December 13, 2010

Life Is Gonna Give Me Lemons

Dwarf Meyer lemon blossoms
My dwarf Meyer lemon tree is blooming! I bought it about two years ago, and was beginning to wonder if it ever would.

It and my aloe vera are the only potted plants that I have. I just don't have a green thumb when it comes to potted plants, so these blooms are especially exciting to me.

This little tree lived outside all summer, and fortunately I remembered to water it fairly regularly. Before our first expected frost I moved it into my studio, where it can get plenty of light. It has rewarded me with an abundance of  fragrant, pale pink blossoms.

I know very little about these trees, nor about Meyers lemons themselves. With my track record with potted plants, the fact that its blooming is very hopeful. Maybe there's a greenhouse in my future after all.

Lemon Blossoms and Katy in Basket

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Unknown said...

When we least expect it, something wonderful happens. Love the kitty in the basket lol.

Tami said...

Oh congratulations! I know nothing about potted lemons either. I'll be looking forward to hearing more about your experience. Is there much of a scent?

Mama Pea said...

Beautiful blossoms if nothing else! But looks to me as if you're gonna have lemons. How interesting it will be to watch the progression this winter. Great picture of Katy and blooms. Sure looks as if she's saying, "Whatcha doin' down there, Mom?"

Woolly Bits said...

the blossoms look beautiful - we have two large homegrown citrus fruit (I think one is a reverted grapefruit:)) and the few flowers we had on them had a gorgeous scent! I only know about lemons that they blossom and fruit at the same time - I have wanted a proper tree (not grown from seeds, they take ages to fruit if at all) for a long time, but they are very expensive here.... if you had a greenhouse you could grow your own passion fruits too - I've grown about 35 fruits on only two plants, so you'll get a good "reward" with those:))

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Yum Yum Yummy. What a delicious treat it will be.

Leigh said...

Toodie, it was indeed a welcome surprise!

Tami, they have a wonderful scent! You have to be sitting fairly near the tree to sense it, but it's lovely.

Mama Pea, I'm hoping for lots of lemons! Dan loves them in tea or plain water, and I'm really wanting to make my great-grandmother's lemon cream pie!

Bettina, oh I'd love to have a greenhouse! The key will be to be able to heat it. I have high hopes for it someday.

Jane, you said it!

The Mom said...

How cool! I would love to have a citrus tree, but don't have a good window to put it in.

Nina said...

So pretty! I had a lemon tree once. It went to live with my daughter for a few months when we were selling the house and I think she forgot to water it at all, as all the leaves dried up and fell off. Oh well, one day I will find another one in my travels. I haven't seen one yet in almost 2 years!
House plants aren't really all that different from outdoors plants. You just have to make sure they don't get too much water or dry out completely. Spider plants are hard to kill and they also have the added benefit of cleaning the air. Of course if potted plants don't work out, you could always do more of the decorative cat in a basket! They go with any decor and create lots of awwwwwws. :)

Mr. H. said...

How neat is that, I've heard nothing but good things about Meyer lemons. I'm sure that yours will flourish under your exciting.:)

Leigh said...

Heather, yes, it does need good light. I haven't pruned it yet so it is rather sprawled out. I'd love to have a few other dwarf trees, like banana and coffee. Need more windows (or a greenhouse) for that!

Nina, yes, remembering to water is a problem. :o Remembering to repot and add compost is another! I'm encouraged by this though.

Mr. H, I'm really curious as to how they will be as lemons. One good thing I read is that they don't go "bad" on the tree. They can be picked as needed without much chance of overripening. That's good for me. :)

What Pigs Don't Know said...

Hi Leigh -
Dave over at .09 Acres knows alot about potted lemons/limes. I'm sure if you have some specific questions he could answer them for you -Carrie

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I tried once with the lemon but failed :( No luck with potted plants either. The blooms sure are pretty! Can't wait to see if they come up!!

Laura said...

