March 30, 2012

What's Bloomin'

I really ought to appreciate spring more. And I do. I'm happy to not be cold anymore. I love the flowers. It's nice to have plenty of eggs and not have the goats hollering to be fed at 2 in the afternoon. In spring, things start to grow and they have more to eat. They eat less hay (but still love their grain.) I love being able to get out into the garden. I love planting things. But I confess I don't look forward to the heat of summer, which in fact, is right around the corner. So before March fades into April, here's what's blooming at our place....


Spirea (Bridal Wreath)

Japanese Maple (no blossoms, just pretty red leaves)

Mondo grass


Dogwood blossoms

Lone tulip 

Vinca major (big leafed periwinkle)

Do you have your spring photos up yet?


  1. Beautiful photos! It's been warm early here and we've had some beautiful weather, and the birds, frogs, everyone is singing again, but we've gone back to just above freezing for temps, so I don't feel very warm right now and appreciate these pictures to remind me of what is coming! :)

  2. You've got some lovely flowers in your garden Leigh - my favourite is the periwinkle though. It's somehow so cheerful and full of energy :)

  3. Ah-choo ;) My husband's allergies are blooming a bit with our spring blossoms! Beautiful pics, Leigh!

  4. Lovely pictures! I can't wait until we start seeing flowers blooming here, hopefully it won't be long. I saw a recipe for violet jelly today that looked beautiful, maybe something to try with yours?

  5. Spring has sprung, cute bunny!

  6. We have very few things blooming up here..I have seen some ornamental cherries and forsythia, of course. April 1st, starts our Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, they may have to celebrate without the flowers! Have a lovely weekend! xo

  7. Are my spring flower photos up yet? Hahahahaha! My blog pictures this morning were of 2+ inches of SNOW!

  8. Wow, spring really is in full swing there. Our bridal wreath is still a few weeks from bloom.

  9. This is the weekend I can finally get back out to the garden...I've heard it will rain...but I'm out there anyway...hope to have some nice pictures. Your photos were breath taking!

  10. I need to go take some photos. We had one crocus bloom that lasted about a day...long gone now. I have tons of daffodils and a few tulips.

    We're watching every day for the apple & cherry blossoms but so far just leaf buds that look like tiny Yoda heads on the apple tree.

  11. Donna thanks! I love it when the wild critters sing. We mostly get traffic off in the distance and dogs barking. :)

    Tanya, thanks! Yes, I love the periwinkle too. Whoever lived here before planted a bunch as a ground cover. I love the blue flowers all over the place.

    Jaime, LOL. That's no fun!

    Rosalyn, thank you! That sounds lovely. I need to toss a few violets into our salads as well. :)

    Nancy thanks!

    Sherri, how wonderful to have a tulip festival close by. That explains the new photo for your blog header!

    Mama Pea, oh my, Shame on winter for making it's entrance now!!!

    Kristi, love all the color, yes?

    Lynda, thanks! It's a great time of year for pretty pix. :)

    Renee, your spring doesn't sound too far behind ours at all. Odd considering where you live compared to me!

  12. It does feel like it will all be gone in the blink of an eye doesn't it? I saw that we're supposed to be 85 on Monday! I've always assumed the oven comes on by mid May. Could it be that we'll be roasting in April? Seems like it. I'm really scared to think of an extended Summer. Spring and Fall? Yeah, that I can work with. But 6 months of 90+ days? No thank you.

  13. How lovely! Last night a storm rolled in, dumping snow and ice on us. Thankfully, the berries and fruit trees hadn't blossomed yet, so hopefully not a lot of damage there. It's nice to see reminders of spring.

  14. So pretty Leigh! :) Nothing blooming here yet. Everything was in the midst of budding when we got hit with more cold weather. Maybe soon.

  15. I know what you mean about the heat (and you have it way worse than we do here in the Bay Area). Tons of stuff is blooming now, but I've posted just this lone picture of our first poppy:

  16. Not even close to blooming here. My daffodils have just barely started to sprout, and we are probably 4-6 weeks from any real progress in the warmth department. Loved seeing all your pretty flowers though!

  17. Tami, that's what I'm talking about. Spring always just seems to be a blink of an eye!

    Nina, thanks. Yes, that mild warm weather followed by a cold snap can reek havoc on those fruit producers! We're always holding our breath for our peaches.

    Stephanie, thanks! Just think, an earlier spring is something to look forward to after your big move!

    Badgerpendous, your photography is beautiful! Poppies are a favorite of mine (old fashioned red ones). My grandmother used to have them in her flower garden.

    Sue, and when you're enjoying the first breath of spring, I'll be sweatin' it out in our heat, LOL

  18. I did not take any spring photos this year. It's hard to find time when you are buried under mounds of dirt, but that's almost over and I can concentrate on planting. But, what is blooming at my house is dianthus, phlox, ajuga, the same periwinkle you have, azaleas, wisteria. The blueberries and peaches have already bloomed and set fruit. My blackberries are getting ready to bloom as well.

  19. We in central California have been having a couple of storms roll through and it won't feel like spring until tomorrow. So I'll venture out with my camera then . . . however, as you said, it probably won't be spring for long with summer just around the corner.

  20. Candace, I so understand! Actually, taking photos was easier than writing a post, due to our kitchen remodel! Sounds like it's lovely at your place though, in spite of all the dirt. :)

    Janice, I'd love to see your spring bloomin'!


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