October 29, 2010

Colors of October

Sue, at Life Looms Large, is wrapping up her year of Colors of The Month. I didn't join in until last December, so my year of color will consist of 11 months. Here's October. (Click images to biggify)

The month began with just a hint of autumn color.
And autumn blooming flowers and berries ....

Toward the end of the month, autumn color in our area has become brilliant. I took a walk through our woods to see what I could find to photograph. Unfortunately, our homestead autumn colors are dull more subtle, so I don't have any breathtaking panoramas to show you.

We evidently don't have anything growing on the place that produces those glorious autumn colors! Here's what I did find though....

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Colors of October photos especially, but text too, © October 2010 by Leigh at http://my5acredream.blogspot.com/


  1. I think those autumn colors of yours are pretty glorious! What is that in the last photo?

  2. Michelle, I don't have a clue. :o It's one of those things I keep telling myself I need to look up...

  3. Wish October would stay! Beautiful photo's! Hugs!

  4. Thanks for sharing so many colors (and so much other great stuff) for this past year!!

    I found it hard to really capture the intensity and beauty of October.

    You found some really interesting things on your search....those berries and those last nuts or whatever they are look so interesting!

    Take care!

  5. Those are really beautiful photos, the orange leaves one really grabbed by eye

  6. Wow, nice photos. You done good!

    I wondered, like Michelle, what was the last photo. Also, what are the gorgeous lavendar little round berry clusters?

  7. The berries are really cool, as is the last photo. They kind of look like horse chestnuts, but obviously, they're not on trees (and chestnuts aren't that beautiful color)!

  8. Pam, I just love October, don't you?

    Sue, thanks. I thought you did an excellent job showing off your October colors. Of course, a photo can't always do justice to color.

    Alla, the orange is a young sassafras tree. We have several back there. I never realized how they looked in autumn. I'm not a fan of orange, but I really like this one.

    Mama Pea, the cluster of purple berries I do know. Those are beauty berries, and are evidently prized for making jelly. Those grow near my chicken coop, but I'd need a whole bunch more for jelly. They are a unique color, aren't they?

    Laura, I really must identify those pink pods! It grows on a skinny bush, 3 - 5 feet in height. They are leafless now, so I'm not sure how to identify them. :o

  9. Those berries and little spikey pods are amazing. October colours seem so warming while the weather is cooling down.

  10. Love those little spikey pods!! Lovely colors, Leigh. Autumn on your homestead looks much more gentle than in the Great Lake State.

  11. Your colors are beautiful my friend.

  12. Wonderful Autumn colors and some things I've never seen before. That is what is so wonderful about these blogs..we get to see new and different things! Beauty is everywhere!

  13. You have so many different colors - it's neat to see what life is like on the opposite coast. I'm sad this is the final chapter of the challenge and appreciate Sue's work all these months.

  14. Evelyn, I was really surprised to find them in the woods. Pleasantly, I might add!

    Valerie, I confess that one of the biggest things I miss about living in the north is autumn, and autumn colors. There are a few brilliant maples around, but ours is a silver maple, which only turns yellow. The dogwoods will be a beautiful dark red soon. I know you enjoy your colors!

    Thank you Toodie!

    Flower, that's so true. It really gives us all some wonderful things to see and learn about.

    Sharon, yes it is sad, but I reckon it's a lot of work and she's so busy with non-computer things right now. Still, it was fun. And as as you say, the best part was seeing colors all over the world.


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