June 15, 2012

Unexpected Spice Rack

There have been a number of things I've puzzled over as I've tried to work out the details for our kitchen remodel. Some have been things I've wanted to work into the design, like a place to keep a stool, or a spice rack. Other things have been the result of necessary, but unplanned design changes. Like the gap between the corner cabinet and the Amish built cabinet we hung on the wall over the peninsula.

Gap between cabinets was the result of  installation choices

In my original design, these two wall cabinets were directly adjacent to one another. No gap. The gap was the result of Dan wanting to make sure the Amish cabinet was firmly anchored to at least two wall studs. To do this it had to be moved to the right by several inches. The result was a 3 and 1/2 inch gap.

My first thought was to put a shelf at the bottom and turn it into a place to keep my cutting boards. Eventually though, we found this....

A Rev-a-Shelf fill pull out spice rack

This is pull out spice rack with adjustable shelves by Rev-a-Shelf. It's a cabinet filler, made to fill small spaces between cabinets. These come in both wall and base cabinet models, 3 or 6 inches wide. Perfect.

If you aren't familiar with Rev-a-Shelf, they make a lot of nifty storage items for cabinets. I've always thought they were a bit pricey, but we decided this spice rack was a good investment. I shopped around and found the best price (including shipping) at Rockler.

Spice rack in the closed position

Technically it is made for new installations, not retrofitting. We had already put in the two other cabinets, but that didn't stop Dan from taking it apart and figuring out how to get it in between them anyway. He had to cut into the top of the Amish cabinet, but it's really not noticeable. The spice rack kit did not include a door, so he had to make that too, and add the pull.

Spice rack pulled out 

I'm just thrilled with it. It solves two problems in one, and couldn't be a more perfect solution. I'll paint it to match the corner cabinet and fill it with my spices soon. Another thing checked off the countdown list. :)


  1. Your remodel has got me way more excited than I should be for someone else's kitchen. I'm loving these updates

  2. Dan is really a great craftsman! I love how you solved your 'gap' problem with something so useful. Your 'to do' list is shrinking and what a great kitchen you are creating. I look forward to future posts. Have a great weekend.

  3. Clever Dan :) Perfect fit, handy to use - what more could anyone need?

  4. This one kinda blew me away! What an absolutely perfect solution. I know you did your research/work on it but many kudos to Dan who was able to install it and make the door that finishes it so it looks like it was made for the spot. (Well, I guess with all the retro-fitting, it WAS made for the spot!!) Once again, a kitchen designed for you and you alone appeals to me soooo much. It's the way all kitchens should be.

  5. What a creative solution! It looks great too. :)

  6. That is really nifty! A beautiful AND functional kitchen - what an amazing space you both are creating. It's going to be so worth all the effort when you check that last item off your list :) I truly think the kitchen is the most important part of a home.

  7. It turned out great and what a nice extra! Love it.

  8. Serenity, thanks! I admit I wonder if folks aren't getting tired of them. They seem .... to drag on .... for ever...

    Bernadine, I am so fortunate to have him. :) Most of his part is almost done now. The rest will be up to me: cleaning, painting, and figuring out where to put everything!

    Dani, absolutely nothing. :)

    Mama Pea, it's one of those things that probably wouldn't have worked out better if we'd planned it. I admit sometimes look around and think, this is so unconventional, won't visitors think I'm weird? But then I come to my senses. I love my kitchen.

    Reasonable Season (Me), thanks!

    Jaime, it turned out so great. I discovered all my spices don't fit in there, but I've filled it with things I use most often. Now they're super convenient!

    Jean, thanks!

  9. what a great idea! It turned out so perfect for the space and your needs. :D

  10. what an idea !i love stuff you can pull out much easier.

  11. So clever! I've bookmarked that site for my next renovation.

  12. What a super-niffty idea...very clever! I have my spices strung from one end of the kitchen to the other! I do have a spice drawer...just not enough room!

