June 22, 2013

A Chick Update On The Little Guy

My little chick that almost didn't make it was sneaked into the nest last night after dark. Mama Buff was none the wiser, but I wondered how it would make out with 24 brothers and sisters to contend with. This morning....

This morning I counted 8 yellow chicks. I gave Mama Hen 8 Buff Orpington eggs, so 8 chicks means the little guy made it! It was walking around last night but didn't seem to have much leg strength yet. Hopefully having other chicks to run around with will motivate it and all will continue to be well.


  1. Holy chickens that is a bunch of chicks. Glad your straggler is still going and hope for the best for all of them.

  2. Glad the little chick is coming along. I had one (comparatively) tiny, weak one in my last batch, and I had to make a separate section within the chicklet box so it could get to the food and water without getting trampled every 2 minutes. After just a few days of extra care, she caught up in size and strength, and grew up to be a fine laying hen. A happy ending :)

  3. I agree with you that sometimes weaker chicks get better faster when put in with their hatch mates rather than spending days (weeks?) in solitary confinement by themselves which has to be a very unnatural conditions for them. Even if they don't make it when in with the group, maybe that is the more natural way. Glad to hear this little one is doing well.

    Twenty-four babies for one hen? She's gonna be one busy but happy mama!

  4. I'm guessing that the littlest one has already recovered enough that you couldn't tell which one it was based on your need to count them to know it made it? If so, that is wonderful!

  5. Thanks for the information on your chicks. We have raised chickens for years but use an incubator to hatch out new birds. Being able to see and read about other people's success with having their hens set the eggs is encouraging.

  6. They are so cute! I would love to add a Buff Orpington to our flock, because I've heard that they make great broody mamas. We're waiting on our first ever batch to hatch out on the 28th, under our Black Copper Maran hen. I'm glad things have worked out for your little chick.

  7. Sherry, it is a lot! But 15 was the minimum I could order and I had no clue Mama Buff would hatch out all the eggs I gave her!

    Quinn, thanks. Isn't it rewarding to help a little one like that?

    Mama Pea, I so agree. Actually, I can't tell the chick we "hospitalized" from the others now. :)

    Michelle, I've been watching and trying to figure out which it is, but you're right, I can't tell!

    Frank and Fern, thank you and welcome! I so appreciate your comment. I have to say that this is the best hatch rate I've had in the three times I've let broody hens hatch eggs. I reckon the rooster gets some acknowledgement for that. :)

    Mrs T, hello and welcome to you too! I've heard the same about Buffs, and have had a Buff hen go broody for the past two summers. Fortunately it's only been one (out of 5). The other time it was a Welsummer.

  8. GO GO little one! That is one Super Mom hen, wowzers :D

  9. Oh, good news for the little chick. Hopefully they'll all be happy and healthy now.

  10. so glad that all the chicks are doing well. now to figure out what you got.

  11. Great update!! Our baby Buffs (two little hen-types) are our current favorite chickens... they're so lovely!

  12. April, it's true, she is one super Mama. :)

    Nancy, I'll join you :)

    Cassandra, and I'm very relieved. :)

    Renee, I'll have to update soon if everyone isn't tired of chicken posts. I'm thinking my rare exotic chick is a different one than I first thought!

    Notmolly, thanks! I'm glad you like the Buffs. Ours tend to be a bunch of noisy rabble-rowsers. Hence the new breeds. :)


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