November 28, 2009

Sort Of Like A Jigsaw Puzzle

Laying out the flooring before nailing it downThe Challenge:

To make as many rows of flooring fit with a minimal amount of sawing

The Rules:

Lay all the flooring out before nailing it down
1/2 inch must be left between wall and board ends
Joins in each adjacent row must be a minimum of 6 inches apart
Use longer rather than shorter pieces on the ends

Fitted flooring boards like a jigsaw puzzleComing along and almost done.

Sort Of Like A Jigsaw Puzzle photos & text copyright 


Life Looms Large said...

Like a jigsaw puzzle, but tougher on the back and knees I'd guess!!!

Hope it's going well!!


Theresa said...

Just wait until the nailing begins. I think that was the worst part of it. Dang that floor nailer is a heavy thing.
Coming along wonderfully though. It's going to look beautiful!

Woolly Bits said...

I like jigsaws - but not on all fours:)) but at least your reward of a finished floor lasts longer afterwards....

Leigh said...

I have to admit that I've had my fill for the time being. :)

Benita said...

Oh, man! I did that this past summer and my back is starting to ache just from the memory of it. I agree with Theresa - that nailing gun is heavy!!!

By the way, your site is such an inspiration and I love reading about what you are doing.

Sharon said...

I'm impressed by the array of skills that you two bring to this reconstruction. This house is very lucky you found it.

Leigh said...

Benita and Sharon, thank you for the kind words. Actually, a lot of this is new for us. We just figure there probably isn't much we can't research and do for ourselves as long as we're willing to provide the labor. Another motivator is that it stretches our reno dollars further. Of course, we have more ideas than money, but we'll just cross that bridge when we get to it. :)

Kathy said...

A floating floor! Can't wait to see the finished floor and to hear about how you like it. WooHoo!
And, did the Snoopervisor himself help?

katrien said...

Yes! I found this the most fun part: the end is in sight.

Are you using a pneumatic nailer or the muscle powered hammering kind?

bspinner said...

Sure is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. You and your husband sure are talented! I can't imagine doing all the work you two have done.

Leigh said...

Kathy, the Snoopervisor wasn't the least bit interested. :)

Katrien we're using a pneumatic nailer. I understand that they still have to be activated manually, but hopefully it will be less tiring and we can get done faster!

Barb I don't know about talented, but if you had to live in our house, you'd be motivated to do all this stuff too!