Below are links to posts I've written about our working toward an alternative lifestyle. I'm indexing them on one page, because a lot of people visit my blog from search engines, having utilized the following search phrases: agrarianism, self-sufficiency, self-sustaining, hobby farm, homesteading.

I think we're in a day and time when folks know something is wrong, and are looking for answers. We do all the right things: we vote, we recycle, we're conscientious consumers, we support good causes, but none of that seems to fix the world's problems. In the end, we find ourselves needing to make a difference on a personal, lifestyle level.

At this point these articles are in no particular order, but are key, I think, to the thought processes behind succeeding in our lifestyle choice. I hope they are useful to you.

A Simple Life
Why We're Not A Hobby Farm
Farm? Homestead? What Are We About?
A Self-Supporting Homestead
Mindset: Key to Successful Homesteading?
Cultural Disengagement
No Guarantees
A No Waste Way of Life
Taking Stock
Reflections on the Slow Life

The Economics of Food Self-Sufficiency
Food Self-Sufficiency & Animals
Food Self-Sufficiency and Meat
Water Preparedness

Contemplations on Value & Money
The Lost Art of Bartering, Part 1
The Lost Art of Bartering, Part 2
Of Mortgage Debt

Agrarianism and Permaculture
Stewardship, Balance, and the Market Mindset

Technology as Taskmaster
Living Without Air Conditioning
Defining Sustainability
The Question of Self-Sufficiency