October 20, 2013

The Kittens' Snoozy Sunday

The Future Rodent Hunters of the Homestead have gotten their first taste of the big outdoors. Both are cautious, which is a relief, and stick close to the house and the kitty door. Katy even knows how to ring the kitty door bell to be let into the kitchen if the door is closed! Smart kitty.

Katy and Sam in a favorite nap spot

I think Sammy will be like Riley, mostly an outdoor/barn cat. Riley rarely comes inside, especially during summer when there is a lot of rodent activity outside. Katy likes to go out, but likes to spend more time in the house. That's okay, because we can use a housecat. When we bought the place, there were long vacant mouse nests in the pantry, and there continues to be mouse activity in the attic. There are rodents enough to go around.

Neither one is allowed out much yet. Just short, mostly supervised outings during the day. They're both cautious, which I'm glad for. Riley has made it very clear he doesn't want them following him. Just as well, I suppose.

The Kittens' Snoozy Sunday © October 2013 


Renee Nefe said...

Sounds like you'll have the perfect number of kitties running around. Riley can take the back pasture, Sam closer to the house and barn and then Katy takes care of the house. Soon you should have a rodent free place. ;) okay, maybe not...but the rodents won't feel welcome anymore.

Katy said...

I wonder if this is a male vs. female thing. I've always had female cats and they were all like Katy - good hunters but they like to hang around the house. The male cats in the neighborhood are always more out of sight. oh and I love her name ;)

Sandy Livesay said...


It's nice to have cats to take care of the rodent issues everyone experiences living out in the country.

How neat, you've trained one of the cats to ring the cat door bell. Who would have thought a cat would learn to ring a door bell.

Leigh said...

Renee, I hope it works out that way! I do think rodents are less likely to try and penetrate the house with three cats patrolling the yard.

Katy, it's an excellent name, ;) I find females to be really excellent hunters as well. At least they're the ones who bring their trophies home to show them off!

Sandy, all we need now is another dog for general watchdog duty.

We've had several cats use the bells to ask to be let in. Riley has been refusing since I moved them a bit. But, he never was one to have things out of place. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone should hug this kitty!

Leigh said...

Gasilhane, I just missed your comment! I'll volunteer for those kitty hugs. :)

Stephanie Bateman said...

They are so cute!

Willow said...

Beautiful and sweet photos. Hope they are good "Mousers" ~ as my gramps use to call cats :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

They are beautifully adorable!