July 23, 2013

Showing Off Our New Bathroom

I am so happy with our new bathroom, or rather, our totally remodeled bathroom.

Our newly repaired and remodeled bathroom.

It took us a year, start to finish, but we only worked on it sporadically. If the weather had been nicer we'd still be working on it because all the rain kept us mostly indoors, working on indoor projects.

Following is a before photo, and several more befores and afters to highlight the repairs and improvements we made. Links to the various stages of the remodel are below as well.

This is the hall bathroom when we first moved in.

It's a small room, 7'3" by 5'4". We tore out everything: the hallway shelves and carpet, the bathroom vinyl floor, door, window, sink, cabinet, tub, toilet and outer wall. We kept the clawfoot tub but refurbished it.

Individual project details with plans and photos:

Before. In a word, ugly. The floor around the toilet was
mushy, which we later learned was from water damage
under the vinyl floor. The 32" door actually hit the toilet

I chose my color scheme from the stained glass window.
Dan fixed the floor first, then we installed a low-flush toilet.
Only thing I'm still looking for is prettier shower curtains.

Individual project photos and details:

Before. Unfortunately the hot water faucet never worked.
The other problem was persistant clogging of the drain.
Dan did reuse the cabinet as a base to build the new one

After. The base cabinet is the same as in the before photo.
There's no under-sink storage, but the vent is exposed and
there is room for a waste basket and toilet paper holder.

More project photos and details:

Before. We tore the tall cabinet out completely and did
something else for storage and cupboard space. The old
hardwood door will be reused as the new bedroom door.

After. The bi-fold door is a real space-saver. Removing
the cabinet gave us room for clothing/robe hooks, an extra
hook for a towel to dry my long hair, and a laundry basket.

For extra towel storage and ordinary under-sink items such as cleaners, Dan built some shelves right outside the bathroom door.

Bathroom linen storage is right outside

There was just enough space in the corner between the bathroom and bedroom doors to put a small cabinet. I'm not entirely settled on what all will go here, towels for sure and cleaners in the bottom. I plopped the towels up there for this photo shoot, LOL. I still need to finish painting the hallway before I can actually use it. Washcloths I like to keep handier...

Washcloths are easy to reach for as needed.

So that's another huge project checked off the project list. Almost finished is Dan's study, which I'll show you soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks great! Keep up the good work. I always enjoy reading your updates.

Ed said...

Looks great! As someone who just finished a bathroom remodeling project too, I know how much work they are but they certainly are worth the effort!

I haven't yet posted the final pictures on my blog but looking at yours and taking pictures of mine makes me wish there was an easier way to photograph bathrooms. I find myself jammed into corners trying to get the widest view possible in the viewfinder so the photos aren't just of individual components. It is darn near impossible without some sort of fisheye lens!

Dani said...

Stunning - absolutely stunning! Leigh. Congrats to you and Dan :)

Renee Nefe said...

It looks wonderful! Can't wait to see Dan's office.

Recently my kitchen faucet has been making noise when I turn it off, so I suspect that it isn't long for this world. So I teased hubby that if we replace the faucet, we might as well replace the sink and since I want an under mount sink we better replace the counter tops too, and we should do something about the cabinets before the counter top so that we don't mess up the counters. lol

The tricky part of this is that hubby is affected by the sequester, so his paycheck will be cut this summer. :p

On the garden front, I learned that I have blossom end rot. :( I'll blog about that.

Leigh said...

Hartland Homestead, thanks!

Ed, that is so true about trying to photograph such a small room. I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

Dani, thanks!

Renee, Dan's office may take longer than I estimated. With no rain and the garden starting to produce, I've done zero painting! I know he's anxious to get it done, so he may have to paint it himself. :)

I'm sorry to hear that the sequester effects you all. I always figured if congress would give themselves a 50% pay cut across the board, it would truly help those of us on the bottom of the pecking order.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Awesome job on the Bathroom.

Congress only gives themselves a raise, never a paycut.

Carolyn said...

LOVE the bowl sink & the cabinet/vanity. I always liked the "furniture" look of bathroom cabinets / sinks as opposed to the generic newer vanities.

Bootzey said...

congrats on a job well done

Anonymous said...

I LOVED IT! You simply took a hopeless bathroom and you turned it into a beautiful place. With your hands. Congrats!!

Leigh said...

TL, thanks! I remember hearing that when Nancy Pelosi was asked about paycuts for congress she opposed it because in underminded their dignity. So what does that say about how congress thinks of the general working populace.