  13. You are such a treasure trove of good resources! That is a great solution - and one to keep in my noggin for the future.

  14. What a clever idea Leigh! I never would have thought of that.

  15. That Dan is a real keeper . . . and you, Leigh, are such a resourceful lady. Leave it to you to find the perfect solution. One HAS to have a spice rack, and by-gum you've got the perfect one for your situation. Amazing!

  16. What a fabulous solution to both problems!!! Your Dan is a truly handy man to have around. Sure wish my DH had some of those skills!

  17. What a very clever way to fill (and USE) a small space; love it!

  18. Renee, amazing, isn't it. :)

    Annnightflyer, thanks! I agree about the pull out stuff. So much easier to get to everything.

    Debbie, Rev-a-shelf makes some really neat stuff. I wish I could afford more. :D

    Lynda, LOL. I know what you mean. I still have to put some in other places, but everything is handy.

    Susan, "Research" is my middle name. :)

    Stephanie, I wonder what I did before I had internet, LOL. That's where the ideas are.

    Janice, don't I know it! I'm so happy it worked out like this.

    Sue, I couldn't agree more!

    Michelle, I love whoever thought of this. A great product. Well built too.

  19. That's a pretty nifty solution. I don't have a spice rack. The narrow shelves certainly make good use of the space.

  20. What a fabulous use of dead space! Good thing you have a live-in handyman!

  21. Nancy and Pam, thanks!

    Nina, how do you make out without a spice rack? Actually, I haven't always had one. A box has worked pretty well in the past.

    Candace, so true! I'm very grateful for that.

    Sue and Sandra, thanks!

  22. a perfect fit! I wish I had a space like that, but I couldn't install such a shelf anywhere. my spices are on a board quite high up over the cooking oven, which of course means a lot of cleaning and washing and mucking up again:( but on the other hand - I think my spices wouldn't find into one drawer, I'd need two anyway:)) I am looking forward to pix of your completely finished kitchen soon:)

  23. That's very cool - couldn't have asked for a better solution! And that Dan, what a handyman - he should have his own TV show! T.

  24. Well, I don't have a spice rack and I like the vertical space yours uses. I do have a place for spices though - a full two cupboards devoted to various spices. Because I can only have a single layer on each shelf, there seems to be a fair bit of unused space. Yes, lots of space devoted to spices, but we cook a wide variety of foods, requiring a huge variety of both common and more exotic spices.

  25. A tip for Nina: I use cupboards for my many spices, too, but have three little lazy Susans that utilize the space well.

  26. Ooh, AAHHH!! Anyone who has lived in a small space knows the importance of "A place for everything and everything in its place." Often, people make the mistake of thinking one stud is enough for hanging something and find out through a bowed wall or worse that it was wrong. Yea Dan! Good design must be an evolution. Enjoy your new efficient kitchen!

  27. What a great idea!! That turned out to be the perfect spot for it.

    I need to find myself a place for a spice rack in my kitchen.

  28. You and Dan still amaze me! You use every bit of space and come up with solutions I would never think of!
    I really like this spice rack and you knew (Dan!) how to make it work!

  29. Bettina, it was a case of plans vs. reality, LOL. I'm looking forward to showing you my completed kitchen! Can't be soon enough for me. :)

    Tina, LOL. I doubt he'd agree but he's Superman in my book. :)

    Nina, I actually have way more than this little rack will hold. But it's been an excellent place to put most used items. The rest I'm organizing differently, but still keeping close. I love that you have so many spices.

    Michelle, a good tip for us all!

    Barb, let's just see how well I keep everything organized! Good design is truly an evolution. I appreciate that Dan is so willing to make the kitchen the way I want, but OTOH, I've allowed mental room for things like this. I realize he knows more about that part than I do. It's worked out well this way.

    My Journey With Candida, thanks!

    Tom, well, we had to do something! LOL. Dan is the genius here though, figuring out how to retrofit it. I feel so blessed. :)

  30. OMG! I love it! Great job!


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