August 24, 2013

New Bedroom Windows

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As rainy wet weather continues, so does progress on our bedroom. The project at hand? Replacing the windows.

The outer bedroom wall, ready to be torn out.

One thing Dan and I have found to make a big difference in the energy efficiency and comfort of our home, has been energy star windows. That, plus insulation, made a huge difference in the kitchen, so that we decided it was a must in the bedrooms as well. Our two bedrooms take the brunt of both blasting winter winds and blazing summer sun, so that they are the coldest rooms in winter and hottest rooms in summer.

The loose insulation was removed as the wall planks were taken down.

Happily, we have a builders surplus warehouse in the area. It has a large selection of salvage, leftovers from construction sites, unclaimed freight, and odd lots. For most things, you never know what you'll find except for an assortment of all kinds and sizes. It was here that I found the two windows we used in the kitchen for less than the cost of buying one at any regular retail home improvement store.

3, 4x4 posts were behind the wall; one on either side of the windows and one
where the closet wall used to be. The window header was made of 2, 2x4s. The
problem with this was that it couldn't support properly, resulting in sagging.

I asked Dan how much he wanted to spend on the windows, and after taking a look at the budget, he decided our limit was $300. We chose a day to do some window shopping at the surplus store.

Shot from the outside, removing the two bedroom windows.

When we got there, the fellow said he didn't have much of a selection. I had hoped to find vinyl clad wood windows, like I did for the kitchen. The only wood window was a way too large triple casement window, with no cladding. Window cladding is an exterior covering, either metal or vinyl, which protects the window from the weather. It means not having to worry about painting it every so many years.

Happily, the wood siding and rim joist were in pretty good shape
here, compared to what we've discovered elsewhere in the house. 

There was, however, a large selection of vinyl windows. I'm not too crazy about solid vinyl, but since we were there we decided to take a look.

Dan wanted to make a proper header for the new windows,
but also decided to support the ceiling while he made it.

I admit I wasn't very impressed with the selection but also didn't want to be too set in my idea of what I had to have. Then Dan noticed a brand new, double hung vinyl window which was about the size we were looking for. It even came with a screen, which is a plus, because our kitchen windows didn't have screens and it's been impossible to find new ones to fit. Next to it were two more just like it. And, they were energy star rated for all 50 states.

Framed out for the new windows.

These particular windows weren't priced so Dan asked how much one would be. $75. We took a few minutes to mull that over and I was able to find a 4th window just like the other three. If we bought all four, we would have two for the bedroom we're working on, plus two to replace the windows in the other bedroom (whenever we get around to that!)

Being vinyl, they can't be painted. That means I'll 
have to work white into my bedroom color scheme.

So we got four new windows for the price we were willing to pay for two. Talk about feeling blessed!

New windows are just a little bigger than the old (on the right). I like that we
got 2 sets so that the windows on this side of the house will look coordinated

They still need to be caulked and then we can insulate the wall. Since we can't put back the tongue and groove wall, we're still discussing what to replace it with. Right now, I'm thinking the window wall ought to look similar to the adjacent wall of closet and storage doors; a rich, custom paneled look perhaps? After that we can do the ceiling, then the floor. And who knows? If it keeps on raining, we may actually be able to move in by the time winter sets in.

Next - Progress On The House - new siding on the outside

New Bedroom Windows © August 2013 


Quinn said...

A very lucky find! And how nice to have the other two already on hand for whenever you get to the next room.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

One of the first things we did to our farmhouse was to replace the old windows that leaked like a sieve. We has so many odd sizes and log construction in places that we had a company install them. It made a big difference.

DFW said...

Great find & they look great!

Woolly Bits said...

a yard like that close by would be our dream:) but it's great that you found 2 sets of windows, esp. because they are all on the same side! we managed to find one "leftover" at the joinery, which was much cheaper, so we had the second built the same size. not perfect but better than nothing:) should I hope for you to finish the room soon? or would you rather wait and have less rain?:)

Stephen said...

You guys do nice work.

Michelle said...

PTL! I've always liked the 'little panes' look, too, whatever that is properly called. Why can't you reuse the tongue-and-groove interior wall?

Sandy Livesay said...


Beautiful windows, talk about a great find. I really hope you're in your new bedroom before winter.

Leigh said...

Quinn, it was beyond what we expected. :)

Sunnybrook, it does make a huge difference. Doing it ourselves makes for slow progress, however.

DFW, thanks!

Bettina, we never expected to find four matching windows. That was amazing! As much as I'd love to have this room finished, I would also love some nice weather!

Stephen, thanks!

Michelle, as far as I know, they're just called "nine pane windows!"

The tongue and groove is old, going on 90 years old, which means it is brittle. We've found that they split too easily. Also, we're trying not to make a monumental project out of this, and the T&G boards must be individually installed.That means the challenge is to come up with a wall that will be compatible with the existing walls! Hopefully we can do that.

Sandy, I hope so too!

Renee Nefe said...

I love your Builders' Surplus finds! How awesome. :D

Our new windows are all vinyl also but I'm okay with them being white. we just paint around them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Leigh the windows are just perfect. You two are really getting a lot done this summer. Hurray!

Mama Pea said...

I think you lucked out on the two sets of windows! Especially since they are both on that same side of the house and will match now.

There are worse colors than white to have to decorate around in a room. A bit of curtain material up and you probably won't even notice the color.

Speaking of having to replace windows, when we bought this place (which was originally a bunk house at a resort), the windows were all recycled from an old mobile home. Remember those horizontal panes that cranked up or down? I think they called them jalousie windows. Couldn't wait to get rid of those!

benita said...

Blessings indeed!! I can't believe how much rain you have gotten this year. Here, some areas have gotten just the right amount of rain (ours) and just a few miles down the road, they have gotten very little. Our corn must be 10 feet tall and I saw other fields today that were barely 3 feet with twisted leaves, tassels and no ears.

Ngo Family Farm said...


Unknown said...

Good job! We bought a barely used front door with leaded glass window, and Kohler kitchen sink for cheap at the Habitat store. Our handcrafted wood coop door was $10.00 marked down from $100. I thought I read the sticker wrong!

Farmer Barb said...

The White and Dark Brown look is a favorite of mine. The windows being white can make it look really fresh while the dark wood makes it look cozy.


Anonymous said...

Excellent find, and you can't beat the price! If you hang curtains, you won't see all of the vinyl, if you don't want white in your room. Just a thought.

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

The work looks great, Leigh!

Leigh said...

Benita, the rain has been crazy. And I know what you mean about area differences. One day we watched it pour in our neighbor's field but we weren't getting a drop.

Jaime, yes!!!

Nancy, thank you for mentioning Habitat for Humanity Restores. That's another favorite place and we did indeed look there prior to going to our surplus building supply. Great bargains!

Barb, I'm glad you mentioned that. Right now we're favoring paneled walls (finished plywood not conventional paneling!) walls, stained. We'll see!

Stephanie, I was thinking that about curtains as well. Especially if I hang shears to let in light but obscure a view in from the outside. Maybe I could find some plastic paint!

Cloud, good to hear from you! I need to drop by and check on your progress.