January 4, 2013

Bathroom Remodel: Walls

Dan had a week's vacation over the holidays, and we put the time to good use by working on the bathroom. Once he finished the plumbing and electrical work, it was time to do the walls. Because of the window, we had decided to panel the walls, and initially liked the idea of T1-11. After a bit of research I found an interior grade (i.e. not made with formaldehyde) T1-11 look panel. These cost about $27 per panel. We also considered barn board look panels from the same manufacturer. These sell for around $19 per panel. We needed 7, 4x8 foot panels, so going with the barn board look meant a $56 savings to do the entire bathroom. We really liked the T1-11 look, but not $56 more, so we went with the less expensive panels.

Wall panels installed & ready to be painted.

These panels are not primed, so I primed them first and then painted.

Walls painted. The space heater is for the next step.

It's hard to tell the true color in the above photo. I just wanted an off-white neutral, but there are millions of them. I found myself missing the days when our choices were white, soft white, and antique white. After awhile, they all started to look alike, so I just picked one. It looked fine on the color chip but when I started painting, it had a peachy pink cast that alarmed me. I got about halfway done and had to walk away from it for awhile, because the color didn't look right. Fortunately it dried okay.

The next step is the ceiling. We would have done that the next day, but the recommendations for the ceiling tile adhesive are a minimum room and surface temperature of 64° F for 48 hours. Since that room stays about 55 to 57° F, we plugged in a space heater set at a low temperature. Once we get the ceiling done (that post here), we can get started on the floor.

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  1. It's coming right along! Can't wait for the next step.

  2. I really like the barn board look :) Good choice

  3. I love the way a white or pale paint lets in the light bounce around a room. It should look great when finished. That stained glass window look perfect in there.

  4. Jacqueline, I'm actually working on the next step this morning, painting the ceiling! Hopefully I can get that posted next week sometime.

    Stephanie, thanks!

    Nina, the color I really liked was a more medium shade, which I felt was too dark for so small a room. This color plus semi-gloss paint really brighten it up!

  5. Leigh, it sure is coming along nicely can't wait to see it all finished up!

  6. It's looking great, Leigh. I'm partial to the barn boards too.

    I know you'll be so happy to have this room useful again!

  7. Plugging right along! It's looking good.

    Hubby & I talked kitchen, but since we're having the countertop issue talk soon switched to the basement.

  8. I just love being able to follow along in your renovations, everything is coming along so well and it's so beautiful.

  9. Leigh,

    Your bathroom is coming along great, I love the walls. Care to trade bathrooms?

  10. I'm with everyone else, love the walls!

  11. Well folks. Blogger keeps giving me error messages when I try to comment on my own blog. :( I'll try again.

    Sherry, thank you! I can't wait to see it finished either. :)

    Debbie, I will be soooo happy!

    Renee, well shucks. Sounds like the basement is the safety net. I know you'll figure it out soon.

    Donna, thanks!

    Sandy, LOL. I think we'll keep this one for awhile.

    Debbie, thanks!

  12. Happy New Year Leigh! I just got caught back up on your posts and WOWZA you have a lot of exciting stuff happening over there. The bathroom is looking good and i too like the barn look you went with. I am looking forward to seeing this new year through your space. Blessing for a great 2013. Jen

  13. Hi Leigh, I am catching up today and find all that you have written lately to be great reading and learning! The bathroom is very, very nice.
    We are beginning to work on our barn interior (my space of the barn) and have put up fencing boards. We may have to go look at what you have chosen for the other walls. There is always something to learn from you!
    I like the smell that wood gives a room, how about you?

  14. Sue thanks! It's fun to get to this part, where we're actually constructing instead of destructing.

    Jen, good to hear from you! I'm really pleased with the barn board panels. It was a good choice in the end. :)

    Julene, good to hear from you! Thank you! Oh yes, I love the smell of wood. I'm thinking cedar planks would make a room heavenly!

  15. Love to read your posts, as always. I'm with you totally on the HUGE choice of paint colors. But ya know, we've found that with just about everything. I think we truly have way too many choices these days whether it be flooring, fixtures, wall finishes, ceiling treatments, cabinets, and on and on. Of course, we can whittle things down a bit when it comes to affordability (Italian marble counter tops were not an option in our kitchen!), but still you can drive yourself crazy trying to look at all the options before making a decision. You and Dan are doing GREAT!

  16. is it possible that bit of red glass in the window is throwing off a pinkish glow?
    This is exciting, can't wait to see the bathroom finished!

  17. Mama Pea, I'm in your camp! The options drive you crazy. Even as I'm painting / installing, I'm 2nd guessing! Fortunately things usually seem to work out but it drives me nuts in the meantime.

    Katy, I'm not sure, but it's something I've pondered too. The window actually has more gold glass in it than red, but also a lot of clear. I did find out later, that this color is in the manufacturer's pink neutrals family. I figure if I don't like it when the whole thing is done, I'll paint it again!


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