. Hobby Lobby was never on my radar until last year. Now I try to POP in every couple of months. You never know what you'll find and you can't beat the prices!

Leigh said...

Michelle, you know what came to mind when this worked out? The "Golden Rule". It's something I always try to live by, treating and doing for others as I hope they'll treat and do for me. When we had to give the money away for a greater need, I just let it go. God brought this to mind when everything worked out so providentially perfect.

Lynda, thank you! It was exciting! It may be awhile before we actually get it all done, but at least now, we can!

Sandy, I so agree! It was a delight this worked out so well. Happily we've only paid a fraction of new retail prices for all our projects.

Tami, thanks! I have to agree about Hobby Lobby. I've found all sorts of little "touches" during my remodeling projects. And I love that they still have a fabric department. It's actually the only one in town!

Farmer Barb said...

Divine providence. The fabric industry is what I left to be a farmer. Each colorway of a print (and there are usually three or more) is printed off in runs of at least 2000 yards. The giant rolls of print are stored and then sold off in 40 yard rolls or in 20 yard fold-overs, or whatever the customer desires. The digital era being what it is, they probably saw that the colorway sold well at your store and when they were deciding how to dispose of the remaining stock, your store had the right consumption data. Basically, buy more, get more. Your bedroom will be lovely and you will have the satisfaction of NOT overpaying for it!

Unknown said...

Nice match!
I do lots of sewing for my home and swear by Fabric Guru
You just never know what you'll find.

Woolly Bits said...

I wouldn't mind digging my feet into nice carpet coming out of bed. I have to admit though that I am glad about the rug only and timber flooring, when I have to get pet hair off the floor:) enjoy your new lovely room, when it's done - looks like it won't take all that long now!

Izzy said...

I just love when that happens, everything falling in to place!

Velva said...

Yea! It all worked out for you.


bspinner said...

The curtin fabric and carpet are a great match not to mention a great find. Can't wait until you post the finished bedroom.

Leigh said...

Barb, exactly! And very interesting about the production of it. My daughter used to work for Hobby Lobby and wasn't too impressed with the regional distribution center, LOL. Definitely not overpaying for our bedroom. That's the part I lov!

Katherine, thank you so much for the web link! What a wonderful site. I've got it bookmarked!

Bettina, that is so true about the pet hair. And in our old house, dust, or rather dust bunnies. Still, if it makes Dan happy, I'm for it.

Izzy, I'd honestly given up on it; what a delight to have it turning out so well!

Velva, thanks!

Barb, so good to hear from you! It may be awhile before that final post gets up. But it's a wonderful feeling to at least have all the materials at hand. :)

Sarah said...

Oh Leigh! SOOOOO happy for you! Isn't amazing how little blessings like that happen?

Susan said...

Beautiful fabric. I think your bedroom is going to be cozy with the carpeting and rich pattern on the drapes. I'm facing redoing our house from top to bottom. I think it may take a decade. The funds, energy and time have to cover outdoor plans too.

Anonymous said...

I love that fabric! And what a Godsend to find that kind of deal on the carpet. Can't wait to see the finished product!