Carolyn, we loved that look too, but couldn't find anything in our price range to fit. I'm so proud of Dan for pulling it off so well.

Serenity, thanks!

Gasilhane, thanks! It was rather hopeless looking, wasn't it?

Sandy Livesay said...


You and Dan did a beautiful job on your bathroom.

I have a bathroom that needs help, any volunteers? LOL......

Owning a homestead generally requires all kinds of work. I say, take one day at a time and eventually you'll have the homestead exactly the way you want.

Bridget said...

It all looks great...I especially like the stained glass window.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! We're doing a partial bathroom job next spring, no walls to deal with though...

Nina said...

Nice job! and another project is crossed off the list...

vlb5757 said...

You guys did a great job. I love your taste in shelves and lighting. Looks like a place I would love to live and be very proud of. Nice job!

benita said...

What a beautiful bathroom! I love the colors, the space and I am drooling over the sink.

Leigh said...

Sandy, thank you! You're so right about establishing a homestead. So much now is big, one time projects. I confess I am looking forward to the time those things are done.

Bridget, thanks. The stained glass is really the center piece. It was a great find.

Nina, it's a big project too; one I'm glad is checked off the list.

Vickie, thank you!

Benita, I love the sink. And I'm so pleased that it turned out so well. I admit I wasn't sure for awhile!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Looks wonderful, Leigh. All that hard work really paid off.

Jocelyn said...

Very, very nice! I think it came out just lovely. Congrats on getting that one crossed off your list, and on all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

It's so pretty! Great job to both you and Dan :)

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! :)

Julene said...

The bathroom is very nice! You have utilized the space so well and made it a pretty room. I have always liked a claw tub and it's nice to see you used it again! Cool sink!!

Unknown said...

Leigh, it's beautiful! It looks so warm and inviting. Nicely done! I bet you can't wait to settle in for a nice long soak in the new cozy surroundings.

Unknown said...

Looks fantastic! :)

Theresa said...

It's lovely Leigh, and so perfect for the house. I'm betting you're over the moon about it and you should be. Small spaces that need to function large are especially challenging and you two have certainly met the challenge and made it beautiful to boot/

Michelle said...

Hooray! It is absolutely lovely!

Madeleine @ NZ Ecochick said...

Wow looks amazing. I love it. I bet you're so proud and just love using it Mx

Tania said...

What a great job on your new bathroom. I LOVE the colours you have chosen, it looks fantastic!


Leigh said...

Sue, thanks!

Jocelyn, it's wonderful to cross it off our to-do list, although I think Dan would like the rain to stop so we can work outside a bit. :)

Stephanie and Pam, thanks!

Julene, yes the clawfoot tub was a keeper. It set the decor theme, of which I think the sink fits perfectly!

BA Norrgard, thank you! Yes, I definitely need a celebratory hot soak in the tub!

Ginny, thanks!

Theresa, thank you! The small size truly was a challenging, and some times I wasn't sure if I could pull it all together. I'm relieved and pleased. :)

Michelle and Madeleine, thanks!

Tania, thank you! If it hadn't been for that stained glass window, I never would have chosen those colors. In fact, I would have chosen blues and greens for stained glass if I could, but the one we got was all that was available. I'm very happy with it now that it's all done.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I absolutely LOVE what you've done. It really is a "new" bathroom, and how fun to use the stained glass to help you "decide" the color palette! And the wide door solution is perfect, making such better use of the small space.

Su Ba said...

The project turned out looking very nice! It has given my hubby some ideas for our own place. Hope you don't mind if we steal some of your ideas. ;)

...Su Ba

Unknown said...

Oh this is awesome! I LOVE the window!

I enjoy your blog and wanted to share the Super Sweet Blog Award with you! Please follow this link for the award. This is not spam! :-) http://www.gardentenders.blogspot.com/2013/07/super-sweet.html

Quinn said...

As the owner of a similarly tiny bathroom, I salute you! Wonderful job, and I really understand the difficulties of planning ways to utilize limited space. Enjoy!!

Leigh said...

Janice, thank you. :) It's an amazing difference, isn't it? I never would have thought of a bi-fold door until we found this one. It's perfect.

Su Ba, thanks! I'm always happy to share ideas. After all, we found some of our best ideas on the internet.

Kim, that is so sweet! I had to give up on awards awhile back however, due to time constraints. I am truly honored however.

Quinn, thanks! A small bathroom is really challenging, isn't it?

Lynda said...

The two of you make an amazing pair! Your bathroom has turned out wonderfully! I just love it!