You might want to hand pollinate them - maybe use a watercolor brush or something... My experience with Meyer lemons comes from Southern California where they lived outside all year! However, my mom had one that lived for about 50 years in the same (rather large) pot, and gave wonderful lemons. My son, when very small, would eat them right off the tree. They make great lemonade, and are thinner skinned than standard lemons. I'd have one too, if I had a place for a pot!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful blooms and them lil meyer lemons are so cute...lemonade here we come..he he! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Meyer lemons and gardenias--my two great childhood fragrances from growing up in Northern California! Meyer lemons are sweeter and thinner skinned than regular lemons, and they can even sometimes be found in the supermarket here in New England. --Sue in MA

Woolly Bits said...

Leigh, our "greenhouse" with the passion fruits in it isn't heated! it connects the bathroom and the former shed/now my room and is built onto the outside wall of both - so only 2 free walls! we haven't had any frost in there without special heating, the lowest temp. we had so far was 3 deg C plus, but by then it was minus 11 C outside!! if your temps go much lower than that over several days, you might find a small gas heater, that only switches on, when it really comes close to freezing inside?

Dani said...

Nothing nicer than picking lemons from your tree - whether they are to make lemonade, squeeze on freshly cooked fish or clean your kitchen with.

Leigh said...

Hey Carrie, I've checked out Dave's blog but will have to look specifically for his info on Meyer's lemons. Thanks!

APG that's usually me too, when it comes to potted plants!

Laura, you mom's lived for 50 years! Wow! I hadn't thought about pollination. Evidently they are self-pollinating, but I'll do what I can to assist. :)

Pam, lemonade sounds yummy!

Sue I love gardenias too! How cool that Meyers lemons are available in your grocery stores. Must be pretty good to make it there!

Bettina, that's an idea. Our setup isn't exactly like yours but still, a place that picks up some heat from the house is an idea. Our back porch hasn't frozen yet, though it's currently my laundry room and summer kitchen. We need to re-do it before we can get started on the kitchen so I need to think about what else I could use it for.

Dani, fish and cleaner! Thanks for reminding me of that. I don't buy lemons often because they are a little high, but with my own supply I can expand how I use them.

Theresa said...

I've often wondered about these potted dwarf citrus trees! You give me hope and I know those blossoms smell heavenly even if it never produces fruit.

Anonymous said...

Leigh, I was thinking about you when I seen this...Yum!

P.S. how is Jasmine doing?

Leigh said...

Theresa, there's no reason to believe that you couldn't get fruit on a dwarf potted lemon tree! Or any other of the dwarf citruses for that matter. I may try something else, if I can find room for it in the winter!

Pam, thank you! I love lemon flavored anything and these cookies look right up my alley. I've bookmarked the recipe for future use.

Right now Jasmine is receiving treatment reluctantly but like a real trooper. Her appetite remains excellent and she's just as friendly as ever, unless she sees me coming with something for her udder! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she will run the other way for sure about her! I'm so happy she is doing well! Huggies and kisses to her, please!

Enjoy the cookies, do you need my address....he he!

Phoebe said...

Leigh, Hooray for lemon trees. They make the cold winter so much nicer with their fragrant blossoms.
I have had a dwarf Meyer Lemon in a 4 gallon pot for over 6 years here in Oregon. It lives on the deck May through September and in my laundry room by the window in the winter.
It is true that they will have lemons while blooming, which means they are very heavy feeders and need to be furtilized with citrus appropriate food regularly.
Also Laura is right, if you don't hand pollinate the blossoms you will get no lemons! As soon as you pollinate a blossom it will begin to fade so you have to make a choice- fragrance or lemons. But since your plant is probably small you don't want it to have more than 2 or 3 lemons per square foot (that is the rule I have come to after almost killing mine by being greedy and letting it have all the lemons it could produce).
I make a candied lemon syrup with the whole lemon with my little crops because Meyers have delicious, thin peels. I use it in soda drinks and lemon tarts.
I have pruned "Missy Lemon"in an espalier shape so she doesn't take up too much room in our very small house in the winter, she fits right against the wall.

Leigh said...

Pam, now I'm wondering how long it will take to get some lemons!

Phoebe, thanks so much for the info. I've never tried hand pollinating, but as a seed saver, this will be a good thing for me to learn. Love how you use them: syrup, soda, and tarts, YUM!

Robin said...

I love the smell of lemon flowers. In Arizona the smell was almost over powering when all the trees were in bloom. We would make fresh lemon-aid and oh was that good. Yum.