December 1, 2012

1st Peek at the New Pasture

Our new pasture is finally beginning to grow!

Pasture grasses, legumes, & herbs just beginning to sprout.
The goat & chicken shed is in the background.

I planted it on October 22nd, right after we finished remineralizing our soil. Then it was three weeks before we got any rain, and that was less than an inch. I admit I was concerned about the seed during that time. Even though I've been able to keep the chickens out, we had a flock of mourning doves visiting regularly, helping themselves! In anticipation of losing some to birds, I sowed heavily. We were supposed to use 25 pounds for our half acre, but I scattered two, 50 pound bags of grass and clover pasture seed mix, plus a few extras: wheat, oats, annual rye, orchard grass, chicory, radishes, Swiss chard, thyme, yarrow, hairy vetch, buckwheat, Austrian winter peas, and a handful of old alfalfa seeds meant for sprouting. Finally it's beginning to grow.

We haven't gotten any more rain since then, which is a concern. Delayed rain in the beginning didn't worry me as much as the birds, because I knew the seed would hold tight until conditions were good for sprouting. Now that tiny root systems are being established, they need continued moisture or they'll dry up. Cooler weather helps though. During summer, even after a good rain our soil can dry quickly because sun and heat evaporate the moisture right out of it. That was one reason we postponed planting until fall. Like so many other things in the homesteading life however, this is something that is not within our control. Still, when I look across the field and see it frosted with fresh green, I can't help but be thankful. Very thankful indeed.

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1st Peek at the New Pasture © December 2012 


Tami said...

Looks nice, Leigh! I just said to SM the other day if he thought we've been drier this Fall more than usual. Gosh I hope this is not a promise of another drought. Wouldn't surprise me though if it did.

(Ha. Word verification = eekpost @;)

DFW said...

Looking good. Praying for some rain.

famousthecat said...

That is looking great! We are finally going to get some rain tomorrow - but, yeah, it has been weirdly dry this last month out here, too.

Sandy Livesay said...


The pasture is beautiful, I love how green it is. Everything here is dead, lol..... in hybernation for winter until Spring.
Have a great weekend.

Leigh said...

Tami, I reckon we're getting the dry spell we didn't get last summer. At least it's not so hot now!

DFW, thank you!

Kristie, send a little rain our way. :)

Sandy, I made a point to plant winter grasses! Everything else is dried and brown here too.

Theresa said...

So, have you got goats rubbing their little cloven hooves together in anticipatory glee? :)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, the whole country needs rain right now, or most of it anyway. It'll be great to see the pasture once its a few inches tall.

Nina said...

We've had lots of rain this fall and some ice and snow already. Right now though, your green pasture looks so warm and inviting. Sunny too, from that shadow and I can't remember when the last sunny day we had was, but it's been a while! I wish we could share some of the wetter weather conditions, but I could definitely do with a bit of warmth and sunshine!

Leigh said...

Theresa, oddly none of them seem to have even noticed!

FFG, it's no wonder folks want to try and control the weather. :) Hopefully we'll get at least enough to keep those little root systems alive and well.

Nina, I love how it looks in the sun. In fact it's still too short to even photograph well on a cloudy day.

We've been fortunate to have quite a few lovely days lately. Weeks and months of no sun during winter is almost depressing! Funny how I love sun in winter, but cloudy days in summer.

DebbieB said...

Praying for gentle rains for you and your little sprouts!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Over fifty pounds of seed, you are so good to the critters in the area planning on extra for the birds too. With more rain it will be a beautiful pasture, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks wonderful!

Leigh said...

Debbie, thank you!

Janice, well, they do have to be taken into account. :) Looks like they left plenty to grow.

Stephanie, thanks!

Bernadine said...

Very nice. Has it rained yet?

Leigh said...

50% chance tomorrow!