Our Critters

We have goats, chickens, cats, honeybees, and American Guinea Hogs.


We raise Kinder goats.

Two of my Kinder does Daphne (left) and Helen (right)

My first set of Kinder quads, spring 2015


We currently have a mixed flock of Black Australorp, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Speckled Sussex, and Buff Orpingtons. 
We've had success with home hatched chicks,
also grafting purchased chicks onto a broody hen. 


Riley, current mouser in residence 

Katy and Sam, mousers 2 and 3.


We raise American Guinea Hogs.

Waldo and Polly as young'uns

We had our first litter of piglets in July 2015


Honeybees in Warré hive

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Pam said...

I love this Leigh...nicely done about the wonderful lil critters you have and their names are all so cute! xo

Jody said...

We're finally committing ourselves to getting two does for dairy. Can you offer any help with the path forward from here. We're so excited!

Leigh said...

Jody, that's wonderful! For dairy goats, you really have a choice of sizes, depending on how much land you have. Standard size goats are Nubians, LaManchas, Alpines. The dwarf size would be a Nigerian Dwarf, which still give good, rich milk. Kinders are a mid-size dual purpose breed, fairly new, but give good quantities of rich milk. Some dairy cross breeds are excellent as well. If you have a breeder nearby, see if you can visit. Also consider joining a goat forum online. Everyone will tell you you need good fence, and that's true. So your research now, and you'll be happy with your selection.

DebbieB said...

Leigh, I love that you keep this page updated. I sometimes have trouble keeping track of the goats in my head, and it's easy to just pop open the "our animals" tab and see what the current herd/flock looks like! (Here's where I confess that I need something like that for myself, with 5 cats!)

Leigh said...

Whew. Then I'm glad I just updated it. :) I made the page for the exact reasons you state; having trouble remembering folks' animals, or especially not knowing who's who when I first visit a blog. Thanks for letting me know the page is helpful.

Lisa said...

I like your critters page. We currently have about 50 chickens (about 1/3 have names), bees, and our delightful mouser cat, Mrs. Pollifax. Goats are of interest... have you tried your hand at milking?

Leigh said...

Lisa, thanks! Yes, I milk my goats, and make cheese, butter, yogurt, and kefir. :) I think goats would be a wonderful addition for you.

jasnjoj said...

Hey Leigh! Your last comment above about making butter totally peaks my interest! I assume you are making it with goat milk?!?!? I thought that wasn't possible, since goat milk is naturally homogenized. We are about to move out to the country (finishing up some work on the house right now before we move in the next few weeks) and we plan to have chickens and dairy goats. I've been reading up and joined Totally Natural Goats (that's how I came across your blog). I would LOVE to be able to make butter out of our future goats' milk...please tell me more!

Leigh said...

Hi Joli! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment. Congratulations on your upcoming move! Very exciting, I know. Good for you for doing your research before you get into the thick of it, LOL. The link to information on making butter from goats milk is here - Goats Milk Butter For Two. I hope it helps. If you have any questions, please let me know. We love our goat butter and goat whipped cream. :)

Andrea Joy said...

We just ordered our Buff Orpingtons last week!! Should be getting 25 chicks in the mail close to this weekend! :) We're splitting them with my parents so we'll take half and they'll take their half after we've raised them to the point that they'll be able to fend for themselves when introduced to my parents layers.

Leigh said...

We've really liked our Buffs. They have been the most reliable at going broody and make good moms. Enjoy your chicks! They grow up fast.

Perry said...

Goat question: I noticed over at Frank and Fern's they have to tape cardboard to some ears on the Nubians to make the ears flat and not fold. I asked if this was a problem for kinders and they referred me to you! :)

Leigh said...

Perry, I've never seen that with Kinders nor have I heard it discussed in any of the Kinder groups I belong to. There is quite a bit of variety Kinders can have withing the breed: the same kind of droopy ears that Nubians do, upright, slightly raised, or horizontal (the "airplane" look.) I hope that answers your question!